Sunday, May 31, 2015

Georgetown, Colorado, Zip 80444

Georgetown is county seat of Clear Creek. Founded in 1859, Georgetown became a center of commerce for the county following the discovery of silver in 1864. The town’s population was more than 10,000 at one time during the silver boom.

Downtown was used in Every Which Way but Loose in 1978.

Population – 1,283 in 2000; 1,080 in 2010; 1,344 in 2011 (estimated). Racial makeup is estimated at 95.96 white.

Median house price: $55,000 in 2009; $275,000 in 2012; $95,000 first quarter 2014; $205,000 fourth quarter 2014.

No gay or lesbian households reported. (As if that is the business of government.)

Seventy-seven percent of working residents drive to work alone.

Foreign-born residents: 42% from Mexico; 25% from Switzerland.

A ton of percentages:

Some nice photographs of Colorado area, the Dakotas and Kenya here:

Almost all search hits link to touristy stuff; no history, other than mining.

Sounds like a boring town.

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