Sunday, August 7, 2016

Solitaire Zip Code 72546 – Ida, Arkansas

Or, maybe not. says Ida; says the Zip is Tumbling Shoals.

Maybe there will be a knock-down, drag-out as sometimes was when people in two towns competed to see which would be county seat, and people from one town stole all the county records and said, “We are it,” people from the other town said, “Not so fast there, Pilgrim,” and stole the records back or appealed to the state government. It sometimes happened, back in 19th century U.S.

Other sites have Tumbling Shoals Zip as 72581. Both it and Ida are in Cleburne County. We will go with Ida.

Ida is north of Tumbling Shoals and has a median household income almost $11,000 higher, but average household income of $25,000 less. Of all Ida households, 0.0% are considered “high income,” while 4.4% of Tumbling Shoals households are in that category. Information is from the Census Bureau’s American Community Service survey of 2014-15. (I did not complete that form, although the form said completion was REQUIRED BY LAW!!! Well, Federal Government, you can … Now, now. Settle down. OK.) Incomebyzipcode does not define “high income.”

Wikipedia says Ida has a hair salon and a convenience store. says there are no marijuana stores or head shops near Ida. I would modify that statement with “nowhere near,” but people shopping for weed can find all they need in the Ida area, or anywhere else in Arkansas. It is not “The Natural State” for nothing.

If you search for Ida and not the zip code, 95% of the hits will be for Mount Ida, which is not even in the neighborhood. has the population of Ida at 181.

Five years ago, Post Office officials met with several Ida residents concerning a proposal to close the post office. Residents were not impressed. See letter and statements here:

Here is a piece on post offices in the South. The story has an interior shot of the Ida post office.

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