Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Damn! We need to stop enlisting Southerners and go get some Yankees

The U.S. military “is a safe refuge for Southern sympathizers.”

How can this be? Didn’t the anti-South win the Civil War, to the tune of around 1 million dead?

Well … “The tradition of Southern military service ensures that a large proportion of the US military comes from the South. According to the Department of Defense’s 2014 report on population breakdown within the department it shows that almost 45% of all new enlisted acessions (recruits) come from the Southern states, a steady increase over the past few decades, while ascessions from other regions of the country have declined. As the conclusion of the report notes:

“’Geographically, the military continues to obtain its proportional share of AC accessions from the West and Midwest, but accessions from the South are overrepresented, and accessions from the Northeast are underrepresented.’”

‘Winning the Civil War, Finally’

Now, in keeping with Democratic/Progressive ideals, if a group is underrepresented, the Federal Government must do something to increase representation. The quoted study shows a lack of diversity. Therefore, the U.S. military must – must – do more to recruit Northeasterners. But how to do that, when, obviously, persons from the Northeast are not proportionally interested in military service? Should the government pay NE enlistees more than those from other parts of the country? No, that would be against “equal pay for equal work.” Same for promising increased benefits.

The only answer that fits legally is to levy, conscript, draft more persons from the NE until the numbers reach proportionality.

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