Saturday, July 31, 2021

DOJ suit says Gov. Abbott threatens 'health of noncitizens in federal custody'

From Hot Air 

“The DOJ’s lawsuit says that Abbott’s order ‘causes injury to the United States and to individuals whom the United States is charged to protect, jeopardizing the health and safety of noncitizens in federal custody, risking the safety of federal law enforcement personnel and their families, and exacerbating the spread of Covid-19 in our communities.’ What about the health and safety of Texans? The federal government is picking winners and losers and in this case, illegal migrants are being protected at the expense of legal residents in Texas.

Just the way things are in Texas

Stumbled across this while reading It’s from six years ago, but I’m sure nothing has changed in the philosophy. 

“I remember shortly after moving there (to Texas), asking an employee at Cabella’s if he had any recommendations for a gun safe. ‘Well, son,’ he said to me in complete seriousness, ‘m’boy moved away to college a few years ago so I reinforced the door frame and just turned the whole guest room into a gun vault. Have ya thought ‘bout doing sumthin like that?’ Good God, I thought. And then, when we moved into a new house this year, it had a walk in closet turned into gun vault. Welcome to Texas.

I’ve been living in Florida for going on seven years. One of these days I will return to Texas in a fancy urn and become part of the land and maybe rain will send me into a creek and a lake. If not, the wind will blow me around for a while. That will be good.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Chinese billionaire gets 18-year prison sentence for ‘picking quarrels, provoking trouble’

From Rebel News 

A Chinese court sentenced a billionaire who runs one of China’s largest private agricultural businesses to 18 years in prison over his vocal opposition to the Chinese Communist Party. 

Sun Dawu, the billionaire owner of Dawu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group, was found guilty of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” the BBC reported Thursday. The charge is often used by the often hypersensitive communist regime to imprison activists and human rights campaigners.

He was reportedly arrested last year along with 20 relatives and business associates, allegedly over a land dispute with the government.

Link at Gates of Vienna.




Thursday, July 29, 2021

A statement that could use some explanation

“It was typical of female cults to have dedications of weapons, and the finding in front of Temple R, dedicated to a goddess, is certainly not accidental.” – Professor Clemente Marconi on two spearheads discovered at a 570 B.C. temple in Western Sicily.


US attorney general threatens Texas

AG Merrick Garland said if (Texas Gov. Greg) Abbott “does not immediately rescind the (executive) order, the U.S. ‘intends to pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government.’” 

Abbot’s executive order, “issued Wednesday, had the stated intention of ‘restricting ground transportation of migrants who pose a risk of carrying COVID-19 into Texas communities.’ In it, Abbott ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety to stop and reroute vehicles suspected of violations.”

The US AG said Texas does not have the authority to interfere with the federal government’s “broad, undoubted power over the subject of immigration.” 

In previous statements, Abbott has called on the federal government to do its job enforcing illegal border crossings.

Link at weaselzippers.




Rep. Mace to Pelosi: ‘Come and get me’

North Carolina congresswoman says she will not follow speaker’s mask order.

Capitol police deny congressmen visit to Jan. 6 prisoners

From The Hill 

Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Majorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Louie Gohmert (Texas) on Thursday were turned away from the D.C. Department of Corrections where they tried to visit accused Jan. 6 rioters.

Video on Thursday shows officers, who said the group was trespassing and “obstructing entrance into this facility,” denying the trio entry.

“The supervisor came down and was standing right here and turned her back on me. The other one said she won’t talk anymore and that we’re trespassers,” Gohmert said in comments to the press after the situation.

We’re in totalitarian, Marxist territory here. This is the way third-world people get treated,” he added.



Ben & Jerry's chair only anti-Israel, not anti-Jewish*

* People such as her actually believe that.

From The Jewish Voice 

Anuradha Mittal, the chair of Ben & Jerry’s board of directors, says she is “not anti-Semitic.”

By Progressive/Pro-Palestinian/BDS thinking, that is true. She is only anti-Israel, that country that has a majority Jewish population and whose government is hugely Jewish. So, Mittal is only against the nation of Jews, not the Jews themselves.

Mittal has said Ben and Jerry’s intended a ban on sales in all Israel, but Unilever, the company’s owners, decided ice cream sales were too large in “Israel proper,” so the ban would apply only in Judea and Samaria.

