Sunday, June 30, 2019

NJ high school gives Marine recruit his own graduation ceremony

By Brian Mackley

Hipolito Garcia Paulino was the only one throwing his cap in the air at Hackensack High School in New Jersey on June 21, after his school held an early graduation ceremony just for him.
Originally from the Dominican Republic, Garcia Paulino, 18, hadn’t been in the United States for long, but already has answered the call to serve in the Marine Corps, according to
When his high school found out he was going to be leaving for boot camp before their senior graduation ceremony, they decided to give him a ceremony that they thought he deserved.
“It’s important that every student feels special, so if we can change our schedules around a little bit to make him feel more special, it’s well worth it,” Principal Jim Montesano told CBS New York local.
Garcia Paulino and his family immigrated to the United States in 2017. They first moved to Hackensack, New Jersey, for a small period of time before his parents decided to move to Massachusetts, according to Garcia Paulino, however, chose to stay, partly to help his grandfather who was having health problems.

Even before he enlisted in the Corps, Garcia Paulino already had a impressive resume, he is fluent in both English and Spanish and maintained a 3.9 GPA while working 25 hours a week during school so he could help provide for himself.
“We thought you shouldn’t be punished because you are doing something great,” Patricia Lozano, a school assistant principal told “He’s very giving and very selfless in many ways and he has displayed that here at the high school, with all the volunteer work he does here.”
At his individual ceremony, his school, family and friends were all there to support him and say goodbye before he left for Parris Island, South Carolina, on Monday.
Following his four year enlistment in the Marine Corps, Garcia Paulino plans are to attend college where he plans to major in civil engineering.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cobra eluded Pennsylvania law, but grandmother took care of it

By Sonja Haller

Brave grandma kills 4.5-foot-long cobra with shovel to protect neighborhood kids.

Animal control said the snake that grandma Kathy Kehoe killed was an Asian cobra, and was about 4.5 feet long.

First she snapped photos.

Then the 73-year-old Pennsylvania grandma smashed the snake dead with a shovel. Animal control says she slayed a 4.5 foot Asian cobra.

Kathy Kehoe said she knew instantly it was a cobra when she first spotted it on her patio. 

Birds were screeching outside at about 2 p.m. Monday when she stepped outside see why. 

“Oh, it’s a snake,” Kehoe told ABC 6.

“When I opened the screen door to see what kind of snake it was, the birds flew away and I saw the spot on its back, and I kind of nudged its tail and it came up and spread its hood and I said ‘that’s a cobra,'” she said.

The snake slithered away, but Kehoe chased after it.

“He went this way. I stalked him and when he got over to here, I tapped his tail. He went up and that’s when I did the deed and held him there,” she said.

The grandma said she wasn’t about to let the cobra get away because of children in the neighborhood of Falls Township, Bucks County, 25 miles from Philadelphia.

“I was like ‘this animal can’t be here, it’s a poisonous reptile,'” she said.

In March, officials removed 20 venomous snakes from a neighboring apartment, including 12 cobras.

1884 Kansas City Unions baseball club

The team’s record was 16 wins, 63 losses. Playing home games at Athletic Park, the Unions drew 53,000 fans. Most unusual for a team of that period, the Unions had 17 outfielders, 23 infielders, four catchers and seven pitchers.

Players who were in the most games at each position were: 
Catcher Kid Baldwin, 44
1B, Jerry Sweeney, 31
2B, Charlie Berry, 22
3B, Pat Sullivan,21
SS, Calvin Cross, 24
LF, Frank Wyman, 13
CF, Jim Cudworth, 12
RF, Barney McLaughlin, 17.

Starting pitcher for the Unions was Bob Black.

The team is known as Cowboys by many historians, but as Unions by local press. Part of the Union Association, the Unions/Cowboys team was Kansas City’s first major league team. The league had 12 teams and was in business one year.

Players included pitcher Jersey Bakely, infielder Jumbo Davis, outfielder Peek-A-Boo Veach and Unknown Willis.

Alex Voss was the tallest Unions, at 6 feet 1 inch. Shortest player was Kin Alexander, 5 feet 1½ inches and 145 pounds.

The oldest player was infielder Charles Fisher, 32 when the season started. Youngest was infielder Jim Donnelly, 17.

