Monday, March 21, 2016

The Clintons

“These are grubby, vulgar people. That’s clear by the types of scandals we see with them. In Arkansas, Bill was raping women and Hillary was running real estate scams. His corruption was all about sex and her corruption was about money. Politics for them has always been small time, even when they were in the big time. Sex and money is why they got in the game.

“In Washington, the two big scandals were sex and money. Bill was raping interns again and Hillary was selling national secrets for campaign cash. People forget about the Chinese money, the satellite deal and missile technology scandal. They even had that sap Al Gore out shaking down Buddhist monks for cash. On their way out the door they tried stealing the White House furniture.

“This e-mail scandal looks a lot like an influence peddling scandal. Hillary had something valuable, which was access to national security information. In order to monetize it, she needed some way to hide the money and some way to conceal the theft of intelligence. The former was handled by the “charity” they created and the phony-baloney speeches Bill was giving to foreign entities. No one wanted to hear that old hillbilly speak, but they wanted access so they gave generously to the foundation.” – ‘The Clinton Crime Family’

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