For “not an anti-Semite,” Mittal “has racked up no less than 100 tweets in recent years specifically criticizing Israel, including one which referred to the birth of the country as a ‘catastrophe.’” (Stop Anti-Semitism group)

People hate her for what she has done, Mittal told NBC News. Also, she “insinuated that Unilever’s business decision to continue operating in Israel, despite Ben & Jerry’s objections, was inherently racist and sexist.

“’I can’t stop thinking that this is what happens when you have a board with all women and people of color who have been pushing to do the right thing,’ she said.”

So, she has the usual Progressive thinking: If you disagree with women and people of color, you are a sexist and a racist.



Olympics and advertising

 From Ace of Spades HQ

“Despite beating competitors' nightly program views, the Olympics are ‘clearly not what NBC, our agency or our clients were looking for,’ an unnamed media buying executive told Variety.

“Last week AdAge reported that the networks' ratings are so low that they're down to claiming that Nielsen is ‘undercounting’ their viewers, and demanding that Nielsen's ratings ‘accreditization’ be suspended.

I assume the 'supsension of accreditization' would be for the purpose of telling advertisers they're not entitled to rebates or make-goods for ratings lower than promised.

(Pretty much why the Olympics exist, isn’t it? Advertisers pay bucket loads to and for athletes and buckets more for the ads. If ratings are not in the neighborhood of promises by media, advertisers get money back.

(Go woke, go broke.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Headline that makes sense

‘A pint of beer a day is good for you. Cool! Drink it quickly though, as another report may soon say otherwise’ 



Woke journalists, Swedish feminists destroying the world

 By Peter Lloyd, journalist and author based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Suffragentleman

Once again, gender warriors in Sweden and politically motivated hacks are spreading feminist lies, blaming men for climate change because they ‘spend more on food and cars’. This nonsense is worse than any greenhouse gas. 

Is there anything that isn’t men’s fault? In the addled minds of hateful feminists, we are to blame for everything that’s imperfect in society – and deserve no credit for anything that’s good. 

It’s been this way since the 1960s, when crazed gender activists first started banging on about ‘patriarchy’ and applying bizarre critical theories to age-old relationships between the sexes. 

Predictably, this sparked a war against masculinity, which has raged on ever since and was perhaps first defined when Valerie Solanas – founder of the Society for Cutting Up Men – shot Andy Warhol. 

Amazingly, the premeditated attack, which took place in New York on June 3, 1968, didn’t kill him. He survived his wounds, despite the bullet ripping through his stomach, liver, spleen, esophagus and both lungs.

He was briefly declared dead at the scene, but then revived by paramedics and rushed to hospital, where he spent several weeks in intensive care. 

Discharged after two months, he was then forced to wear a corset for the rest of his life in order to keep his organs in place. He eventually died 19 years later – in part from complications of his appalling injuries.

In other words, feminism didn’t kill Andy Warhol immediately, but instead, it killed him slowly, over a long period of time. 

Now, some 50 years later, the same thing is happening again – but, this time, it’s the male psyche that’s being targeted. And, instead of ballistics, they’re using political propaganda, which they hope will destabilize masculinity, spark a cultural coup and allow women to inherit the Earth.  

I appreciate that sounds like a crazed conspiracy theory, but the evidence is everywhere.

Don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself. Open any newspaper, magazine or website and see the psychological warfare and the mind games. The encouragement to surrender our will and self-respect will be obvious. 

The latest example of this is the ludicrous and sexist claim that men cause more climate emissions than women. 


According to so-called experts from Sweden, we spend more on petrol, eat more meat and go on greater numbers of long-haul trips. 

Whatever the claims, it’s merely the foregone conclusion of the latest ‘study’ by research company Ecoloop, which – surprise, surprise – is run by feminists with an agenda.

“We think it’s important to take the difference between men and women into account in policy making,” said Annika Carlsson Kanyama, who led the ‘research’.

“The way they spend is very stereotypical – women spend more money on home decoration, health and clothes and men spend more money on fuel for cars, eating out, alcohol and tobacco.”

My response? F**k right off.

Like most sane people, I am sick of the endless hatred and criticism of men, who have built Western civilization from scratch and repeatedly protected it by sacrificing their lives on battlefields.

Besides, let’s have a reality check on who are the worst offenders regarding climate change... 

