Friday, April 11, 2014

SGM of USMC says lower pay will make for more disciplined Marines

“Lower pay and slimmed-down benefits will make Marines more disciplined and less wasteful, according to the Corps’ top enlisted Marine.”

And: “In my 33 years, we’ve never had a better quality of life,” Barrett said. “We’ve never had it so good. If we don’t get a hold of slowing the growth, we will become an entitlement-based, a health care provider-based Corps, and not a war fighting organization.”

(Stupid duck. You get what you train. We’ve never had it so good, and I intend no one else will, either.

(What happened to USMC complaints of the Corps always doing more with less, complaints those candy-a$$ other services got new stuff and the Corps got stuck with s**t and castoff equipment?)


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