Thursday, December 31, 2020

At least he got rid of the creepy clown


From eatgrueldog.

I don't see the problem


BLM T-shirt concession

So the companies that had T-shirt concessions for barbecues and parties and such by the Bureau of Land Management, do they get paid for their lost sales? More accurately, that would be sales anticipated but never occurred, but the government is involved, so we can call it just about anything. Maybe the companies could print new T-shirts: Bureau of Land Management: The Other BLM.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Who did Kenney p.o. this time?

This morning I tried to access a daily reading site, Knuckledraggin. As soon as I entered the address, my screen went red and presented me with a security message, alleging knuckledraggin would send my e mail address to several criminal enterprises that would then clean out my bank account, retirement plans and grab my so-called Social Security. I had choices of clicking on Details or Dismiss. I chose Dismiss and was immediately disconnected from Google Chrome. I wrote an email to a knuckledraggin address, as per: 

“I cannot access knuckledraggin. Entering ogdaa address immediately brings up a red page with warnings that knuckledraggin will redirect me to loads of sites that will steal the crown jewels in all my accounts and maybe shoot a couple of my dogs for good measure. Did you finally piss off one idiot too many, or is my security now wearing a red star beret? 


Hotmail says it does not recognize the email address and was unable to send the email. To rectify the problem, I was given a list of choices to click. No thanks.



Or, Readers Digest form of the federal budget


EU about to allow China access to nuclear energy sector

Chinese Communist government could not make headway against President Trump, so shifted focus to more amenable European Union. 

“’China wants to invest in European nuclear power plants and use Chinese technology in this area,’ German business weekly Die Wirtschaftswoche confirmed this week.

(Or as Chinese investment goes: “We paid a lot of money, so what used to be yours is now ours, too.”)

In the last three weeks we have had China demanding the US return to the Iran nuclear “talks) with no preconditions or changes, and the EU suggesting the US do what China said. Now China is about to inject who knows how many billions of currency into Europe’s power grid, and EU officials think the CCCP will not expect some control?

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The view from Lane 1

In the bowling alley yesterday, televised sports radiated from a dozen or more big, big TV screens positioned a distance above eye level of the lanes. The screens showed sports interviews, sports opinions and clips from games a day or days before, and opinions on those games. 

My family went to the bowling and games place because a couple of weeks ago I mentioned my next birthday would be number 75. “I count that as an accomplishment,” I said at the supper table. My daughter asked, “Well, Dad, what do you want to do on your birthday?” I thought for a few seconds and said, “Bowling. I want to go bowling.” Everybody agreed that was doable. “So,” my daughter said, “we are going bowling on Dad’s 75th birthday.” I said, “And pool. I’m not sure how good my vision will line up for shots, but I would like to play a game of pool.”

So, yesterday the five of us went to an alley of pool in Bradenton. We played for two games. None of us had bowled in a long time. It showed. I got a spare first frame of both games and another in frame eight of the second game, but otherwise did not do well. I used my walker for balance in all frames. It keeps me upright.

The last three frames, I had to drag myself to the line. On the eighth frame I considered saying, “That’s enough.” But I have never said that in any game, competitive or not, and certainly was not about to start on my birthday game. I got a spare that frame, and then a 1 on frame nine and 3 on frame 10. We did not give my legs and balance a test by shooting pool. Still, I had a good time.

I should mention that my 75th birthday is still about 10 days away, but we celebrated yesterday because my youngest son will be at an Army school on my actual birthday.

I also mention, concerning the really big TV screens, on the sports reporting programs, the anchors were black women and the reporters were black men. No white men or women in front of the cameras. Same with the sports opinion programs. No white people. But we still need Affirmative Action? We still need race-based hiring programs?

Oh, well. Happy birthday to me.

Monday, December 28, 2020

144 Angelinos a day are dying?

CVS shopper in Los Angeles goes all COVID on woman not wearing mask. LA, the angry shopper says, is “the epicenter of the virus where 1 person is dying every 10 minutes from COVID-19…” At that rate, the rest of the country soon will not have to worry about Los Angeles at all. Story at weaselzippers.