Other teams in the Union Association were the St. Louis Maroons, Cincinnati Outlaw Reds, Baltimore Monumentals, Boston Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Paul Saints, Chicago Browns/Pittsburgh Stogies, Altoona Mountain Citys, Wilmington Quicksteps, Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Keystones and our Kansas City Unions/Cowboys.

Unions infielder Charles Fisher is the only major league ball player to die in Alaska, in 1917 at age 64 years and 11 months.

Optima, Oklahoma -- It's Out There

Optima is in Texas County, the middle county of the Oklahoma Panhandle. Cimarron County is to the west, and Beaver County to the east. The Panhandle is 166 miles wide and keeps Texas from bordering on Colorado and Kansas.

History of the Oklahoma Panhandle is tied in with the history of Texas. At one time, that part of the country was part of the Republic of Texas, although Mexico, loser of the Texas Revolution, refused to recognize what the Texicans said. When Texas agreed to become part of the United States, the Lone Star Republic gave up its claim to what are now parts of the states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and a small part of Utah.

Optima has a Lincoln Street and a Jefferson Street.

The city’s 2010 population was 356, the highest ever. The Census Bureau says the population is demographed at 79.32% white, 0.74% African-American, 0.38% Native American, 0.75% Asian, 13.53% Other Races, 5.26% of Two or More races, and 48.12% Hispanic or Latino of any race.

It’s always a good thing to know, that Americans are judged by the content of their character, and not by the color of their skin.

Optima Lake has a dam, but sometimes no water.

“Optima Lake is located in the panhandle of Oklahoma in Texas County on the Beaver River, approximately 4 1/2 miles northeast of Hardesty, and 20 miles east of Guymon. All public use areas around the lake are accessible as points. The water level in the lake has never reached normal pool. Visitors should be aware that the lake's level can be very low. Depending on rainfall and evaporation rates, the lake may offer no water-based recreation and may not be suitable for swimming, fishing, boating or other activities. Visitors should come for the quiet natural setting -- with or without water in the lake area. There is approximately 3400 acres of land public hunting land managed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, and approximately 4300 acres of Federal Wildlife Refuge. The primary species available are quail, deer, dove, pheasant, and turkey. The public hunting area is open year round, and is governed by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation regulations.

If you search “images optima ok lake,” you will find more than a few photographs of those “natural settings – with or without water in the lake area.”

That means, “The lake be dry.”

Optima is probably an OK place to live. It is Out There, which oftentimes is a good place.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Hang ‘em all, hang ‘em high

“That's right, chica. Passing a bill that uses money from the pockets of the American taxpayer (you're fucking welcome [sarc]) that actually feeds, clothes, houses and gives medical attention to foreign children, who for the most part are unwitting political props of both your party and their own cruel parents is "hurting" them. Go with that, and take it straight to Hell. You're not a joke; you're a cancer. But I digress. In any case, it turns out that the latest naked-and-napalmed-Vietnamese-girl-du-jour had been warned about the dangers of crossing the Rio Grande and he ignored it. As a commenter wrote "play stupid games, win stupid prizes." Meanwhile, Obama's own ICE chief openly stated that it was his boss and not President Trump who is to blame for setting up cages for illegal alien kids. And before leaving this topic, while Toothy McBigTits is loathsome to be sure, at least she's honest about open borders. But your pals and mine in the GOP-e led by Mittelschmerz Romney have been flipping and flopping on border security with the American people harder than a two-ton tuna on a pitching trawler deck. Build the dang fence, my ass. If we just had one of Rosie O'Donuts' 100,000 concentration camps, I know where I'd stick that backstabbing son of a bitch and everyone like him.

So there.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

N. Korea claims no AIDS; researchers say not so

Despite the fact that North Korea claimed to be an “AIDS-free zone” on the annual World AIDS Day on December 1 last year, the country is facing a large HIV outbreak, according to a new report from US and North Korean researchers.

According to a report by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, there were as many as 8,362 HIV-positive people in North Korea last year. A nationwide survey by North Korea’s National AIDS Commission last year also revealed that HIV is commonly spread in the country through blood donations and drug use. 

Democratic debate: Russians got it right

On the debate stage for the Democratic presidential primary race on Wednesday, the 10 candidates focused heavily on personal appeals and anecdotes, as well as a bizarre attempt to “pander” to Latinos, but to the throngs of protesters who flocked to the streets of Miami, what really matters is policy, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Western intelligence interferes in Russian search company

Maybe Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the US.

