Friday, August 19, 2016

Better hope there aren’t any big bumps

Seen in Pensacola, Fla., this afternoon, a man and a woman on a Harley, the man wearing sandals and shorts and a T-shirt, the woman in cutoff jeans and T-shirt, not a helmet** anywhere.

The weird thing: The woman was sitting on the rear fender. Not on an extended seat – On the fender. And she was a hefty woman.

My wife said, “They just went over a bump, and she bounced.”

Then: “He must really love her, as much as he’s making sure she’s safe.”

(**Yeah, yeah. To helmet or not to helmet is a personal choice, and: “The gub’mnt’s got no bizness tellin me I got to wear a helmet.” OK. I have never ridden a motor cycle. Fortunately, when I really considered the things, I didn’t have any money to buy one, nor did I have the mechanical abilities necessary to keep the thing running. And by the time I did have the money to buy one, I no longer wanted to.)

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