Friday, May 22, 2015

Early on, you will find you really don’t care

“so the mother of all meta-analyses of twin studies and the heritability of human traits was published the other day: “Meta-analysis of the heritability of human traits based on fifty years of twin studies” [pdf].

“the authors looked at “17,804 traits from 2,748 publications including 14,558,903 partly dependent twin pairs, virtually all published twin studies of complex traits.” 14.5+ MILLION twin pairs! as james thompson said, this study pretty much represents “the mother of ‘F*** Off’ samples.” (~_^) in future, if someone says to you that twin studies were debunked a long time ago, blah, blah, blah, just point them to this paper.

“and the upshot is: we are not blank slates. we never were.”

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(I don’t know why hbd chk dislikes capital letters leading paragraphs. And, as with the study, I don’t care.)

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