·   It’s women who destroy the ozone with their hairspray and perfumes. It’s women whose soiled sanitary products end up in the oceans or creating fatbergs in our sewers that men, not women, are forced to remove. 


·   It’s predominately women’s vain consumption of trashy fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, plus endless chick-lit books that cause rainforest trees to be chopped down, pulped and made into paper. According to the World Wildlife Federation, a chunk of forest the size of a football pitch is felled every two seconds for this purpose. So why don’t women stop buying crap books such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? As of October 2017, that series had shifted 150 million copies, which is a lot of trees.


·   Greta Thunberg, who is female, constantly travels the world, which suggests she has a carbon footprint far bigger than the average teenage boy. 


But, more than anything else, it’s exclusively women who keep giving birth to babies, despite the fact we live in an over-populated world. 

Adding to this is the fact that, because of the gendered life expectancy gap, there are far more women alive than men. This means that more women are discarding crap into landfills, more women are failing to recycle and more women are consuming fossil fuel energy, such as gas /and electricity. 

Given that humans – not animals – are plundering Earth’s resources, and women are the majority of humans on Earth, perhaps the blame lies with them, not us. 

Then again, if the planet does get destroyed and we all die, it won’t be all bad: at least we won’t have to listen to man-hating feminists and their endless attempts to shoot us down.

You know, just like Andy Warhol.

More from G.K. Chesterton

“And the attempt of the Eugenists and other fatalists to treat all men as irresponsible is the largest and flattest folly in philosophy.” 

Today’s self-proclaimed Progressives (Democrats) believe all others irresponsible. If all others were not irresponsible, Progressives would not have to tell them what to do.

Progressives need to make all others safe. Safe from what? From whatever Progressives decide is not safe.

Control is necessary in making all people safe. Control of the air we breathe, control of the food we eat, control of the methods of conveying workers to jobs, control lest one segment of the population have more than another segment.

Progressives seek control above all else. It is their right, their obligation, their duty to seek, achieve and maintain control, because they know what is best for all of us.

Army 1LT Amber English sets Olympic skeet record

 From Task and Purpose

A U.S. Army soldier is bringing home a gold medal from this year’s Olympic games. 

1st Lt. Amber English broke an Olympic record for women’s skeet shooting at the Tokyo Olympics on Monday and walked away with a gold medal. 

English, a logistics officer in the Army Reserve, is one of 17 soldiers competing in this year’s Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan. She earned 56 points during the event on Monday, setting a new Olympic record; according to a release from the Olympics, she is the second American to ever win the women’s skeet shooting event. 

This is her first gold medal.

“We are very fortunate to be here to be able to compete,” English said in the release. “You know everyone wanted to compete last year but we are very fortunate to still be here and do what we do. We appreciate everything.” 

English trained for the 2020 Olympics after falling short of making the last summer games in 2016. Military Families Magazine reported that she lost her father, Mike, during the 2016 Olympic trials and ultimately “ended up as an alternate and took some time off.” 

While she trained for the 2020 Olympics, she also joined the Army. In 2017, she became a logistics officer and joined the Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, Georgia. 

She told Military Families Magazine that being in the Army has helped teach her how to perform under pressure. 

“One of the things I’ve learned since joining the military is that these people that I’m surrounded by, whether they’re shooting or whether deployed, whatever their job is in the military, they still have to figure out how to get the job done,” English said.

Just an hour after English won her gold medal, another American Olympian, Vincent Hancock, kept the winning streak going, becoming the first skeet shooter to win three gold medals, according to the Associated Press

 Link at Valor Guardians



Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The evil has not gone away

“But we are already under the Eugenist State; and nothing remains to us but rebellion.” – G.K. Chesterson, Eugenics and Other Evils, 1922.

‘Imam castrated, killed by wife for planning to marry again’

From Yahoo News 

An Imam in a village here was castrated and beaten to death by his first wife for planning another marriage, police said on Friday.

The incident took place in Shikarpur village on Thursday evening when Hazra injured Maulvi Vakil Ahmad, Imam at a mosque in Bhora Khurd Village.

 She told police that her husband was planning another marriage and an argument over the issue turned violent, leading to his death.

 A case was registered against her at Bhorakla police station, Station House Officer (SHO) Nitendra Singh said, adding the victim’s body was sent for postmortem.

