Friday, July 8, 2016

British writer would be pilloried in the U.S.

'Spare me the “sisterhood” talk: our politicians shouldn't be judged by the contents of their underwear’

In four months’ time, it is likely “three of the world’s top five economies will most likely be run by women,” who intend to “clean up the mess created by men.”

“If, in five years’ time, May, Merkel, Clinton et al screw up, will we be crying ‘let’s bring on the boys to sort out the girls' mess!’ Of course not: only a sexist fool would do that. Yet that is what is happening in reverse today.”

(Mrs. Clinton cannot make a mess of anything. She might not be sophisticated enough to understand document classification, and she might be a liar of her husband’s league, but anything that happens is always someone else’s fault. Like those bimbo trailer trash sluts who went after Gov. Bill in Arkansas.)

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