Here’s the deal: COVID-19 will not go away. The not going away has nothing to do with viruses sticking around forever or at least a long time. The not going away has to do with politics, news media and money. Politicians can keep people in fear. News feeds on fear. Politicians and news organizations will get money -- ad sales for news and donations for politicians – because too many people are afraid and want politicians to tell news people what to tell the people.

Politicians lie when saying “We know what is best for you.” So do news people. The sad thing is, some of them don’t know they are lying. The sadder thing is, too many Americans don't see the lies, either.

Christmas gifts

 Except for the Black Rifle Coffee, everything I got was Made in China. Everything I gave was Made in China. Next year I will do better, with everything Made in the USA. I do not want Biden and his coteries getting any more of my money.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Crossing the river


My wife's great-great-grandfather times five or six was there, Pvt. Martin Johnston of the 3d Virginia Line. Her great-great-grandfather also Pvt. Martin Johnston was in the 10th Texas Infantry in 1862. He died in Little Rock from one of the upper respiratory diseases that swept through the army in the fall of 1862.

Pompeii food truck

 A termopolihotum, or hot drinks counter. Rome did not have food wagons, at least not that anyone knows.

From Reuters story at Never Yet Melted.

Archaeologists in Pompeii, the city buried in a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, have made the extraordinary find of a frescoed hot food and drinks shop that served up the ancient equivalent of street food to Roman passersby.

Known as a termopolium, Latin for hot drinks counter, the shop was discovered in the archaeological park’s Regio V site, which is not yet open the public, and unveiled on Saturday.

Traces of nearly 2,000-year-old food were found in some of the deep terra cotta jars containing hot food which the shop keeper lowered into a counter with circular holes.

The front of the counter was decorated with brightly coloured frescoes, some depicting animals that were part of the ingredients in the food sold, such as a chicken and two ducks hanging upside down.

“This is an extraordinary find. It’s the first time we are excavating an entire termopolium,” said Massimo Ossana, director of the Pompeii archaeological park.

Archaeologists also found a decorated bronze drinking bowl known as a patera, ceramic jars used for cooking stews and soups, wine flasks and amphora.




Saturday, December 26, 2020

From the presumptive vice-president-elect

 “Our Kwanzaa celebrations are one of my favorite childhood memories. The whole family would gather around across multiple generations and we’d tell stories and light the candles.”


Uh, yeah. Not to say Ms. Harris  bends the truth, but, ah, she lies.

And from a State Department twit:

“The U.S. Department of State wishes everyone celebrating a Happy Kwanzaa! May your celebrations be filled with light and heartfelt reflections on the seven principles during this special time.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Texas babies matter

 Until abortion is illegal, all states and territories need to approve the Texas law.



Thursday, December 24, 2020

Nestle built on black slavery – today

From Sultan Knish

Nestle USA had responded to the Black Lives Matter race riots with "mandatory unconscious bias training" for its employees before going on to defend the company’s cocoa business from a lawsuit by freed child slaves who had been forced to work on plantations between the ages of 12 and 14, and were brutally beaten when they tried to escape.

The leadership of Nestle's UK branch had urged, "I want people talking about race, about inequality and about why it should ever be called into question that black lives matter."

Nestle’s version of black lives mattering allegedly meant African child slaves working fourteen hours a day on cocoa plantations, given "scraps of food to eat", "beaten with whips and tree branches", "forced to sleep on the floor", and to "drink urine" if they tried to run away.

More equal than you

From Sultan Knish.

Two of the most notorious bigots in the House of Representatives signed a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demanding that he “eradicate anti-Muslim bigotry from Facebook”.

The three-page letter signed by 
Rep. Ilhan OmarRep. Rashida Tlaib, as well as 28 other left-wing House members, spends a great deal of time demanding the removal of what it calls "anti-Muslim content" without ever specifically defining it. That's convenient considering Omar and Tlaib's own history of racism and antisemitism, and support for the sorts of Islamic bigotry and violence that groups like CAIR, which supports the letter, have become known for.

