Thursday, August 4, 2016

Light, Arkansas, Zip Code 72439. Is it really there?

Light is in the northeast part of Arkansas, Green County, 23.3 km west of Paragould. Light should not be confused with Delight, which is in Pike County, in southwest Arkansas.

Light has a humid subtropical climate. The highest average high is 92 degrees Fahrenheit in July; the lowest average low is 27, in January.

Wikipedia has more listings for Gurdon Lights than for the community of Light. And, Delight is known as the home place of Glenn Campbell, singer, and the man who butchered the role of LaBeouf in True Grit. It’s a wonder Rooster Cogburn didn’t take a quirt to him. says Light has no people, but does have four businesses. says Light has no streets and no houses. says 72439 is not currently assigned anywhere. says David Pratt Equipment has the address of P.O. Box 1 in Light.

Maybe all those “doesn’t exist” mentions are because of the UFO report in Light earlier this year.

Shape: Circle - Duration: 20 seconds

Light, Arkansas - 04-21-16

Bright white sphere witnessed while eastbound on Hwy. 412.

On the night of 04/21/2016, at 23:40, I was driving east bound on Hwy. 412. While driving, I witnessed a very bright flash behind my vehicle which was followed by the appearance of a bright white orb in my rear view mirror. The object disappeared from my mirror shortly after appearing there.

The object, or one with the same appearance, became visible again to the left of my vehicle 2-3 seconds after disappearing from my mirror. The object moved in a straight line until it was visible in front of me and to the left.

The object seemed to pulse once (the light the object was emitting seemed to get brighter and expand momentarily) and then shot forward leaving a bluish white trail that faded quickly.

The object flashed again and disappeared. The entire episode lasted approximately 20 seconds.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, just minutes after the reported event had occurred, and he seemed to us to be quite sober-minded. Also, he was quite eloquent, and described the event in very object, measured terms. We strongly suspect that he is highly reliable witness. A twenty second long sighting rules out a sighting of a meteor, even an unusually long-duration meteor, we believe. PD))

A community in Northeast Arkansas, not far from Missouri, the state of the James Gang; a community that might or might not have: a Zip Code, people, houses; yet does have a UFO sighting ... What better locale for a hidden space alien base?

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