Link at Gates of Vienna comments.



Expensive vegetables

Researching dehydrated vegetables for a story, I came across an ad for “air dried mixed veggies,” guaranteed gluten-free. The first ad had a picture of the dried vegetables and a price -- $2,590. My immediate thought: “I pay that much for a bag of vegetables, there better be a stove, no, a whole restaurant comes along with it.” Turns out that price gets you 480 pounds. Rehydrated weight is 2,680 pounds. Strange what sometimes goes along with a search.

Biden plans on using foreign governments to increase immigration and quick citizenship

“The strategy proposes to engage in ‘outreach to foreign embassies and consular networks that may be interested in providing information and resources on citizenship’ ...

Link at knuckledraggin.

Monday, July 26, 2021

The Second Amendment

“Back to the constitution, which has been read by very few and ignored by very many. The constitution is a set of guidelines for the gov’t to follow regarding how to establish and run a gov’t. Very little of it has anything to do with private citizens.” 

(Comment: The Bill of Rights includes some God-given individual rights, that is, of private citizens.)

Comment to “The 2nd Amendment is obsolete, says congressman who wants to nuke Omaha”                                                            

Link at American Digest.

The right to bear arms was recognized by law in England from 1541-1845, when every man between 18 and 60 was required to own a long bow and a sufficient supply of arrows and to maintain proficiency with said weapon.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

It's complicated, Progressives say

If the 1st Amendment applies to radio, TV and the internet, 

And the 4th Amendment covers electronic wiretapping and video surveillance,

How can the 2nd Amendment apply only to 18th century firearms technology?


Chimps attack gorillas, eat one infant

First observation by scientists of fights.

Climate change, of course. 

“Some hypothesize that the behavior could stem from competition for food or the decline in the rainforest’s productivity due to climate change, according to the statement.”

Fights lasted an hour. Is this one of those, “We’ve never seen this kind of thing before, so it never happened in the past” kind of thing? 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Man is not going to see coward Democrats

“The Democrat fleebaggers have epically failed. Their fifteen minutes of fame has waned. The only time they get publicity now is when they act badly or another one tests positive for COVID-19. Their hero capes are faded and frayed. It’s time for them to pack up and board their private jets. They should return to Austin and act like grown-ups. Do their jobs and work for the legislation they want and vote accordingly. Their attempt to stop the legislation completely is futile. Republicans will pass it and Governor Abbott will sign it into law. It’s time for Democrats to stop embarrassing themselves.



Even birds have become political targets

While stationed in Texas after the war with Mexico, Army Captain John P. McCown studied and collected Rio Grande birds, most of which he sent to ornithologist George Lawrence. Three of the species were new discoveries. One was named McCown’s larkspur, in honor of the captain. During the 1861-65 war, McCown was a general in the Confederate army. In recognition of that service, the American Ornithological Society in 2020 renamed McCown's larkspur, “thick-billed longspur.” – Wikipedia article on McCown. 

One of these days military history books on the Battle of Gettysburg will mention “The commander of the Army of Northern Virginia (Redacted) faced several problems.” And on the Shenandoah Campaign, “Confederate commander (Redacted) conducted one of the most brilliant campaigns in American history.” Or in overall history: “(Redacted)’s invention of the cotton gin changed American history.”

Compulsory vaccinations ‘illegal’ -- Dagestani rights group

From Caucasian Knot 

The compulsory vaccination introduced in Dagestan for workers in some spheres will have a bad effect on the vaccination campaign as a whole, says Ziyautdin Uvaisov, the head of the human rights organization "Patient's Monitor". "This initiative is discrediting the very vaccination procedure," he told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

It will also reduce the level of trust among residents in the vaccination campaign. It will be compulsory; and in some cases, employers will force people to get vaccinated under a threat of dismissal, Mr Uvaisov has noted. "This is what some employers are doing now, and it's illegal," he explained. According to his version, by introducing the compulsory vaccination, the regional authorities are trying to achieve positive assessments from federal ones.

The mandatory vaccination of some workers is to the detriment of Dagestani authorities, but they are forced to speed up the vaccination in order to reduce the coronavirus and off-hospital pneumonia morbidity in the republic, Eduard Urazaev, a political analyst, believes.
© Caucasian Knot

Regional authorities want to look good for national bureaucrats. A worldwide problem.

