Sunday, May 31, 2015

OMG! moment by non-aviation person

It ain’t duct tape. It just looks like duct tape.

"Pictures taken by a shocked passenger of an airport worker sticking tape onto the engine of an easyJet plane just moments before take off have been shared by tens of thousands of people online.

"A passenger snapped the DIY fix it job in action of the worker applying tape over a join in the turbine casing yesterday.

"The nerve jangling image has already been viewed by more than 20,000 people online.

"@adtomwood posted the snap on Twitter saying: "Always worrying when easyJet are duct taping the plane together :-s #finaldestination"

"The image of a man in a fluorescent yellow jacket sticking down a long line of silver tape has been widely shared on the internet.

"But contrary to popular belief, it is not duct tape, the Daily Mail reports.

"The silver sticky strip is believed to be speed tape, widely used in the aviation industry to carry out quick repairs on flights so as to avoid delays."

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