The Rocketeer

 Or, Jet Pack Dude.

George Clooney

I don’t pay much attention to what actors say about politics or world affairs. After all, they all lie for a living. They are paid for living in fantasy.

Sometimes, though, an actor says something so delightfully stupid …

“Although the movie star says there is a lot of hatred and division in the world, on January 20, with Joe Biden coming to power, a lot will change.

A lot will change. Yep. Just like worldwide racism ended as soon as Barrack Obama said “so help me God” at the end of taking his oath of office.

Chinese Communist Party official demands US returns to Iran nuke deal

From Legal Insurrection. 

“Communist China on Monday demanded the United States to return to the Iran nuclear deal and end all sanctions placed on Tehran under President Donald Trump’s watch once Joe Biden moves into the White House.

“’The US shall return to the Iran nuclear deal as soon as possible and without any preconditions, and the US should also scrap all sanctions imposed on Iran, other third-party entities and individuals,’ Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a video conference with other four signatories of the 2015 nuclear accord.”

“According to Chinese media reports, Beijing opened backchannel talks with figures close to the Biden team last month and wants a rollback on the tough policy course pursued by President Donald Trump.

(Demands from China and Western Europe governments concerning Iran nuclear weapons will be approved by Biden. There will be some political speak from Biden concerning world peace and etc., but China has its money hooks into Biden and his people, and Western Europe has too many deals worth billions of Euros with Iran for things to be any different than the world before Trump was president. In other words, the Biden people lack cajones.)


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Kosovo court rules Kosovo government ‘illegitimate’

One vote causes collapse of parliament. The original winning party was elected 61-59, but the convicted member’s vote was negated by the court, making a new election necessary.

From Balkan Insight. 

The Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti’s government is illegitimate because it was voted in by a majority in the Kosovo Assembly that included a vote cast by MP Etem Arifi, who was given a prison sentence for corruption.

“A person convicted of a criminal offence by a final court decision in the three last years cannot be a candidate for deputy or win a valid mandate in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo,” the Constitutional Court said.

Arifi was sentenced to one year and three months in prison on August 20, 2019. He received an MP’s mandate less than two months later, at snap parliamentary elections on October 6, 2019.

As Arifi’s vote for Hoti’s government was therefore invalid, “the government did not receive the majority of votes of all deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo”, the court’s decision said.

New elections must now be held within a couple of months, according to the court’s decision, and Kosovo will have its third change of government in less than two years.

Not planet-shaking, but indicating a court that insists on adherence to rules and laws.


TBS Christmas lineup

TBS Christmas Eve and Christmas Day lineup includes Friends, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory and some other programs.

The number of Friends episodes I have watched: Five (5). Or maybe Six (6).

Seinfeld: None. Zero (0). Nada. Not one.

Big Bang Theory: All of them. 



Sunday, December 20, 2020

Capitalism and a Food Bank volunteer

 Capitalism and a Food Bank Volunteer

 “As a side note, the woman working next to me was a younger Hispanic woman who was very chatty.  She obviously volunteered often, as she knew many of the full time workers on the forklifts.  She told them she'd lost 150 pounds.  I looked at her with surprise.  She replied ‘I'm 5'4" and have 3 kids and I'm a single mother.  The weight was killing me, so I chose to lose it.   And I did.’  I congratulated her and asked what she did for a living.  She replied ‘I run my own trucking company out of my house, I have 5 trucks and if I need to drive I will, but I've got full time workers now.  I also help others in my neighborhood sell their crafts online.’  I was surprised and said ‘You still have time to volunteer here?’  She said ‘I'm a workaholic, what can I say?  I have to keep moving.’"




Looking for ammunition sales


Because we live here


Saturday, December 19, 2020

From Maggie's Farm


Maybe there was a Big Hope somewhere nearby?

Little Hope, TX

Rachel Jenkins General Entry

Little Hope is at the intersection of Farm roads 154 and 312, ten miles east of Quitman in eastern Wood County. The old Little Hope church and cemetery are about 1½ miles north of the community, which is sometimes referred to as the "new" Little Hope.

