Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The poster said something about maladroit

It was all in French, and “maladroit” was the only word I immediately recognized, and even it was spelled Frenchily. I decided to find examples. I searched “maladroit.” I got screen after screen of “Definition of maladroit.” Okay; let’s try “maladroit examples.” After two screens of definitions, I went to screen 10 and found this:

“Today I recieved an email querying me about the missing servlet.py in my jetty+django+jython post, and upon looking for it, i was suprised I could not find it. I linked to it, and I assume I would have copy+pasted the link from a browser's address bar, but it does not show in the commit history in github, or on my old work repository. I assume I've done something bizzare with the repository and overwritten it with a different one after moving the code around and forgot about it.”

The link doesn’t matter. That’s all in English, but unless there is a program writer joke, I don’t know why “maladroit examples” hit.

Okay, now I see. I was looking for content. The title of the site is “total maladroit.” Don’t see any, but writing on a machine is the totality of my computer abilities.

Or, how about this, as written?

“I think so it's good to lie unsell when you're at stake for examples when you do something stupid like to lose the engagement ring of your mother, or to soil and to make holes in your clothes,and when you arrive in you home then your mother see you with her bigs eyes and says what's that?.And for to protect you say : ‘It happened at the break we were playing rugby in the ground, we were knocking over by the olders , and were stamping with their shoes full of mud just for score their team:’But in reality,you're fighting with a idiot boy and you didn't want her yelled.

“Everybody know this sentence :’there is just the verity who hurt’, so it's natural and human (well I think) to lie sometimes for don't hurt a person, for example when you are with your friend and she says:’Did you have notice what I've gained weight? and you ask: Noo at all, you say anything!’ But in reality she was really and you didn't admit that for didn't hurt.”

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