Saturday, May 6, 2017

Things are different when it’s your own back yard

Denmark’s parliament recently approved a bill increasing residency and employment requirements on immigrants who want permanent residence.

Naturally, immigrant supporters were upset at the result.

“Naqeeb Khan, executive member of lobby group Danish Green Card Association, which campaigned against the bill from its inception in August 2016, told The Local that he was disappointed in the lack of support for the amendments.

“’We are extremely disappointed with the Social Democrats, who we feel have betrayed the red block and the whole immigrant community. They cheer for the [US] Democrats who fight for undocumented immigrants while ignoring the existing legal highly qualified immigrants in Denmark,’ Khan said.”

Danish politicians have, in the last couple of years, taken a long and different view of immigrants, especially those from Muslim countries where violence is part of daily life.

Supporting the Green Card Association were Alternative Party, the Social Liberal Party, the Red-Green Alliance and the Socialist People’s Party.

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