The area was settled as early as the 1850s, and by 1857 a school, taught by fifteen-year-old Emily Smith, served both the Little Hope area and the Holly Springs community. In 1881 the Little Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized; it was said to have taken its name from the fact that there was little hope that the church would survive more than a year.

The first meeting of the church was held at a brush arbor near a place called the Murphy graveyard, but eventually a two-story building was constructed; the second story was used for meetings of the local Woodmen of the World lodge. Baptisms for the church were originally conducted at J. A. Stinson's millpond near the Speer community. Shortly after its establishment the Little Hope church helped organize a Missionary Baptist church at the nearby community of East Point.

The Little Hope community was probably served by the Common Ridge school district, which had eighty-four White students in 1896 and 139 in 1905. By 1921 the Woodmen lodge had disbanded, and from 1933 to 1939 the community, which apparently never had a post office, reported a population of ten served by one business. No further population figures are available, but by 1960 both the old Little Hope church area and the new Little Hope community had a few widely scattered dwellings, many abandoned. By the early 1970s the membership of the Little Hope congregation had climbed to around 128, and around that time the church added a belfry incorporating the bell from the then-defunct Common Ridge school, the lands of which also ended up as church property.

Little Hope church received a Texas Historical Commission marker in the early 1980s and was still active at that time. The 1988 county highway map showed two businesses at the new Little Hope community. By 2000 the population was twenty-five.

Roman portrait from Claudius' reign


From borepatch on the collapse of civilization.

Orchards after the gold rush

In 1970, Bob Cantasino and some friends “were out driving around on dirt roads in the Sierra. We came up atop of this knoll and here, completely unlike the forest, was an orchard.” The abandoned orchard held more than 130 different fruit trees. “It was kind of ours for the taking,” Cantisano said. “There wasn’t anybody close by, so we just decided to go back in the fall each year to harvest it.”

Link at knuckledraggin.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Thursday, December 17, 2020

This is the Army, Mr. Jones

Although use of “Mr.” is an assumption, as we do not know how every soldier sees … uh, himself, herself, theirself, themself? No, that “Whatever You Want” rule hasn’t yet been approved. Or reapproved. 

Anyway, the Army has a facemask, AKA Combat Cloth Face Covering, AKA CCFC.

From Valor Guardians:

“This past summer, the Army Uniform Board recommended and General James C. McConville, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, approved issuing CCFCs to Soldiers at Initial Entry Training (IET) as part of their clothing bag,” the release notes. “At the 152nd AUB, Army officials said that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) will begin issuing two CCFCs to each new Soldier during the second quarter of FY2021.”



Wednesday, December 16, 2020

How to commit comic book suicide

Micah Curtis, RT 

Marvel Comics’ retcon of the character Star-Lord is virtue-signaling nonsense that will sell no comics, shows how the industry has no new ideas, and is simply another woke jibe at an actor who happens to be Christian.

Chris Pratt is currently one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has a net worth of around 60 million dollars, has starred in some of the biggest movies of the last ten years, and is pretty well loved by most folks out there. He is known as a non-denominational Christian, but largely stays away from political talk. However, this hasn’t stopped him from being targeted by the woke mob. In fact, they appear to hate him.


Most people know that the most famous character Pratt has portrayed is space adventurer Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, from Marvel Comics. Pratt’s performances made an obscure D-list character much more relevant. However, the publisher has now made a change to the character: Star-Lord, previously known for being a womanizer, is now apparently bisexual and polyamorous. Had he shown himself to be either of those in previous comics? No.



So this ram in Turkey goes to town with three ewes

 Humans are terrified and do not know what to do. The ram protects himself and the ewes from perceived threats.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree

Years ago when working full time with the Texas Army National Guard, I decided to get the Best Christmas Tree Ever for my family. That tree was somewhere within the boundaries of Camp Maxey, not too far from the Red River. I called the facilities manager to ask permission to cut one of the 1,000 cedars on post. The LTC in charge said, “Hell, Bob, as far as I’m concerned you can cut down every one of the SOBs.” The cedars were invasive species. 

