Thursday, July 28, 2016

Eat the doughnut

“In the food industry, it's not unusual for patrons to ask the staff what is particularly tasty on a menu. Staff at most eateries are at least encouraged to taste everything the restaurant offers. So it shouldn't be particularly alarming that being able to eat the restaurant's food might be something establishments would look at when hiring staff.

“However, according to social justice warriors, doing so is an outrage:

"A popular Portland mini doughnut shop has found itself in the midst of a hiring flap after including a prohibition against dietary restrictions in its help-wanted ad."

The owner said PETA-types can go suck a carrot.

“’After receiving as much hate email as we have in the last two days, I'm more steadfast and sure of our position than ever,’ Snell wrote in a lengthy Facebook comment. ‘I'd rather have the freedom to run my business in a way that is both lawful and representative of my own hard-earned right of choice than capitulate to bullying, fear tactics and intimidation.’"

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