Thursday, July 7, 2016

More of those self-defense things that don’t happen …

… according to gun-grabbers, or if an armed citizen attempts to defend himself and his from a bad guy, said bad guy takes citizen’s gun and shoots citizen. Taking of gun and shooting owner happens almost all the time when a peaceful citizen takes on a bottom-feeder, so the Deemocratic/Progressive/Socialists say.

Anyway, stories of good guys stopping bad guys from This Ain’t Hell:

“In Palos County, Illinois, four criminals forced their way into a home where they encountered the armed resident. One was DRT (dead right there), another left a trail of body fluids for the police to find him at the local hospital. Two others were arrested later in their getaway car.

“In Huron Township, Michigan, John A. Wysocki, 19 and Ryoji R. Patton, 22 broke into a home and awakened the resident who lit out after them with his legal, licensed handgun and he caught Wysocki hiding under a car and held him at gun point until the police arrived. Patton captured later.

“In Atlanta, Georgia, a robber pointed a gun at the owner of a jewelry store and demanded that the owner load his wares into a sack. The owner’s son pulled out his own gun and shot the thief three times. The criminal exited the store and collapsed on the sidewalk outside, DRT (dead right there) with a bullet to his neck.

“A thief in Carl Jr’s in Covina, California tried to rob a fellow inside the restaurant with a gun, the intended victim happened to be an off-duty LA police officer who promptly shot the thief DRT (dead right there).”

As mentioned before, This Ain't Hell has one to six accounts every day of armed citizens protecting themselves, family or property from bad guys.

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