Hackers working for Western intelligence agencies broke into Russian internet search company Yandex in late 2018 deploying a rare type of malware in an attempt to spy on user accounts, four people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The malware, called Regin, is known to be used by the "Five Eyes" intelligence-sharing alliance of the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the sources said. Intelligence agencies in those countries declined to comment.
Western cyberattacks against Russia are seldom acknowledged or spoken about in public. It could not be determined which of the five countries was behind the attack on Yandex, said sources in Russia and elsewhere, three of whom had direct knowledge of the hack. The breach took place between October and November 2018.

Should there not be hearings by the U.S. Congress? Possible American interference in a Russian business? If the Russians had hacked Google …

You, too, could make the list

Simon Mulchfield, 27, was a rising journalist at The Atlantic. On Saturday he canceled himself at his parents’ Westchester home, after re-reading an essay he wrote in his freshman year of college about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

After many close brushes with cancellation, Jeremy Warble, a 30-year-old bartender and drummer, was canceled on Friday after asking exactly zero questions on a Tinder date. Mr. Warble’s earlier, narrowly evaded cancellations include: a culturally appropriative Halloween costume, repeatedly DMing a woman without receiving a response, and a conspicuous silence on social media during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Bernard Dubois, a retired physics teacher and WWII veteran, was canceled peacefully in his sleep at the age of 96 while mumbling aloud during a very racist dream. He joins his canceled wife Esther Marie Dubois, 95, who last Thanksgiving expressed a strong opinion about vegans.

Link at maggiesfarm.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

AOC in El Paso, staging photo shoot for later use

Link at weaselzippers

My daughter got into an argument with Siri GPS

I do not know what the argument was about. Perhaps navigational directions from Siri concerning a route my daughter was not accustomed to following.

Arguing with a machine is fruitless, except for some stress release. I sometimes yell at politicians on television, but I am not yelling at the television machine, although I might as well be. Politicians make as much sense as a machine, sometimes less.

Whatever barbs my daughter and Siri threw back and forth, the argument ended when Siri said, “It’s all your fault.” My daughter then switched her GPS from American accent to English. She said she has had no problems since.

Maybe English Siri knows who is boss.

9/11 photographs bought at house clearance sale

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Before industrialized progress

We don’t remember the things that were problems before agriculture, probably because we were having such a good time not living in cities that we didn’t bother to develop a written language to gripe about our problems. What’s to gripe about?

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Don't think I have a gun that big

An ad for World of Warships on You Tube: “Avenge the Titanic.”

What, I'm supposed to kill an iceberg?

Questions to tour guides

The Coliseum in Rome: Why did the Romans build it so close to the street?

Is this where Jesus fought lions?

Kayaking in Hawaii: Can we swim under the island to the other side?

At the Titanic Museum in Belfast: What room is the actual ship in?

At the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas: Why did they build the Alamo in the middle of the city?

Helicopter tour of New York City: Where are the Twin Towers now?

Russian government likely to approve four-day work week

Almost half of Russian workers do not like the idea, believing wages will be cut.

Nearly half of Russians say they wouldn't support a switch to a four-day work week over fears that it would reduce their earnings, a new poll has said.
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that a shift to a four-day work week is “very likely” to happen as a way to help workers overcome burnout and chronic fatigue. Despite long hours at work, the Russian workforce’s productivity is among the lowest of the world’s major economies.

Forty-eight percent of Russians oppose the idea of a four-day work week, according to a new survey published by the state-run VTsIOM pollster on Monday, while about one-third (29%) say they would have a positive reaction to a shortened work week.

"Russians’ fears are mainly associated with the likely [subsequent] reduction in income, which is critical for pensioners and villagers  the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population,” Valery Fyodorov, the head of VTsIOM, said. “Supporters of shorter work weeks, on the other hand, expect to use their free time more productively and to improve the balance between their work, leisure and personal life as a result.”

When asked how the transition would affect their earnings, 82 percent of respondents said a reduced working week would lead to lower salaries, while 15 percent said it would have no effect on earnings.
Sixty-seven percent of Russians also said that shortening the work week would lead to lower productivity, while 29% said it would improve productivity.

Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg and adults aged 25-34 were most likely to support a four-day work week, the poll said.

VTsIOM conducted its survey among 1,600 Russians aged 18 years and older across the country on June 13.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Concentration camp survivors have a message for AOC

There are no concentration camps in the United States.

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The best movie car chase ever?

