Monday, August 8, 2016 pushing for Mrs. Clinton

The web site proclaims itself as: “Another Right-Wing Web Aggregator and Purveyor of Unpopular Opinions.”

Since the “He’s not one of us” Donald Trump began to get lots and lots of votes in Republican primaries and more TV time than any other candidate, the “Right-Wing” site has more anti-Trump writings than anti-Mrs. Clinton and her Socialist/Progressive fascist notions and lies.

To wit, today’s edition:

“Trump Pledges to Replace Constitution With Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.”

“Last Days of the ‘He Can Pivot’ Fantasy,” with this lead:

“Jonah Goldberg looks on sadly as some Republicans continue to delude themselves with the fantasy that Trump can stop the insane, embarrassing, election-losing behavior and become presidential.”

(For the reality of Jonah Goldberg, see archives of )

“Every Responsible Republican Ought to Have Stood in Trump’s Way”

Mona Charen: “Every single Republican with influence, from the local sheriff to the speaker of the House, at every stage of this process, should have stood up on his hind legs and denounced this fraud.”

(Reminds one of Ronald Reagan’s message: I did not leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me. Or in now words: The people we elected as Republicans turned their backs on us and turned their coats on principles.)

“The Week Trump Proved He’s Crazy’

“Some Awful Truths”

By Steve Hayward, including: “If Republicans had nominated one of their conventional candidates, that nominee would be running 10 points ahead of Hillary.”

(More of that “He isn’t one of us knowledgeable people.”)

And one (1) column against Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy to be the leader of just another somewhat powerful country: “Poor Hillary!”

“Hillary is getting sick and tired of being accused of all the things she has done.”

Here’s what the establishment, in-the-know Republicans do not understand: We are sick and tired of being given bags of promises that turn out to be bags of shit when opened.

Those Republicans are incapable of understanding that simple “We are tired” fact because they are not tired of holding their high offices or occupying high-paying jobs. We are tired of the monkeys demanding more and more bananas.

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