Friday, May 12, 2017

Wideman, Arkansas

From the name, you might think Wideman is a wide place in the road. You would be right.

Wideman is in Izard County, not far south of the Missouri state line. The town is not incorporated. U.S. Geological Survey has Wideman on the map sheet marked Pineville.

In 2010, Izard County’s population was 13,696. The highest ever population was 14,561 in 1910. In 1960, the population was down to 6,766.

Bear Creek runs into Indian Creek just north of Wideman, Arkansas. Explanation isn’t necessary as to how the creeks got their names. Bear Creek begins northeast of Wideman, runs into a lake, and then southeast for a few miles before turning just about due east. The creek bears slightly to the northeast before entering Indian Creek.

Indian Creek starts in the hills northeast of Wideman and flows southwest quite a few mils before joining Piney Creek just north of a quarry.

Bestplaces dot net has Wideman’s 2016 population as 336. That site says the median age is 19.9. The U.S. median age is 37.4. A questionable figure has the community’s 1990 population as 32. Marriage figures show 49.83% married; 50.17% never married. Two-third of married couples have children; one-third of single (women? Persons?) have children.

The Facebook page on “Things to do in Wideman” is blank. Not necessarily a bad thing.

The Uber website says the company needs drivers in Wideman, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Here is a satellite photograph:,-92.0109512,611m/data=!3m1!1e3

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