Friday, April 4, 2014

Whatever you do, don’t talk about Jesus

Somebody might be offended.

A student at Thomas Nelson Community College in Virginia has filed suit saying uniformed campus police two times stopped him from preaching in an open area on campus.

School officials told Christian Parks “his actions violated the Student Code of Conduct and a Virginia Community College System policy that requires students to be part of a student organization before he or she can speak in open areas of a campus. In addition, students can only speak in campus areas college officials approve ahead of time, and they must register with officials four days in advance, according to the policy.”

From the school’s web site:

“From its inception in 1968, TNCC has been dedicated to the belief that individuals should be given a continuing opportunity for the development and expansion of their skills and knowledge and an opportunity to increase the awareness of their role and responsibility in society. TNCC is devoted to serving the educational needs of the community and assumes a responsibility for helping meet the requirements for trained manpower.”

The college wants “individuals” to “develop … their skills…” Apparently, TNCC has no use for grammatically correct English. And don’t talk about Jesus, either.

If Thomas Nelson’s administration had been in charge in England, there would be no Methodists.

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