Wednesday, February 27, 2019

An anniversary of Stalinist terrorism

By Neil Hauer

Seventy-five years ago this past Saturday, Soviet NKVD and Red Army soldiers, acting on the orders of General Secretary Josef Stalin, began Operation Lentil, also known in the region as Aardakh.

Stalin had ruled that the entirety of the Chechen and Ingush populations were traitors, collaborating with the Nazi soldiers that had invaded the Soviet Union but never reached the Vainakh lands. Nearly half a million people were loaded into industrial railcars and shipped off from their ancestral homeland, bound for Central Asia. Within a year, more than one-third of them would be dead.

Stalin’s goal was not to eliminate the Vainakh: it was to erase them. They would not be rounded up and shot, but sent far from their homes.

Joe has it right

I wonder how many of the "brilliant", remake-the-world socialists ever owned a dog? Not just owned a dog on paper but cared for it and trained it and lived with the results?

I would guess that very few have. They would be wiser and their ideas would be more grounded in reality and less rooted in fantasy and ideology.

Link at knuckledraggin

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

EC admits (not publicly) Hungary correct on EU immigration plans

From Zoltan Kovacs, Hungary’s state secretary for international communications and relations.

“The commission has admitted that migrants staying in Greece receive bank cards, so far costing 110 million euros, he said. It has also 'confessed' to a desire to strengthen border guard units controlled from Brussels, Kovács added, noting a comment by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that this could only work at the expense of national sovereignty.

“Meanwhile, whereas the commission has not been mentioned in the EC resolution, the EP is intent on increasing funding for NGOs by 570 billion in the next financial cycle, Kovacs said.”

The atrophy of physics

“You'll notice physics began atrophying right about the time it became Big Science with grants and other government support.

With a survey of modern appliances and necessities of society and civilization, the basics of which were invented mostly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Most physicists, then, are comparable to modern Broadway and film producers, incapable of developing new ideas. This century will be marked by lassitude and ignorance. Except where President Trump is concerned.

Man/woman (whatever) accused of burning down its own home

Fire killed five pets. “Transgender activist” wasn’t getting enough attention, police say.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

In the Texas-Oklahoma Bridge War of 1931…

…Oklahoma Gov. “Alfalfa” Bill Murray sent a Durant infantry company of the Oklahoma National Guard to the bridge.

Texas Gov. Ross Sterling sent three Texas Rangers.

Merkel supports anti-Orban campaign

“BERLIN (AP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that the head of the European Union’s executive branch has her full support in the face of a new Hungarian government campaign alleging that EU headquarters has purposely weakened the bloc’s external borders to let in more migrants.
“The campaign by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, launched ahead of European Parliament elections in May, has added to long-running tensions between Budapest and Brussels.
“Government posters featuring EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Hungarian-American financier George Soros have recently started appearing in Hungary and in the country’s newspapers and magazines.”

British student suspended for remarks against Muslim practices

“The University told Walsh he could return to his social work studies in September if he signed a good conduct agreement and agreed to undertake a diversity training course.
“However, he is refusing to bow down. ‘Freedom of speech is a human right and I am determined to stand by this.’”

EC officials ramp up opposition to Hungary’s PM

One-Europe rulers in Brussels make alleged Russian interference in US campaigns look amateurish.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Swedish man says Somalis ‘lazy,’ fined almost $800

A 70-year-old man who recently was prosecuted for writing that Somalis are lazy and don’t work, has now been convicted of the crime in Sweden.

It is “derogatory to the group of Somalis’ reputation” according to the District Court.

The man, who lives in western Sweden, wrote in connection with a Facebook post that linked to an SVT article, which stated that only one out of five Somalis have a job, that “no Somali can work they are the laziest people in this world”.

The verdict came last week. The man was convicted of hate speech by a unanimous District Court, and ordered to pay 60 daily fines of SEK 120, totaling SEK 7200 (700 euro’s).

For a remark to be classed as hate speech, it must express misconduct of a group of people, and regarding this the District Court writes: “For a message to fall under the term ‘misconduct’, it is sufficient that a statement about, for example, a certain ethnic group is derogatory to the group’s reputation. Even statements that are ridiculing towards a particular group of people are almost always included in the provision.”

The District Court believes that the remark on laziness cannot be perceived in any other way than as “derogatory to the group of Somalis’ reputation. It does not express any factual criticism and the purpose of it does not seem to have been to contribute to a constructive debate.”

The article that the man commented on states that only one in five Somalis have a job in Sweden.

Other studies show that only one in ten Somali women work.

Which means that no matter what the District Court thinks about the matter, it is a fact that Somalis residing in Sweden are significantly not the hard workers native Swedes are.

Was a time when Liberals said, “Hey, let’s be like Sweden! Swedes have free education and free medical care!”

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

All you need to know about Meghan Markle

Person Who Produced Nothing, Married into Wealthy Royal Privilege, Now Declares Her Self-Importance as a Misandrous, Hate Whitey Racist.

She wants to fix British universities by eliminating white male professors and bringing in more women and ethnic minorities, who, no doubt, will uphold British standards of education.

(The writer might have meant “meandrous,” which means “To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction.”)

Let her talk! Pay millions for more stupid!

(Yes, the following is satire. Today.)

