Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why does the Republican establishment want to elect Hillary Clinton?

For years, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy opinion blogs and sites ruled Conservative opinion, cross-posting each other’s writings and interviewing Republican Congress persons.

RedState, NewsBusters, HotAir, FloppingAces and the like not only informed readers what Conservative meant, but also demanded a specific flavor and color of Kool-Aid. Anyone who talked about a different color or flavor faced lambasts and downright ousting.

Then came Donald Trump. People flocked to Trump rallies. Trump talked. People listened. Trump ran in primaries. People voted in great numbers.

Burt Trump committed a grave faux paus. He did not ask approval from the leaders of Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy sites. No. Trump did not “reach out” (in liberal-media terminology) to the self-appointed definers and guardians of things Conservative. He did not climb any metaphorical mountain and ask the gurus: “What should I do?”

He did none of those.

Trump spoke his mind. Trump talked about his thoughts, his ideas, his political and economic philosophies. At times, his ideas were not the same as the self-appointed guardians of Conservativism.

For the layers-on-of-hands, that would not do. Trump must not be the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States of America.

Came the cry, Men and brothers, what must we do? We must not vote for Trump, was the reply.

With that decision firmly planted by RedSate, HotAir, et al, so do their sites deride speeches and announcements by Trump.

And if those people ensure the election of Hillary Clinton, how will they celebrate their victory?

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