Sunday, March 27, 2016

Muslim contributions to the US of A

What with President Obama's successes in Iran-US relations and opening the US to Cuban social and political philosophy, I wondered how to show his statements about the great contributions of Muslims since the creation of this country.

Imagine my surprise when finding that Muslims discovered America. And that's not all.

1178 -- A Chinese document know as the Sung Document records the voyage of Muslim sailors to a land know as Mu-Lan-Pi (America). Mention of this document is contained in the publication, the Khotan Amiers, 1933.

1310 -- Abu Bakari (Abu Bakar), a Muslim king of the Malian Empire, spearheads a series of sea voyages to the New World.

1312 -- African Muslims (Mandinga) arrive in the Gulf o Mexico for exploration of the American interior using the Mississippi River as their access route. These Muslim explorers were from Mali and other parts of West Africa.


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