Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thieving bastards

After more than an hour of stuffing envelopes, I am now ready to send dozens of letters to the thieving bastards who want to steal my mother-in-law’s Social Security.

The envelopes do not contain money, but demands from other thieving bastards. For example, the postage-paid envelope going to The United States Investigating Unit has a letter from The National Campaign to Impeach Obama.

Also, the Post Office says I do not have to accept letters, so I have marked “Return” on 18.

Seventeen envelopes have been repurposed.

Those 35 letters were addressed to my mother-in-law but delivered to my address between March 20 and April 20.

The thieving bastards include:

The Seniors Center.
Campaign to Limit Congressional Terms.
Capitol Watch.
National Retirement Security Task Force.
The Club for Growth.
National Tax Limitation Committee.
Americans for Tax Reform.
Emergency Committee to Save Medicare.
US Citizens Association.
Americans for Prosperity.
The 60 Plus Association.
The National Campaign to Impeach Obama.
National Senior Action Council.
Larry Klayman Attorney at Law.
American Federation of Senior Citizens.
Impeach Obama Campaign.
The Joint Committee for Investigation and Impeachment.
White House Watch.
The National Center for Public Policy Research.
Political Headquarters 2013.
The National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security.
Health Care Reform Task Force.
United States Investigative Unit.

There also were letters purpotedly from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY); Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX); former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; and Alan Keyes, who twice sought the Republican presidential nomination.

Two of the thieving bastard letters contained money ($1 in one and 50 cents in another) to pay for stamps. The money is going back. A couple others had stamps, which are going back.

I doubt any of this will cause the thieving bastards to stop sending demands for money. But I will smile every time I write “Return” on an envelope.

I hope all the thieving bastards get what they deserve. I almost wrote “I hope all the thieving bastards burn in Hell,” but that is not within my purview.

Some of the named thieving bastards are:

Dan Perrin, Seniors Center.

Denise Singleton, National Senior Action Council.

Amy Ridenour, National Retirement Security Task Force.

Douglas Ramsey, Emergency Committee to Save Medicare.

Steve Ralls, Capitol Watch.

Lori Klein, former Arizona state senator.


  1. I cant believe they are continuing to get away with this. I was just informed my grandpa has been sending money to The Senior Center. I am truly outraged and will be doing research to stop this from happening to others. Not cool

  2. Ms. Gomez,
    One reason they continue is, no one cares, except the families of the people who have been cheated and fooled and intimidated. Politicians get money and support from the thieving lobbyists. With large mailing lists, the lobbyists are able to influence voters. The stealing of old people’s Social Security and other retirement monies will not stop until enough of us outnumber them.