Monday, April 1, 2013


Organizations that use fear and intimidation to convince elderly people to give money, claiming to save Social Security and Medicare and promising to impeach Obama:

Americans for Prosperity – Arlington, Va.

National Senior Action Council – Arlington, Va.

The National Campaign to Impeach Obama (a project of Federation of Responsible Citizens) – Washington, D.C.

Campaign to Limit Congressional Terms (a program of Our Generation) – Washington, D.C., although the mail permit is from Frederick, Md.

Political Headquarters 2013 (a project of FRC) – Washington, D.C.

Emergency Committee to Save Medicare – Washington, D.C.

The Seniors Center – Washington, D.C.

Impeach Obama Campaign (a project of Policy Issues Institute) – Washington, D.C.

The following sent fear letters in mail tubes, all under mail permit #16, Fredericksburg, Va.:

American Federation of Senior Citizens (a project of FRC) – Alexandria, Va.

The National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security (FRC) – Alexandria, Va.

National Retirement Security Task Force (a project of the National Center for Public Policy Research) – Washington, D.C.

Emergency Committee to Save Medicare (a project of Policy Issues Institute) – Irvine, Calif.

National Senior Action Council – Washington, D.C.

United States Investigative Unit (Policy Issues Institute) – Irvine, Calif.

The last one has a rather ominous sound. Google search shows:

Policy Issues Institute
Mailing Address:
C/o Law Offices Of Maureen E. Otis, PC
4850 Wright Road, Suite 168

Street Address:
30011 Ivy Glenn Dr
Ste 223

Apparently, a lawyer named Maureen E. Otis runs the thing, somehow from Stafford, Texas, and Laguna Nigel, Calif., with mailouts using the same permit from Fredericksburg, Va., as several others.

Stafford is a town of about 18,000 and is surrounded by Houston and Sugar Land.

See “American Caging America’s Premier Private Lockbox Company”

Maureen E. Otis, President.

“A former Certified Public Accountant and an attorney, is a nationally recognized non-profit law expert. Maureen has served as a member of the faculty for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (formerly NSFRE) International Conferences. Her law firm, Law Offices of Maureen E. Otis, P.C., represents non-profit organizations, professional fundraisers and fund raising consultants in their efforts to comply with state charitable solicitation laws.

“In addition to overseeing the operations of American Caging, Maureen is responsible for managing our Escrow and Accounting department and coordinating client relationships with various depository banks.”

I read a few other sites mentioning Otis, and I am disturbed. She runs numerous political action committees. She is making millions.

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