Sunday, May 14, 2017

Another liberal rag apologizes … because

Victimized people might have been offended.

Here’s a novel idea – Fuck your offended.

Hal Niedzviecki, editor of Write, took on the idea of cultural appropriation, a thing The Better People oppose, and paid the usual price. Loss of job and ostracism because he does not think proper thoughts.

The people who feared being labeled with Niedzviecki were, as is usual, “exhaustingly white and middle class.” Such people cannot be offended, but are exhaustingly capable of deciding who might be offended, a decision made because of white middle class fears of someone thinking all whites are right-wing colonialists.

Well, fuck your self-appointment, too.

As a good white liberal should, Niedzviecki apologized for his dumbness in not recognizing “how deeply painful acts of cultural appropriation have been to Indigenous people.”

Yeah. The dude said something that might possibly have hurt someone’s feelings, so he had to quit his job and apologize and promise never, never to do such a thing again.

Overall, though, none of it matters. Everybody involved is Canadian.

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