I don't know. I haven't seen all of them.

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A lottery winner

About 20 years ago I was in the district clerk’s office in Clarksville, Texas, looking at 1830s and 1840s court cases when Carolyn, one of the assistant clerks, said there was a very interesting divorce case going on. I said I hadn’t heard about it. She said, “Well, this Arkansas man won the Texas lottery, $5 million paid out over 20 years. When he got his first payment, he bought a double-wide for him and his girlfriend and one for her mother. You know Arkansas has a state income tax, so when they billed him, he moved to Annona.” (Texas does not have an income tax. Annona is a small town in Red River County.) She went on: “He bought a house in Annona, and I’ll tell you whoever sold him the house saw him coming.”

“He paid too much?” I said.

“I’ll say he did. Anyway, he moved in with his girlfriend, her mother, her two sons, about 6 and 8, and her teenage daughter. He married his girlfriend, and after a while, I guess she decided she didn’t like Texas all that much and wanted to go back to Arkansas. He was looking at the money he’d lose, so he said no way. So, she filed for divorce and she wants a whole bunch of money for child support. Anyway, there’s a hearing going on today, and I thought you might be interested.” I told her “Thank you” and that I would take a listen.

I went upstairs to the court room. A woman I figured the wife was at the witness stand. She was an average size woman, blonde, and wearing jeans and a sleeveless blouse. She had a long tattoo on her upper left arm.

The defendant’s lawyer was questioning the woman. “You say your husband should pay you (several) thousand dollars a month for support while you find a job in Arkansas, is that correct?” The woman said it was. The lawyer said, “How do you plan on getting to job interviews?” The woman said she had a couple of cars. The lawyer said, “What cars do you have?” The woman said she had a 1966 Mustang. The lawyer interrupted. “Your husband bought you the 1966 Mustang?” The woman said, “Yeah, he did.” The lawyer then asked about her other transportation. She said she had a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, a GMC van and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Yes, she said, her husband had bought those for her.

The lawyer then asked why she thought her husband should pay (several) thousand dollars a month support. The wife said, “Well, I got my mother, two sons, my daughter and her boyfriend living with me.” The lawyer informed the woman that her husband was not responsible for supporting her mother and her daughter’s boyfriend. “Oh,” the woman replied.

The lottery winner was up next. His wife’s lawyer asked what his yearly income was. He replied, “Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” The lawyer asked, “But before you get that lottery check, don’t you borrow that much from a bank every year?” “Yeah,” the man said. “They know I’m good for it.” The lawyer said, “I have a hard time imagining somebody spending two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year.” The man said, “Shoot, when I got that first check, I spent it in a month.”

Those were the most interesting parts of the hearing. At the end of the day, the judge said he would take further information at a date to be set by the district clerk.

After court let out, Carolyn, the assistant clerk, said, “Did you see that tattoo the woman had?” I said I had seen a tattoo, but I couldn’t tell what it was. In a shocked voice, she said, “Bob, it was a d!ck!” I thought, Dang. She has a tattoo of a penis running from just above her elbow almost to her shoulder? I wondered why the judge did not tell the woman to cover up the tattoo.

That was the only day I sat in on hearings. I had not written about the trial from the beginning, and it made no journalistic sense to start now. A county constable later on told me he was acting as bailiff one day when the wife’s attorney asked the husband, “Is it true you have hidden ten thousand dollars in order to keep the money from your income figure?” “Yeah,” the husband said. The attorney informed the husband that hiding assets was against the law. He said, “Where is the money?” The husband said, “I’m not gonna tell you.” The lawyer looked at the judge. “Your honor?” he said. The judge looked at the husband. “Mister Smith, where did you hide the ten thousand dollars?” The husband said, “I’m not gonna tell you.” The judge said, “Mister Smith, I’m going to give you one more opportunity to tell where you hid the money before I find you in contempt of court.” The husband shook his head. “I’m not gonna tell you.” The judge then announced his contempt finding against the husband, and told the constable to take Smith to jail.

A few days later, the constable said to me, “He was grinning like a possum when I locked him up. He said, ‘When am I gonna get out?” I asked him what he meant. He said, ‘When are you gonna let me out?’ I told him God himself couldn’t get him out of jail. Only the judge could do that.” The constable laughed and said, “He decided real quick to tell the judge where the money was.”