The next afternoon I got one of the company’s M35A2 trucks and drove the 50 miles to Camp Maxey. (Yes, I took a military vehicle for personal use during duty hours.) After checking in at the HQ building, I drove around, looking for the Best Christmas Tree Ever. I found that tree between the rifle range and the machine gun range. With ax and limb saw, I cut the three-inch trunk and then backed the deuce and a half into the nearby ditch and dropped the tailgate. With a good grip on the trunk, I pulled the tree to the truck, stepped into the cargo area and pulled. And pulled. The tree would not fit into the back of the truck. The perfect tree was larger than the cargo area. Plus, I figured out, if I got the tree in the truck, there was not room for me to get out. Ditch that perfect tree.

I drove around a few more miles on post and found a slender cedar all by itself. That one I quickly determined would fit in the cargo area. With tree in truck, I checked back at the HQ building to let them know I was leaving. Facilities operating rules said gates were locked at 1700 hours. Too bad if somebody was inside at that time.

I drove home and parked the deuce in my front yard, pulled the tree from the truck and into the house. And discovered my 10-foot-tall cedar was a couple of feet taller than the living room ceiling. Not a problem. Top the tree, put on a star, we're good to go.

Monday, December 14, 2020

With apologies to mental hospitals

Being popular in Los Angeles is like sitting at the cool cafeteria table in the mental hospital. – Argus Hamilton, Jewish World Review.

End the violence

I am considering sending my George Foreman Grill to the Cleveland major league baseball team because the Portland-Seattle police killed him for some reason or another. The grill is somewhere in the garage. Or maybe we left it in Arkansas. Oh, well. It's the thought that counts.

Another TV ad

This one began with a woman saying that generally people of color and people who identify as female do not have the same exposure to STEM fields as … I’m not sure as who or what. People who are not persons of color and people who do not identify as female. That leaves – Anybody the current POC hierarchy decides. White men, mostly. 

That “exposure to STEM” or “opportunities in STEM” education is a misperception at best, a flat out lie otherwise. How is that girls in elementary schools score higher than boys on standardized tests, yet within a few years those same girls are being denied access to courses in which boys lagged behind?

There was a time when work was pretty much divided between men’s chores and women’s chores, the division when work depended on physical strength and dexterity. Men still have more of those physical jobs than do women. Construction work, professional sports games that require massive physical application for a short period of time, oil field labor and others.

The TV ad was by Amazon, in a continuing effort to propagandize society into believing those unmentioned non-POCs and non-females are holding back the natural order of things.

What the Amazon ad does is say, “See? We are not like those non-POCs, those non-female identifying persons. We are good. Now, buy our stuff.”

This morning I saw a TV ad of the kind I hope never to see again

I don't remember the product being sold. I don’t remember much about the ad. A woman was talking about a family florist business, and then the words “socially responsible” entered my ears. I watched the ad with more attention then, and saw the words “Black Owned Business” in neat letters on a window of the business. I wondered, “What does one’s color have to do with selling flowers?” 

Used to, advertising pretty much said, “This is our product. We would appreciate it if you bought it.” Or, “Our product is much better than anybody else’s. Buy ours.”

All that is changing now. Ad agencies are pushing “social responsibility.” But that is a term with multiple personalities. Income, ethnicity, color, regionalism, education.

My wife said, “If I were walking and I saw that business, I would think, ‘They have some nice flowers. I think I’ll go in.’ But when I saw that ‘Black Owned Business,’ I know they do not want me in their store.”

Sunday, December 13, 2020

ACAV/APC Burned, Vietnam

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Coming to a country near you?

From Daily News Hungary 

Hungary’s most well-known virus denier, Gődény, has been taken from his home by the National Investigation Bureau. He is suspected of scaremongering and encouraging people to go against national measures and restrictions introduced to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Pharmacist-influencer Dr György Gődény has become one of the most notable figures among COVID-19 sceptics in Hungary. Dr Gődény was also one of the main organisers of a demonstration held in Budapest in September, protesting the government’s measures to counter the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Gődény’s wife shared the news of his “abduction” on social media, stating that workers from the National Investigation Bureau ambushed them at dawn with a house warrant, then they took Gődény from his home. His wife asked their followers for support and claimed that “this intimidation” will not work – they will not back down. “The power is with us,” she wrote.

