Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Zip Code 71666 -- Rohwer or McGehee? FEMA camp in the future?

Arkansas Home Town Locater says Rohwer is the preferred town linked to that Zip. McGehee is an accepted alternative, but Duce and Possum Fork are not acceptable.

I am confused. Seems like a town small town ought to have a Zip Code and Zip Code ought to cover one town or part of one. How does a letter carrier know whether someone lives in Rohwer or McGehee, if both have the same Zip Code?

Rohwer is an unincorporated area in Desha County, southwest Arkansas. During World War II, the U.S. government built a camp and put several hundred citizens of Japanese ancestry behind the barbed wire fences. The U.S. government had experience in relocating citizens, having moved thousands from poor farms and towns into government-built towns during the Depression. The federal Resettlement Administration designed communal farms until Congress put a stop to the idea. By F.D. Roosevelt’s best and brightest, poor Americans would happily work in communal fields of corn or cotton and sing the praises of the Northeast Liberals, who were smarter than any other geographical/political/social group in the whole wide world.

Believers in FEMA future roundup camps list the Rohwer site on web pages. says Rohwer’s current population is Zero, as in 0. That is 79 less than the 2000 census population. There were 31 households, averaging 2.55 persons. Of those 79, 73 were white and 3 were black. (It’s government math.)

McGehee, the acceptable alternative for Rohwer, had a population of 4,219 in the 2010 census. Demographic breakdown for 2000 show 56.72% white, 41.51% black. McGehee’s largest population was at the 1980 census, 5,671.

When dealing with Google or the U.S. government, everything is a case of take your chances.

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