Friday, June 21, 2019

Bark in the Park

Saturday evening is dog day at Bradenton Marauders park. Our daughter bought tickets for my wife, our daughter-in-law, a friend, and for me. We are taking three dogs. Tickets (Bark Badges) for the dogs are $5 each. 

I would not charge for the dogs. The baseball team management says, "Hey! Bring your dog to a game!" And then charges?

I'm sure we will all have a good time. 

Honda lawn mower goes 0-100 mph in 6.29 seconds

Why? Because.

Or, why not?

And, it cuts grass as well.

Not at speeds greater than grass-cutting.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Intern tells of taking organs from living man

“Experts estimate that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs are transplanted annually in China. Multiply that number times the cost of a liver transplant ($170,000) or a kidney transplant ($130,000), and the result is an eye-popping $10 billion to 20 billion.

“(D)edicated organ-transplant lanes have been opened at airports in the region, while crematoria are being built nearby.

Link at

Progressive Socialists are unlikely to believe their Communist brethren would do such things. The PRC is, after all, founded on the bodies of several million workers and peasants. Stories of German mistreatment and murder of undesirables was for too long a time dismissed as propaganda. Repressive governments recognize no rights of citizens.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Chechen woman fined 40,000 rubles for firing guns

She was wearing a hajib and a policewoman’s uniform. Slated for dismissal is whoever gave the service weapons to the woman.

“In Chechnya, the court fined Malika Djikaeva for 40,000 roubles after a video had been posted with her firing from a submachine gun and a pistol while wearing the uniform of a policewoman.
“The law enforcement bodies of Chechnya have launched a check after the video was posted on the Internet in which Malika Djikaeva, wearing a hijab and a policewoman's uniform, fired into the air from a submachine gun and a pistol. The video was presumably filmed in the territory of the Chechen Republic, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by an official from the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). "Employees ... who handed over to the civilian the service guns and allowed shooting will be dismissed from the police service. Malika Djikaeva herself will also be punished," said the MIA's official.
"’The magistrate of the judicial district No. 44 in the Gudermes District of the Chechen Republic considered an administrative case against Malika Djikaeva and sentenced her to an administrative fine in the amount of 40,000 roubles. The check is underway carried out by the MIA for the Chechen Republic in relation to the persons who committed the offense,’ reported the Chechen MIA on its Instagram on page on June 18.”

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Maintaining sovereignty, stopping illegal immigration, protecting Christian culture aims of Hungary

“In last month’s European Parliament election, Hungarians entrusted the ruling alliance with three objectives: to stop illegal immigration, to protect national sovereignty and to protect Christian culture in Europe, Zoltan Kovacs told a press conference.

(Kovacs is Hungary’s state secretary for international communications and relations.)

“’Christianity is the foundation of European culture, and, accordingly, it must be ensured that the EU’s strategic document includes the fundamental value of European culture and the protection of Christianity.’”

SF plastic straw buyback ‘a qualified success’

By Harvey

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – As part of an effort to raise awareness of and generate support for California’s recent legislation banning plastic straws, the city of San Francisco held a plastic straw buyback event to help “rid our streets of these tubular menaces to society.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed explained why her city made this extraordinary effort to wake people up to the all-too-serious threat from plastic straws.
“It is a well-presumed fact that plastic straws are responsible for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of deaths every year in California,” said Mayor Breed. “Now, admittedly, some studies show that buyback programs don’t actually have an impact on, well, anything, but that’s not important.”

“There are all kinds of studies that say all kinds of different things,” the mayor said. “Our point here is, there are straws on the streets of our city. We are signaling folks out there, we don’t care if its Grandpa’s straw or your straw, we want it.”

