Monday, July 4, 2016

Conversation on the tarmac

Don William J. enters the restaurant, surprising two gruffs with guns, who work for Miss Loretta, the restaurant owner. WJ has his own gruffs with guns. Suspicion eyes suspicious. Miss Loretta is at the cash register. She is surprised. “Don William!” -- WJ laughs, makes kissie cheek with Miss Loretta, says, “I was just in the neighborhood, thought ‘Ya know, I oughta go see Miss Loretta, see how’s her business doin.’ So, Miss Loretta, how’s business?” -- Miss L: “It’s good, Don William. It’s good.” – WJ (laughing): “I’m glad to hear that, Miss Loretta.” Gets serious look. “Ya know, I’ve heard you got a problem with customers maybe having a hard time keeping secrets about meetings here.” – Miss L: “I don’t know anything about that, Don William.” – WJ: “Well, I heard that rumor. I know there was a misunderstanding with Barry H., but he and I got that all taken care of. He understood the importance of having my wife in a position of authority.” – Miss L: “That’s what I was told, Don William. And now everything is good.” – WJ: “I’m glad to know you agree, Miss Loretta. And I’m sure those rumors did not come from your employees.” – Miss L: “Oh, no, Don William! My people do not hear anything!” – WJ (nodding): “I’m glad to hear that, Miss Loretta. Oh, by the way. How are your grandbabies?”

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