Thursday, May 4, 2017

TV president gets it wrong

On the latest edition of Designated Survivor, the president remarked that government is supposed to “make people’s lives easier.”

Well, of course that president believes the government has moral responsibility to make life easier for its citizens. He is a liberal president on a liberal TV network.

We could get into a debate, or even an argument, over the meaning of “easier,” since application of the word does not mean the same to a warehouse fork lift driver and the owner of the warehouse. But we want to keep it simple here.

Government has no business in making people’s lives “easier,” and certainly not the moral imperative. Government does have the responsibility to make people’s lives less difficult, and that mainly by staying out of the way.

Government has two functions, and only two.

First: Maintain order.

Second: Protect property.

Anything government does other than those two infringes on liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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