San Francisco City Administrator Naomi Kelly discussed the driving force behind the event.
“Nobody really NEEDS a plastic straw,” said Kelly, “but America is just saturated with all this straw culture and iconic straw imagery. What’s the definition of young love? Two teens using straws to drink out of the same ice cream soda. What’s the definition of somewhat older young love? Two men dueling over a woman. With swords. Which are long and skinny like straws. The imagery is everywhere and inescapable. Plus, the straw industry targets their marketing to innocent little children with juice boxes and drink pouches, all of which come with pointy little – that’s right – plastic straws. Do you know how many kids have their eyes put out with these things every year? Probably none, but they COULD. And these are just a gateway straw to harder straw use, like McDonald’s or bendy-straws. No child is safe. We have to save the children!”
San Francisco Police Chief William “Bill” Scott said the buyback was “a qualified success.”
“Well, we did get a lot of participation, but I’m not sure it was the kind the Mayor had in mind,” said Scott. “I think she was imagining we’d get buried under a pile of military-style tactical plastic straws with razor-sharp crenelations and laser sights. Or maybe fully automatic straws where a tiny pump makes it so that you don’t actually have to suck on it, you just put your mouth on the end. Well, we got zero of those kinds, since they don’t actually exist. Mostly we got straws that were bent or cracked or chewed on. Stuff homeless people would reject.”
“But,” sighed Scott, “since Her Honor was coughing up actual cash for what was essentially a pile of garbage, well, she got her photo op, I got my overtime pay, and somewhere a little girl just dumped an orange soda down the front of her dress because she wasn’t old enough to drink out of a cup. Should put THAT picture on the Mayor’s campaign posters.”
[IMAO Ace Reporters Walruskkkch and Blarg contributed to this story]

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Democrats announce law suit against ACME Mfg. Co.

So says, anyway.

WASHINGTON DC (AP) – After over two years of attempting to arrest, indict, embarrass, harm, stop, stall, or even marginally interfere with the implacable forward progress of President Trump using a wide array of convoluted tricks, schemes, and scandals, Congressional Democrats are now determined to exact retribution for their continual failures from the ACME Manufacturing Company, Inc., claiming that the company’s products are both defective and hazardous, and that they have consistently allowed President Trump to get away.

During this time period, numerous Democrats have used ACME products in their political machinations, however, due to the humiliation involved, very few were willing to discuss their experiences on the record. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered the following statement.
“I remember when Trump called me into the Oval Office to discuss funding the border wall, and I had this feeling that he might try leaving before I could get on camera and cut him down with childish name-calling. So I took some ACME Wall Paint and made a fake archway into the next room. Sure enough, 2 minutes into the meeting, he runs out, but somehow he runs THROUGH the archway I painted. I tried running through the archway after him, but I hit the wall face-first and splayed out flat against it. That’s why I have this bandage on my nose. It is NOT – as some people have suggested – from cosmetic surgery. That’s the other bandage on my nose.”
Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib recalled her own encounter with the elusive President.
“I put a can of Diet Coke in the middle of the road next to a check from Russia – Trump loves Diet Coke – figured I’d take a really incriminating collusion picture. Then I remembered how he ran away from Nancy, so I strapped myself to an ACME rocket so I could catch him when he did. When he took off, I went to go light the fuse and BOOM! The rocket exploded immediately, I’m black with soot from head to toe, and Trump got clean away. With MY Diet Coke!”
At the time we interviewed Senator Chuck Schumer after his Trump experience, he had been compressed into a two-foot tall cylinder with just his arms and legs sticking out. As it was difficult to understand him over the accordion noises he made with every step, the interview was brief.
“Fell off a cliff. ACME anvil fell on me. ACME umbrella did nothing. I don’t wanna talk about it,” Schumer said before accordioning away.
By way of comment on the investigation, President Trump offered only the single brief and cryptic tweet: “Meep Meep”.

Passage of years can mean lots and lots of money

An Antiques Roadshow segment from 2004 tonight featured a 1914 watch shown by the grandson of its original owner. After talking about all of the watch’s features, the appraiser announced a value of $250,000. The owner was somewhat surprised. At the end of the segment, he asked, “How do I get it home?”

I said to my wife, “I hope he sold it.”

Then flashed on the screen the 2019 appraised value: $2 million to $3 million.

I said to my wife, “I hope he held on to it.” 

Viktor Orban explains history to Western Europeans

“We don't want to criticize France, Belgium, any other country, but we think all countries have a right to decide whether they want to have a large number of Muslims in their countries.  If they want to live together with them, they can.  We don't want to and I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country.  We do not like the consequences of having a large number of Muslim communities that we see in other countries, and I do not see any reason for anyone else to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary that we do not want to see[.] ... I have to say that when it comes to living together with Muslim communities, we are the only ones who have experience because we had the possibility to go through that experience for 150 years.” 