He spread “fake” and “alarming news,” police said.





His troubles started when he slapped a customs agent

U.S. Marine Corps sergeant wanted to become president of Haiti. Smuggling guns was just part of his plan.

Sgt. Jacques Yves Sebastien Duroseau might have made a better president than others who have held the job, but his plan could have used a little more tweaking.

Friday, December 11, 2020

It's got to go somewhere


DC AG violence interrupter arrested in 2017 homicide

Yes, a violence interrupter. Employed by the District of Columbia Attorney General. Murder. Almost four years ago. 

From NBC Washington News.

A violence interrupter with the D.C. Attorney General’s Office is charged in a 2017 homicide, the Metropolitan Police Department said.

Officers responding to a report of shots fired in the 900 block of 12th Street NE about 9:20 p.m. Feb. 17, 2017, found 53-year-old Eric Linnair Wright of Northwest D.C. suffered from gunshot wounds, police said. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police executing a D.C. Superior Court warrant arrested 39-year-old Cotey Wynn of Southeast D.C. Friday, D.C. police said. He is charged with second-degree murder while armed.

Detectives cracked the case after a witness came forward and identified Wynn as the man in a surveillance video D.C. police released in connection to the shooting, officials said.

Wynn was under Pretrial Services Agency’s supervision when he was arrested, police said. His arrest history includes felony murder, first-degree murder, possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and distribution of a controlled substance.

Wynn is an employee and violence interrupter with the attorney general’s Cure the Streets program.

The attorney general’s office released the following statement: “The Office of the Attorney General is aware of Mr. Wynn’s arrest for a homicide he is alleged to have committed in 2017, prior to his employment with Cure the Streets. This case will now proceed through our criminal justice system where Mr. Wynn is presumed innocent. We are confident that justice will be served once this process is complete. Our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Wright, the victim in this case, and to the affected members of the community. The important work of the Cure the Streets team will continue.”

Wynn is being held without bond.


Link at knuckledraggin.

In his autobiography, Mr. Wynn states he spent 10 years in prison. 

But we can rest assured the people who hired him believed in their hearts that he had changed during his 10 years in prison, realized his mistakes were the result of bad choices, that he had let down his family and his community and was now prepared and willing to make amends. Stupid. But it is the DC government. We need this kind of revelation so we might have a clearer understanding as to the depths of degradation governments have sunk.






Thursday, December 10, 2020

USAF sergeant decided to take C-130 from RAF Mildenhall to Langley AFB, Va.

May 23, 1969: A drunken U.S. Air Force assistant crew chief, Sgt. Paul Adams Meyer, 23, of Poquoson, Virginia, suffering anxiety over marital problems, started up a Lockheed C-130E Hercules63-7789, c/n 3856, of the 36th Tactical Airlift Squadron316th Tactical Airlift Wing, on hardstand 21 at RAF Mildenhall and took off in it at 0655 hrs. CET, headed for Langley AFBVirginia.

At least two North American F-100 Super Sabres of the 493d Tactical Fighter SquadronRAF Lakenheath, a C-130 from Mildenhall, and two RAF English Electric Lightnings were sent aloft to try to make contact with the stolen aircraft.

The Hercules flew over the Thames estuary and headed south toward Brighton. After flying over the English Channel, Meyer turned northwest. North of Cherbourg he changed direction, heading south to a point 30 miles north of Alderney.

The Hercules crashed into the English Channel off Alderney (5000N, 0205W)~90 minutes later. In the last transmission from Meyer, to his wife, in a link-up over the side-band radio, he stated "Leave me alone for about five minutes, I've got trouble."

