Thursday, August 18, 2016

What?? The prisoners cheated? I am shocked!

“The helmets produced contained serious ‘deformities,’ according to the report, including ‘ballistic failures,’ ‘blisters’ and ‘expired paint.’ They were also manufactured with ‘unauthorized methods.’

“’A surprise inspection by the [inspector general’s office] and military personnel uncovered inmates … openly using improvised tools on the helmets, which damaged the helmets’ ballistic material, and created the potential for the tools’ use as weapons in the prison,’ the report found.

“The inspector general also discovered ‘testing and quality control’ problems, as FPI ‘pre-selected helmets for inspection,’ violating the terms of a Defense Department contract that called for random testing.”

Every inspection should be “Surprise! We’re here!” But, no. Advance notice and the manufacturers cheated? Shock!

Prisoners who ignored standards -- 10 lashes. Company officials and inspectors who cheated -- hang 'em high.

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