Friday, July 23, 2021

DHS lies, Laredo sues

Somebody has to pay for treating and housing illegals. Laredo figures the federal government caused the problem, so it should pay. 

Biden administration: Those pesky cities and states need to do as they are told.

From Hot Air

What is a county on the southern border to do when it finds itself overwhelmed by Biden’s border crisis? In the case of Webb County, Texas, the county judge signs a disaster declaration and the biggest city in the county, Laredo, files a lawsuit in hopes of getting a temporary restraining order. The goal is to stop the influx of illegal migrants coming into the county. Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Troy Miller, and Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott are all named in the lawsuit.

Laredo has been under the gun during the current border crisis. A prime concern about the number of migrants being dumped into the county, and Laredo specifically, is the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it would stop bussing illegal migrants apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley to Laredo due to concerns about a dangerous spike in cases. Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz said at the time that the city can’t handle the rise in cases. Rep. Henry Cuellar got involved, as Laredo is his hometown. DHS assured them that it would not send any more illegal migrants to Laredo. There has been an influx of migrant families, mostly from Central American countries, entering the United States through the Rio Grande Valley. NGOs and local medical facilities in Laredo are overburdened.

Well, that was then and this is now. Just a couple of weeks later and DHS has already broken its word. Shocker, I know. It just points to the seriousness of the Biden border crisis. Biden and his minions can say the border is under control and the situation is greatly improved, as border czar Kamala recently said in El Paso, but it isn’t true. The facts say otherwise. DHS and Border Patrol continue to scramble to find places to dump the migrants. Mayor Saenz, an Independent, has had enough.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Cowardly Democratic runner wants everybody to wear a mask

Rep. Donna Howard positively has the covids. She did not wear a mask on the private jet to DC, but there is an explanation: “Unfortunately, the spike in infections from the delta variant became apparent immediately after our flight. Had we known at the time, we would have worn masks.”

Had you known? Dang, woman. We all thought you and those other maskless wonders were FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


In mid-summer 1968, my Sheridan loader SP4 JC, told me he had a three-day pass for the coming weekend plus Friday. I had not put JC in for a three-day pass, nor had the platoon leader. But, I said, “Have a good time.”  I was a platoon sergeant, with about twice as many soldiers assigned as the TO&E required, but the same amount of barracks space for a full-strength platoon. There were daily problems, and if one of my soldiers had a three-day pass, good on him.

I asked JC if he was going home to New Orleans. He said he was. I told him to have a good time.

Monday morning I asked JC if he had a good time on his pass. He said he had. I asked what he did. He replied, “Went to Cuba and shot up the place.”

JC and his family got out of Cuba not long after Castro and Guevara started killing people by the hundreds. I was a little disappointed that JC had not asked me to go along.

I wondered, too, how JC got a three-day pass but I wasn’t informed he had asked for one. The troop first sergeant had a long time of killing Communists, as an advisor to the Greek Army in that civil war, and with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea and Vietnam, and possibly other places where the US did not have any forces. It is possible JC went to the first sergeant and said he was going to shoot up Cuba over the weekend, but he needed a three-day pass. That would have fit in with the first sergeant’s thinking. 

Monday, July 19, 2021



There's always somebody doesn't get the joke


Cowardly Texas Dem’s hotel bill more than $10,000 a day

From chicksonright 

Democrats “have vowed to suffer in four-star surroundings,” the Western Journal says. Former unsuccessful U.S. senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke is “leading a fundraising effort” to pay the turned around scalawags’ bills. As of last week, 14,654 donors had contributed $526,780.

“Democratic state Rep. Chris Turner, however, is hoping that somehow the federal government will side with the runaway-bride-like Democrats and prevent Texas from making its own laws.

Well, Rep. Turner, here’s the deal. That pesky Constitution gives states say-so in voter laws. You can do the wishin’ and hopin’ act all you want, but that does not change the Constitution.

So far, five of the Dems have come down with the covids while staying at that high-dollar DC hotel. Wonder what the other guests have to say about living among (1) cowards who refuse to obey their oath of office; and, (2) infected persons?

