Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It’s so easy to get it right …

… you have to wonder why this sort of thing continues to happen.

“The website ‘Everyday Feminism’ is well known as a black whole of insanity …”

‘The Self Admitted Irrationality of Social Justice’ --

(I guess a “black whole” is better than a “black fraction.”

(And, ‘Self Admitted’ should be ‘Self-Admitted.’

(You’re welcome.)

OK, we’re going on with this one.

“However it is not everyday that they outright admit their irrationality, and revel in it.”

Correct: “every day.” Everyday" is an adjective. And, a publication cannot be a “they.” A publication is an “it.”

“Not so long ago, they published an article titles...”

There’s that “they” again. And, perhaps, the author meant the past tense “titled.”

Maybe the writer was angry when he wrote the piece. In a class on editorial writing, students were admonished not to write an opinion piece when angry. And for goodness' sake, if you do write in anger, don't put it in print until you read it at least 24 hours later.

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