Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Don’t you just get tired of this stuff?

“So, after the parades and speechifying, less than a third of the apartment in ‘Veterans’ Village’ went to veterans – veterans that applied for the apartments, were left hanging waiting for word on their new homes.”

“Different layers of public funding come with strings attached. Two-thirds of the units in Veteran Village have already been promised to other categories of residents to comply with government set-asides.

“’We have strict criteria we have to meet with different layers of funding,’ said Vazquez-Rowland in an interview. ‘We do have a vet preference, but we don’t have a guarantee for veterans.’”


“’Our caseworker just told us all to give up on it and look for something else,’ Fernandes said. The site’s website says the project is no longer accepting applications.”

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