There was speculation whether the Hercules was shot down. Some wreckage was recovered but the pilot's body was never found. Meyer had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly earlier in the morning in the village of Freckenham and had been remanded to quarters, but snuck out to steal the Hercules.



From knuckledraggin


China-Democratic Party connections

Sen. Diane Feinstein’s driver for 20 years was a Chinese spy.

Since 2018 the FBI has been investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the Communist government.

Now, California Congressman Eric Swalwell has been in close contact with Christine Fang, a Chinese spy who is no longer in the U.S.

Sen. Feinstein was head of the Senate Intelligence Committee until relieved recently by Sen. Chuck Schumer. Swalwell remains a member of the House Intelligence Committee. Presumed President-Elect Biden has said he will improve relations with China.

Hmm. Senate and House Intelligence Committees possibly compromised. The son of the presumed president-elect doing deeds with the Chinese Communist government. A U.S. congressman very friendly with a Chinese spy.

“Trust me,” said the friendly snake oil salesman. “It’s good for you.”

Links at gunfreezone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Proof shows reef islands not drowning


Against all odds, low-lying reef islands actually appear to be growing in some parts of the world, despite rising sea levels, increasing their footprint and defying doomsday predictions.

Geomorphologist Murray Ford from the University of Auckland in New Zealand led a team of researchers who examined Jeh Island, one of the 56 islands that make up the Ailinglaplap Atoll in the Marshall Islands, itself one of the most endangered nations on Earth. 

Ford and his team pored over aerial and satellite imagery of the island from above and made the startling discovery that not only has Jeh increased in total land area by 13 percent since 1943, it may actually have once been four separate islands which have now morphed together due to net land-mass gains. 

(Comment: “Against all odds”? Says who?)

Here is a link to another publication expressing great surprise the reef islands are not drowning as ordered by global warming proponents.



One Soldier’s War

Arkady Babchenko was drafted out of a Moscow law school at age 18 and sent to fight in the First Chechen War. After discharge, he returned to school, but then volunteered to serve in the Second Chechen War. He wrote One Soldier’s War telling of his experiences against two enemies, Chechen rebels and criminal traditions of the Russian army. 

Of the latter, he wrote:

“Thieving is both the foundation of the war and its reason for continuing. The soldiers sell cartridges; the drivers sell diesel; the cooks sell canned meat. Battalion commanders steal the soldiers’ food by the crate – that’s our canned meat on the table that they snack on now between shots of vodka. Regimental commanders truck away vehicle-loads of gear, while the generals steal the actual vehicles themselves.

“There was one well-known case when someone sold the Chechens brand-new armored cars, fresh from the production line and still in the factory grease. Military vehicles that were sold back in the first war and written off as lost in battle are still being driven around Chechnya.

“Quartermasters dispatch whole columns of vehicles to Mozdok packed with stolen goods: televisions, building materials, furniture. Wooden houses are dismantled and shipped out piece by piece; cargo planes are filled to bursting with stolen clutter that leaves no room for the wounded. Who cares about two or three boxes of cartridges in this war where everything is stolen, sold and bought from beginning to end?

“And we’ve been sold, too, guts and all, me, Arkasha, Pincha, the Kombat, and these two guys he is beating now, sold and written off as battle losses. Our lives were traded long ago to pay for luxurious houses for generals that are springing up in the elite suburbs of Moscow.”

(Russia is a criminal activity. Russia has always been a criminal activity, from the days of the Kiev rulers, to the czars in St. Petersburg, the Bolsheviks and Communists ruling from Moscow, to Vladimir Putin and whatever kind of political philosophy he adheres to. Under the czars, Russia stole more land and enslaved more people than any other since the Mongol hordes. Bolsheviks and Communists recaptured those lands in the civil war of the early 1920s. The captives who wanted freedom from Russia got it when the Soviet Union fell apart. But years and centuries of criminalism did not go away simply because the rulers changed. Russia will never change.)

