Monday, July 4, 2016

USMC won’t change PT standards to help women. Well …

Since a previous test made “it impossible for women to succeed,” the Corps is changing the test. Again.

“In 2012, the Corps announced it was doing away with the female flexed-arm hang in favor of pull-ups, with a minimum of three. Those plans were delayed multiple times, and in 2014, Marine officials admitted that half of women tested in boot camp couldn't meet the three-pull-up minimum.”

So, now women and men Marines may choose to do pullups, or pushups. The Corps had not used pushups in its PT test, so max score on that is now 70, but pullups has a max 100. Must be some kind of USMC math.

“Notably, all of the new standards will keep in place a gender-normed scoring system, which scores men and women differently on the same exercises in acknowledgment of different physical ability thresholds.”

So … The Corps recognizes physical differences between men and women, but still has to juggle stuff to make everybody appear equal.

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