Texans didn't used to be this way. Used to, a Texan stood up for what he believed, went eye-to-eye and toe-to-toe if necessary. There wasn’t any running away because he didn’t like the rules. And even when he knew he was going to lose, there was the Alamo standing behind him.

A wedding story

 In the summer of 1972, a woman entered the Swiss Chalet in Texarkana, Texas, where my then-fiancé worked. She walked to Priscilla and said, "I am Bob's Aunt Betty, and I will be making your bridesmaids' dresses. Here are some fabric samples." It is always nice to have someone who knows what she is doing volunteer and take care of a portion of an event.

Two more cowardly Dems get the covids

 From NBCDFW News

Two additional members of the Texas House Democratic Caucus who were fully vaccinated tested positive for COVID-19, the delegation said Sunday.

In a release from the House Democratic Caucus, the Texas Democrats have "decided to go beyond CDC guidance and provide daily rapid tests for all Members and staff in Washington D.C. for this week."

It was during this precautionary testing that the two additional members received positive results for COVID-19.


You know, doesn’t look like DC public health officials are looking out for their citizens. DC government needs to send those infected Dems back to Texas, where Gov. Gregg Abbott has people waiting.

Good boy, Flash

Suspicious person runs into woods when accosted by sheriff’s deputies. Law officers let loose the dog of justice, aka Flash.




‘Woke coke’ hot commodity in UK

From Zero Hedge 

Megacorporations are profiting from being "woke," and now the black market is following suit. Drug dealers in the UK are marking up cocaine prices for "ethically sourced cocaine." 

According to Daily Mirror, so-called "woke coke" is a hot commodity in the UK, selling for $300 per gram, more than four times the average versus street prices.

UK drug policy expert Neil Woods said drug dealers had touted woke coke as ethically sourced cocaine from Colombia. He adds there's no way cocaine is "eco-friendly" and is just a sales ploy to increase profits.

Link at knuckledraggin.

There truly are useless people in the world. Oxygen thieves. Among those are drug dealers and drug users. Marijuana and tobacco as well. Money from both is invested in the harder stuff.

Mr. Kurtz spoke to the truth: Exterminate all the brutes.





Sunday, July 18, 2021

On Saturday I saw this old funny for the first time


1. Money cannot buy happiness but it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard's name.
3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they're in trouble again.
4. Many people are alive only because it's illegal to shoot them.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.

(The original had failure to use an apostrophe in three words, which led to an added rule: Those who do not know the proper use of an apostrophe will be doomed to appear ignorant.)

George Zimmerman was a 'white Hispanic'


Saturday, July 17, 2021

First, they came for the bells

And then they came for the roosters. 

From Daily News Hungary

The bell-ringing disturbed tourists in Balatonberény, a small village of 1,100 residents in the south-western part of Lake Balaton. They said that they would not like to wake up at 5 or 6 am to the bells of the local church. It seems that the Catholic Church accepted the complaint for the summer period. However, tourists now complain because of the morning crow of the roosters. According to ATV, the local church bells rang every day at 5 am which disturbed many tourists who came on a holiday and did not want to be woken up that early. Therefore, they wrote a petition to the local mayor in which they asked him to cease the morning bell ringing as soon as possible. However, locals were shocked after they read the letter.

“I must say that I was angry because bell ringing is an ancient tradition in the villages. They moved the 5 am bell ringing to 6 am, which was already strange for the people. But to abolish it because of the tourists – that, I cannot believe. On that ground, they should not ring the bell of the church at 8 pm either,” said one of the residents. The leadership of the village and the church agreed that the bells would not ring in the morning.

The mayor thought that everything would be alright, but then others came asking him to end the morning crow of the roosters since that is disturbing, too. László Horváth highlighted that nothing can be done about that issue. Now it seems that, until the end of the summer, church bells will remain silent in the morning.

Was a time...

Thomas M. Drayton, North Carolinian by birth, writing to his younger brother John in May 1862, "If you go, go with a bold heart and do what you can, fight like the Devil, and if you are to be shot let it be in the front and not in back. It's no disgrace to die on the battlefield and if it so pleases God that you are to be in the number of those whose blood is to be shed for Their Country, you shed it in a Glorious Cause, but kill every Devil of a Yankee you can." – at Ace of Spades.

Not to wish any ill on anyone, but …

“Several of the Texas Democrats who fled the state to stall voting legislation tested positive Saturday for COVID-19. 

