Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weird dream

I was making my way through a crowd at a filled-stadium baseball game, when former President George W. Bush appeared in front of me. We shook hands. I said, “Mr. President. How are you doing?” Bush said, “I’m doing fine, just fine. How are you doing?” I said I was doing fine. Bush clapped my shoulder and we both went on our ways.

I came upon a woman I knew. She was sitting down. I shook her hand. She said, “Bob, do you remember when you were in jail and I brought you peanut butter cookies?” I said, “I sure do.” She said, “I’ve been there. You were right. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Right then, Bush walked up. He heard the conversation. He said, “What was that all about?” The woman said, “Bob was in jail and I took him peanut butter cookies.” I said to Bush, “We were both in jail,” and then quickly added, “Not at the same.” Bush said, “Why were you in jail?” I said, “I was a voting judge, and the justice of the peace wanted me to close voting an hour early so the votes could be counter quicker. I told him voting hours had been set by the State of Texas, and he did not have the authority to change them. So he had me arrested. He had me released next day, so no charges were ever filed.”

Woke up.

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