Friday, July 8, 2016

Defending what’s mine

More armed and/or PO'd citizens.

“Bobo sends us our first story this morning from Stafford, Virginia where Marcel Brannum, 27 was confronted by a homeowner when Brannum was trying to liberate the homeowner’s $2000 bicycle. The resident called the police and held the criminal at gun point, until the police showed up and the thief dashed. Another local saw him hiding and the police rolled up on him.

“In Middletown, Ohio, Rob LaPine came home from the gym and found scrawny little Zachery Harper in his home and his TV was gone. So Rob dragged him outside and started pounding on him. Rob tossed Zach around his backyard for a while and then took him to the neighbors in a headlock to call the police. They found Rob’s TV at Zach’s house, so…slam goes the cell door.

“There is an update to the story from earlier this week which happened in Palos, Illinois. Four men planned to rob a homeowner, two of them were shot, one DRT and the other made it to the hospital. Well, 19-year-old Brandy Marshall, her sister, Paige Marshall, 20, Sarah Risner, 20, and Tyler Gulli, 23 were all charged with the murder of Anthony Dalton, 19 when it was discovered that Brandy had hatched the plot to rob the victim with help from the others after she had sex with him.

“SSG E sends us another update, from Colerain Township, Ohio 82-year-old Claude Carmical shot an inebriated Erwin Cardenas when the sot tried to force his way into Claude’s house when he mistook it for his uncle’s house. According to the prosecutor, Claude is not facing charges.”

Here’s the long story (with F-You mug shots) on Brandy had sex with homeowner and came back later with friends to rob the dude, but one got dead:

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