Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Marietta is not exactly like the internet says

Marietta, Texas, is a few miles northeast from where I grew up. The 2010 census has Marietta’s population as 134, an increase of 22 from the 2000 census.

You might think people who live in Marietta don’t have a whole lot to do. And you would think right.

A search on Marietta returns some surprising results, though.

For example, says you can “save on hotels and more” by visiting the site and accessing ads. You probably could, if Marietta had a hotel. The town probably had a place for travelers a century and more ago. Most small towns did have a hotel or boarding house, and historical society people are glad to talk about hotels and grist mills and cotton gins and show pictures, and, truth be told, some people might even yearn for prosperity brought by, oh, say, a cotton gin. But a lot of other things go along with cotton, and most of Texas has outgrown those other things. Texans generally leave those kinds of things for Northerners to worry about. Texans are too busy in the here and now.

Some other surprising results come under the “searches related to” category, such as links to “outback steakhouse marietta,” “applebees marietta,” “olive garden marietta” and “chilis marietta.” If you click on those, you’ll discover the links refer to restaurants in or near that other Marietta, the one near Atlanta.

Ironical, in that Atlanta, Texas, is a few miles southeast, on Texas Highway 77.

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