Facebook said no way is this going on Zukerberg's invention

Well, we don’t want to get involved in politics. Right. And there is that tax-exempt organization status, too. If the IRS decides to investigate sermons and Sunday lessons…You rise up in arms is what you do. Can’t happen here, though. Government telling people where, how and when to have services happens in NYC, but only to Orthodox Jews, or in Russia, where the government declared the Seventh Day Adventist Church a terrorist organization. But, hey, they aren’t Methodist or Baptist, Church of Christ or Presbyterian or other mainline Christian.

Lone Star Parson violates Facebook Community Standards, FB says in declining my post.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Russian vaccine comes with alcohol warning

From The Moscow Times.

Recipients of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine should abstain from alcohol for nearly two months before and after immunization, the head of Russia’s consumer safety watchdog said Tuesday.

Rospotrebnadzor head Anna Popova’s instructions follow Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova’s recommendations to avoid alcohol and immunosuppressants for 42 days because the two-shot vaccine is administered with a 21-day gap between doses.

Health officials estimate that 100,000 Russians have received Sputnik V, including trial participants and members of the military.

 (Russia ranks fourth in the world for per capita alcohol consumption. The top five countries are: Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia and Romania. The US of A is 48th, according to the World Health Organization.)

From gunfreezone

4th century BC helmet found in Croatia

 From The History Blog.

“In the grave we also found fragments of other iron weapons such as spears and knives. However, in addition to the warrior, at least two more persons were buried, one of whom was a woman, as indicated by the fragments of a bronze bracelet. The helmet itself is the standard type we call the Greek-Illyrian helmet. Such a helmet has several developmental stages, and this variant from the fourth century BC was used in both Greek and Illyrian areas. It is bronze, has a solid head protection and a characteristic rectangular cut for the face. To date, only about 40 have been found in Europe,” says project coordinator Dr. Hrvoje Potrebica from the Department of Archaeology of Zagredb University.

Fifteen bronze and silver fibulae, a dozen needles, spiral bronze jewelry, tweezers and hundreds of glass paste and amber beads were also found in the cave tomb, furnishings typical of female burials.



Say the “wrong” thing, lose your real estate license


"Doesn’t this mean that if I post my opinion online and someone doesn’t agree with it, that I can lose my membership and be forced out of the business?" the NAR FAQ asks.

The answer is yes. Anyone can bring an “ethics” complaint which will lead to a “hearing” with “witnesses” and “counsel”. Posting that illegal migration is wrong or that Islamic terrorism is a threat can now lead to a real estate agent facing a hearing. And if they lose that hearing, then not only will they be expelled from the NAR, but the state real estate licensing authority will be told that the agent violated the "public trust" which can lead to the loss of their license.

Say the wrong thing on Facebook and lose your license, your business, and your livelihood.

Or, “Everything some leftist doesn’t like now violates NAR rules.”




Santa brought the kid a Nerf gun

 1st Santa: I'm not bringing you any kind of gun.

Video hits the airways, 1st Santa quits and goes home.

2nd Santa goes to kid's house and gives him ---- a Nerf gun!

Hooray for Santas who know what it means to be a kid.

Monday, December 7, 2020

A friend suggested this

Text a random phone number and leave this message: “The fat one wouldn’t fit in the woodchipper. What do I do now?”

 (It might be a good idea to do that from a burner phone.)

Sunday, December 6, 2020

The great disruptors are taking us to an unknown past

From Daniel Greenfield.

The new disrupters could only envision their kind of world, diverse, urban, and with a mostly useless population whose grievances and inability to contribute to the new world order would have to be met with welfare checks and patient lessons on the dangers of intolerance.

And, most of all, control.

The original computer revolution had been built on freedom, but the titanic internet platforms depended on control. The control was meant to be unseen. The user would be manipulated into thinking it was his idea to click on that link, watch that show, search for that keyword, and buy that product by a series of invisible constraints and prompts to maintain the illusion of control.

The illusion of control, the myth of user agency, was at the heart of the new internet of platforms. The end user had never had less control over his virtual environment, even as it assured him that he could do anything he wanted. Once the user rebelled against the algorithm, the illusion of freedom collapsed leaving a choice between obedience or loss of access.



From Valor Guardians