Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bear stories

Beating up on the Cubs

Wikipedia: “The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team …”

Bad reporting

‘Seminole woman injured in possible bear attack’

Was the woman of the Seminole tribe? No. She lives in Seminole County.

“possible bear attack.” Was the attacker maybe Bigfoot? Or a gorilla escaped from a zoo, but civil officials don’t want to alarm the populace? Something that looked like a bear, but the woman isn’t sure?

The woman said she “encountered five bears rummaging through the bin she kept inside” her garage. Five bears. Why not “five possible bears?”

“Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had no comment late Saturday but investigators are looking into the matter to confirm if bears were responsible for the woman's injuries.”

Oh. Fish and Wildlife people think maybe the attack was not by bears?,0,7893060.story

Alternate headline: Seminole County woman allegedly injured in possible bear attack. Or: Seminole County woman injured in allegedly possible bear attack.

At Fark.

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