Insisting that the countries of Eastern Europe take in more Muslims is the same as telling every German-occupied country of world War II to take in and feed, house, clothe and pay Nazis.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Alaska National Guard picks up bear-bitten hunter

Annie Zak

Airmen rescued a man who suffered “significant injuries” in a bear attack Monday west of the Interior community of Galena, a spokesman for the Alaska National Guard said.
Few details were available by Monday evening. The National Guard had not identified the victim, described the extent of his injuries, or said what kind of bear was involved. The rescue happened 75 miles west of Galena, said David Bedard, spokesman for the Guard’s 176th wing.
“A hunting partner stayed with the victim and was in contact with a Good Samaritan pilot flying overhead,” the Guard said in a statement released Monday.
The Alaska Rescue Coordination Center sent a Pave Hawk helicopter and an HC-130J on the rescue mission, the Guard said.
A two-person rescue team parachuted from the HC-130 and then “hiked to the location of the injured individual, where they provided life-saving care,” according to the agency’s statement. The aircraft also transported blood that was “critical" to the patient’s survival, the Guard said.
The helicopter picked up the victim and the rescue team, and the victim was later transported to Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.

(The Guard sent a C-130J and a Pave Hawk. That is some serious care.)

Chernobyl nuclear explosion part of Russian criminal enterprise

“Ironically, the greatest danger posed to the Soviet Union’s nuclear power plants was not an attack from the West but was rather the culture of corruption endemic to the Soviet socialist system. It was this culture of corruption that prioritized meeting deadlines and timetables over safety concerns. And it was this culture of corruption that placed emphasis on cheaper but less safe reactors over more expensive but safer reactors.

Russia is run by criminals. Russia has always been run by criminals. The major difference between Czarist criminals and Communist criminals is Communists killed many millions more than did Czarist criminals, and in a much shorter period of time. The “culture of corruption” in pre-Czarist times led to the criminal enterprise known as the Russian Empire and to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and to the present Russian Federation.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


… will count your money to determine how much you need and how much they are going to give others to make themselves feel compassionate.

(I changed the copy a little, because the original had "A liberal" referenced by "they" and "them," a massively used grammatical error, the proliferation of which I refuse to follow.)

Israeli government refuses to follow law for Chernobyl workers

Alex Kalantirsky “was in his 40s, married and with children, when he was sent to Chernobyl to work on the construction of the sarcophagus.
“Did he know what was waiting for him there, and that his health would be irreparably harmed? Absolutely. But at no point did he contemplate evading this mission. ‘We knew that if the radiation continued to spread, not only would Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia be hit, but all of Europe, including the Mediterranean basin. That was all we were thinking about. We hoped we would be able to neutralize that immense danger.'”
About 5,000 “Chernobyl liquidators” immigrated to Israel at the start of the 1990s, and 1,500 of them still live there. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Speak of peace or I will tear out your tongue

Or, normal talk in the North Caucasus.

“Ramzan Kadyrov has commented on the situation with the demolition of the road sign in the outskirt of Kizlyar. He called on residents of Chechnya and Dagestan ‘not to succumb to provocations,’ and promised ‘to break fingers and tear out tongues’ of those who write offensive comments.
“The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on June 10, a video appeared on the Internet, in which young people dismantled a road signpost reading "Shelkovskoy District" installed in the outskirt of Kizlyar. The signs will be reinstalled, said Magomed Daudov, Speaker of the Chechen Parliament. On June 11, townspeople gathered for a rally at one of the signposts indicating Chechnya; from 10 to 15 people were detained.
“Kadyrov has urged, live on his Instagram channel, residents of both republics not to succumb to provocations.
"’We're guarding the border and our villages. Imagine that we'll come to Dagestan and begin commanding there,’ he said.
"’If you insult my clan, my family and my people – this is most important for me. Therefore, you follow your language, watch your fingers, otherwise we will break your fingers and tear out your tongue – keep it in mind,’ he has concluded.”

(Kadyrov is head of the Chechnyan Republic.)

‘I don’t even know why we have federal elected officials’

Mayor of Uvalde, Texas, fed up with dumping of illegals.

“People up north and in D.C. have no clue what is going on here. They don’t realize that these people are not being screened for diseases. We’re fed up.”

“The migrants are walking around the checkpoints. Now we are starting to see more calls to police of people walking through the neighborhoods, [of] finding car doors open [and] storerooms open.”

Illegals are a threat to school safety.

“Three weeks ago, we had a group come right in middle of town, they bailed out and we had to put all our schools on lockdown. We caught all eight individuals, but it took all day.”

Hidalgo County reports a 46 percent increase in confirmed cases of mumps

Illegals arrive by freight train; ranchers report more break-ins and vehicle theft.

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