Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hank Hill and his mistake about George W. Bush

Hank Hill (King of the Hill) was a supposed big fan of Gov. George W. Bush. In one episode, Hank had the opportunity of meeting Gov. Bush in person. Hank stood in line with his wife, Peggy, all excited at meeting the governor. Hank’s time came; he and Gov. Bush shook hands. Hank walked away, stricken, saying, “George Bush has a weak handshake.”

Watching from my chair in the living room at my house in Sulphur Springs, Texas, I said (loudly), “He does not! I have shaken hands with George W. Bush, and he does not have a weak handshake!”

Weird thing: At no time did I consider it strange to yell at a cartoon character on a TV show. Hank Hill was wrong, and he needed to be told so.

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