Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Marines to receive training to counter ‘unconscious bias’

“Marines across the Corps will be challenged on their unconscious prejudices and presuppositions as women get the opportunity to become grunts for the first time.

“The Marine Corps is rolling out mandatory training for all Marines before the first future female rifleman hits boot camp, aiming to set conditions for a smooth transition and head off cultural resistance.

"’You're in the field, you only have this certain amount of space for billeting and you've got three women and six guys. How are you going to billet?’ Weinberg said, describing a potential vignette. ‘Just some of these common sense things that these units probably haven't had to deal with so that ground combat units haven't had to deal with, but we've been dealing with in the rest of the Marine Corps for generations.’"

(You have nine Marines and a “certain amount” of billeting. How much is a “certain amount?” Here’s an answer: You billet your Marines together. Period.)

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