Wednesday, May 18, 2022

From a newspaper in England

A story in the Daily Mail says Elon Musk “pumped the breaks” on his Twitter offer. Must have been because he couldn’t catch any brakes. 

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Reference a required course

One thing from an International Relations course that made an impression: No nation will pursue a policy that is against its own interests.

So, what is our reason in Ukraine? What effect does Ukraine have on U.S. national security?


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

WH: No; USA Today: No; Check on the ground: Yes, federal kits have crack pipes

But, who are you going to believe? A spokesperson or your lying eyes?

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Actual questions flummox new press secretary

Peter Doocy: How does raising taxes on corporations reduce inflation?

Karine Jean-Pierre: “Well, you know, we have talked about…we have talked about this this past year about making sure that the wealthiest among us are paying their fair share,” she stammered. “And that is important to do. And that is something that, you know, the president has been working on every day when we talk about inflation and lowering costs. And so it’s very important that, you know, as we’re seeing costs rise, as we’re talking about how to, you know, build an America that’s safe, that’s equal for everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind. That is an important part of that as well.”

Doocy: How does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food for everyday Americans?”

KJP: “So, look, I think we encourage those who have done very well, right? Especially those who care about climate change to support a fairer tax code. That doesn’t change. It doesn’t charge manufacturers, workers, cops, builders a higher percentage of their earnings that the most fortunate people in our nation and not let that stand in the way of reducing energy costs and fighting this existential problem, if you think about that as an example. And to support basic collective bargaining rights as well. That’s also important. But look, it is, you know, by not without having a fair tax code, which is what I’m talking about, then like manufacturing workers, cops. You know, it’s not fair for them to have to pay higher taxes than the folks that who are who are who are not paying taxes at all.”

There is more back and forth.

Amazing. Those “who care about climate change” should “support a fairer tax code.” And, rich people “are not paying taxes at all.” And she brought “climate change” the discussion!

Texas cowboy working every day at 89

“Hang on tight. And if you don’t make it back, I’ll tell ’em which way you went.” – Boots O’Neal to cowboys going to work on new-broke horses.



Monday, May 16, 2022

Yeah, that went on his permanent record

On 24 April 1959, Captain John S. Lappo, operating from Lockbourne AFB flew a B-47 with two crewmen on board under the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan. Following a general court-martial, he was grounded for life. – Wikipedia article on B-47.

Lappo had a new navigator for the lake flight, an officer  not yet integrated into the crew. After the flight, asked if any crew member objected, Lappo said, "Yeah, the navigator recommended against it. Of course, I had no idea at the time that he was the general’s son and that he was going to go rat on me once we got back to Lockbourne."

Lappo retired in 1972.


Iceberg in our path

 Last night, a woman on America’s Funniest Home Videos used the non-word “Ima.” Her voice was quite plain; there could be no misunderstanding.

This bodes a setback in saving the language, should the usage increase. When people begin speaking the same non-words as they write, our ship of civilization is about to meet an iceberg.

For a time it seemed “prolly” might topple true American English. "Prolly" is that grating non-word that was used in text “conversations” and in emails. “Prolly,” though, seems to have lessened. How did anyone even come up with “prolly” as replacement for “probably”? Have people become that lazy?

“Supposebly” continues to hold first place as the most irritating non-word, though. Does no user ever think that to have a “supposebly,” the language must first have a “supposeb”?

I’m sorry. I used the word “think.” Abusers of the language do not have that ability.