Monday, July 11, 2016

First the Air Force came for the A-10

Now Army airborne is an encumbrance to Wild Blue.

“The May training gap, in which the Air Force supported less than half of the training requirements, was shrunk with help from other aviators, officials said. More than 1,250 paratrooper drops were supported by Army helicopters and a visiting German C-160.”

Wild Blue’s response? We feel your pain. Snort, snort.

"The Air Force remains fully committed to offering tactical airlift support for our Army partners at Fort Bragg, now and in the future," said 1st Lt. Elias J. Small, a spokesman for Air Mobility Command based at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. "The requests we receive each month are fluid and rarely reach the 10,000 chute target, but we continue to partner with the Army to provide support for requirements we receive."

"Looking to the future, we rely on regular dialog directly with 18th Airborne Corps to remain responsive to their needs and maximize our support," Small said.

The Army needs to grow its own wings. Scrap that 1966 agreement on rotary/fixed wing ownership and usage.

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