“A statement from the Texas House Democratic Caucus said one member tested positive for the virus Friday, and two additional members tested positive Saturday morning. The House members were not identified and they were all fully vaccinated.

When the Democrats  get back home … Well, Gov. Gregg Abbott will have some of his people waiting.

“Once they step back into the state of Texas, they will be arrested and brought to the Texas Capitol, and we will be conducting business,” Abbot said.

Karma carries a sense of humor.

Back a couple of months, President Biden said Texas would be visited with all kinds of COVID deaths after Gov. Abbott said, "Texas is open. Come on down." Those three Democrats did not have the covids in Texas, but as soon as they left the protection of the Lone Star ... 




Friday, July 16, 2021

These showed up before the dead skunk in the middle of the road


Make movies, Jackie, not political statements

From Independent UK 

Jackie Chan says he wants to be a member of the “magnificent” Chinese Communist Party.

Other statements: “I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not. I’m really confused now. If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic,” he told the Boao Forum for Asia.

“I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want,” he said.

Chan’s net worth is estimated at $317 million. No word yet on what the CCP charges for admission.

First World problems

My wife had dental surgery this morning, on a wisdom tooth that came in when she was 52 years old.

The home air conditioning went out around 7 p.m. Sunday.

The toilet for the main bedroom stopped working around 1 a.m. today.

Now, at 4 p.m., my wife has been home for more than four hours, following successful surgery; a plumber replaced the bad fixture in the toilet around noon. My wife arranged a visit by an air conditioning repair service for today. I called at 11 a.m., asking if the service had an ETA on a repair person. The phone answerer at the AC place replied, "Today."

Remember when environmentalists blamed the US for plastic islands in the Pacific …

 …. but the vast majority of the plastics turned out to be from China? Environmentalists did not take on China for the pollution, because (a) the enviros believed the Chinese Communist Party to be fellow saviors of the planet, and, (b) the CCP doesn’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks.

From Legal Insurrection

Now, the Chinese have gone from plastics to dumping tons of human waste in the Pacific, the shit is visible from space.

“Satellite images over the last five years show how human waste, sewage and wastewater have accumulated and caused algae in a cluster of reefs in the Spratlys region where hundreds of Chinese fishing ships have anchored in batches, said Liz Derr, who heads Simularity Inc, a software company creating artificial intelligence technologies for satellite imagery analysis.

Additionally, Chinese fishing ships are over-fishing regions off the western coast of South America.



From Legal Insurrection 

Biden administration invites UN to study treatment of minorities.

“The State Department announced late Tuesday that the administration would issue a standing invitation to all U.N. envoys, known as special rapporteurs, who compile information on race and discrimination and report back to the world body.

NFL will have social justice messages, black national anthem again.

“To reinforce its 10-year, $250 million commitment to combat systemic racism, the league will promote social justice via on-field signage, decals on player helmets, and in-stadium PSAs.

“The NFL also plans to make ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ — often referred to as the Black national anthem — a prominent part of all big league events, said sources. They will likely highlight victims of racial injustice with a ‘Say Their Stories’ project, as well.”


Thursday, July 15, 2021

‘It is time to ban the sale of pickup trucks’

From Gun Free Zone 

Liberal writer David Mastracci throws around a lot of numbers and such to back up his call for the end of pickup sales, except for commercial businesses.

“Canada is one of the largest GHG emitters in the world, and has the second highest emission rate per capita of all G20 countries. As of 2019, the transportation sector was the second largest contributor to Canadian emissions.”

“Pickup truck sales have skyrocketed in recent years. Nearly 25 per cent of all passenger vehicles sold in Canada in the first quarter of 2021 were pickup trucks (89 per cent of them classified as full-size trucks), representing a 16 per cent increase from the past period. Moreover, four of the five top selling vehicles in Canada in this period were pickup trucks, with sales of certain models up by as much as 41 per cent. This is part of a global trend.”

Mastracci also says pickups are a danger on the highways, which is true for a texting-while-driving Prius operator who collides with an F150. 

Not a bad read. Gives an overview of what progressive Democratic liberals have in mind for anybody who believes in independence and responsibility.

Gunfreezone says: This is coming to the US.

They will try to ban your pickup.

At which point I will convert mine into a technical, because fuck you.