Saturday, May 30, 2015

Before the federal government got involved

… in much of daily life, we missed out of a bunch of things. Most of us did not have pre-K, or even K for that matter, even though “90% of brain development (occurs) by age 5.”

So, how did we survive? Seriously. Before government began bribing schools with classes for kids not too far removed from learning how to walk, how did we manage to learn to read or write or do math? Were standards lower then? They must have been. Our parents were ignorant, too, because there were no parental-involvement classes, no instruction on how to raise children.

In the same vein:

“Our children are soaked with the cult of safety the way they would once have imbibed religion or patriotism. At school, teachers ‘street-proof’ children—that is, they teach them that kidnappers and child molesters lurk in every playground. Television excites children with environmentalist fears that the air and water they breathe and drink teem with toxins, that the food they eat is saturated with deadly pesticides, and that the juice bottles they discard will soon cover the entire surface of the earth.” – David Frum in What’s Right, quoted by Mollie Hemingway at and linked at

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