Monday, May 22, 2017


I will play computer solitaire and work on An Incident in Luna County rather than read news.

The book is 76,000 words right now, which means it needs another 24,000 words. In the story, the federal Department of Homeland Security goes up against the Luna County Sheriff's Department. And there is overlap of parallel universes, a transfer of a dozen people and three vehicles from here to there, and aliens who were transferred from their world to what appears to be medieval England.

Here is a small passage from An Incident in Luna County, Sheriff Ben McCulloch speaking to Homeland Security official Harry St. John:

"I have here a case of two vehicles that wrecked and then disappeared. I have a citizen whose husband quite likely was driving one of those vehicles. That citizen will be very angry and somewhat vengeful if she learns you people knew about the possibility of such an event, yet kept it secret.” He leaned forward, “I don’t know how much you know about Texas women, Mr. St. John, but you better remember this: A Texas woman gets real pissed off when somebody messes with her family. Real pissed off.”

Oh, my goodness! Deputy Carroll thought. Mr. Harry St. John has no idea what he just stepped in.

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