Saturday, July 30, 2016

Two foreigners in the Caucasus know their ideas are better

I came, I saw, I quit

“I was often accused online through my work in the Armenian LGBT community of ‘railroading’ my ‘Western ideals’ into a foreign culture. And this, I suppose, would be true if you were to consider tolerence (sic) and diversity as uniquely Western values.”

(His definition of tolerance and diversity are Western values, as witnessed by African leaders who told President Obama to keep his homosexual rights ideas in the United States and not tell others how to spend their lives.)

The road to change

“Volunteering is not just about the volunteer. It is, or at least should be, about the cause. Changing the world, to put it in more simple words.”

(And then she uses the remainder of her allotted space telling why she is so good at “Changing the world” in Georgia.)

It is a sad state, if the rest of the world has as many do-gooder Western NGO organizations and people interfering in local towns and governments.

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