NEW YORK – Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this weekend that the Electoral College should not be exempt from the push for free tuition to all colleges and universities.
“Students should have the right to attend any college they wish – tuition free – and that includes the Electoral College,” Cortez told a town hall crowd. Democrats in the audience cheered her proposal. “Of course, I don’t, like, really know how things actually work in the real world.”
Hillary Clinton has called for the Electoral College to be torn down. Cortez disagrees. “I’ve never known anybody who attended the Electoral College, but I’m sure it’s a nice campus. Those who teach there probably love their jobs. We just need to make it more accessible to more students. Free tuition will do just that.
Cortez admitted she didn’t even know in which state the Electoral College was located. “One thing I do know, is that student debt is making slaves out of college students. And that’s not right.”
Speaking of Hillary, she and husband Bill announced today they’ll be going on a tour in the coming months, including stops at college campuses. And yes, a stop at the Electoral College is on their itinerary.

‘Madness,’ Bill Gates calls wind/solar plans

“There is no substitute for how the industrial economy runs today.”

Future Democrat voters trash border areas

“The collection and disposal of waste in remote areas along Arizona's 370-mile border with Mexico poses difficult challenges. An estimated more than 2,000 tons of trash is discarded annually in Arizona's borderlands. A variety of federal and state government entities, Native American tribes and private landowners are affected by the problem, and addressing it requires extensive coordination.

“The environmental impact caused by illegal immigration, and the trash left behind, is increasingly being found in areas that are more fragile and remote.”

This wouldn’t happen if we just opened the border. (Sarcasm.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Why the railroads we have are good enough

The United States does not need and cannot afford a coast-to-coast, border-to-border high-speed rail system.

“Warren Meyer makes the case against high speed rail, at Coyote Blog: "The US rail system is optimized for freight, vs. European and Japanese systems that are optimized for passengers. It is hard to do both well with the same network. The US situation is actually better, much better, for energy conservation.

“The average Amtrak passenger car apparently weighs about 65 tons (my guess is a high speed rail car weighs more). The capacity of a coach is 70-80 passengers, which at an average adult weight of 140 pounds yields a maximum passenger weight per car of 5.6 tons. This means that just 8% of the fuel in a passenger train is being used to move people, the rest goes into moving the train itself.

“Now consider a freight train. The typical car weight 25-30 tons empty and can carry between 70 and 120 tons of cargo. This means that 70-80% of the fuel in a freight train is being used to move the cargo.

“People who insist we have a national high speed rail network are a lot like anti-gun people, they misunderstand what little they know. Paying passengers largely abandoned passenger rail service sixty years ago, and it was unprofitable before then, outside the dedicated tracks serving the densely populated DC-Boston corridor with its twelve million passengers a year riding about 2,200 trains a day. Most "high speed rail" elsewhere amounts to glorified trolleys running from a city to suburban towns.

“We have a rail network configured for freight trains topping out at seventy miles an hour, so a high speed passenger system would have to be built from the ground up, including bridges, tunnels and separation from roads and highways. When contemplating this, remember, major destinations in Europe are only a few hundred miles apart. A straight line about 1,500 miles long gets you from London to Moscow. In the US it only gets you from Boston to mid-Kansas.

“We made our choice when government built the interstate highway system and municipal airports while the railroads financed themselves, paid taxes and adhered to punitive regulations and labor laws, all with government mandated rate schedules. DC came to its senses at the last minute and realized the railroads were indispensable, collapsing and irreplaceable. The almost supernatural efficiency of steel wheels on steel rails saved them.

“I've driven long distances and camped out by the tracks to witness the biggest free show on earth. I've ridden European high speed rail too. It's impressive, classy and rightly envied. Passengers get a serene, rock steady ride while the scenery goes by like it's coming out of a fire hose, as does the money to pay for it. And by the way, the 'eminent domain' to get the necessary straightaways is all but incontestable in Europe, we'd employ every attorney in the country for decades before a mile of track was laid.”

Israeli spy boots intercepted by Hamas

Yep. Right up there with vultures spying for Israel in Lebanon, Mossad spy squirrels in Iran, Mossad-trained attack sharks in the Gulf of Aqaba.

“A Fatah breakaway group in the Gaza Strip claimed its members have intercepted a shipment of military boots equipped with ‘secret electronic tracking chips,’ that were on their way to market, according to a Palestinian news source.

Includes pictures of the super-spy devices!

No mamma, no daddy in France no more

Are kids now supposed to refer to their parents as No. 1 and No. 2?

By Emma R.

The French Parliament has voted to banish the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from official paperwork in the education system.

The new naming convention is aimed at ending discrimination against same sex parents but critics argue that it “dehumanises” parenthood and may lead to rows over who gets classified as ‘Parent 1.’

“This amendment aims to root in law children’s family diversity in administrative forms submitted in school”, said Valérie Petit, MP for the REM party of President Emmanuel Macron.

“We have families who find themselves faced with tick boxes stuck in rather old-fashioned social and family models. For us, this article is a measurement of social equality.”

“When I hear people say this is an old-fashioned model, I would remind people that today among unions celebrated, civil or marital, some 95 per cent are man-woman couples,” Conservative MP Xavier Breton said of the latest amendment, while fellow Conservative Fabien Di Filippo denounced the move as a “frightening ideology.”

Some headlines

And links.

‘Yale Holds Event to Help Women and Illegal Immigrants Find Jobs’

There are not enough women and illegals in STEM fields, Yale says.

‘UC Berkeley Prof Compares White Women Who Support Trump to Slave Owners’

Any woman who supports President Trump embraces “white superiority.”

‘George Washington U Debate Event Open Only to Women and Transgenders’

The event is sponsored by the George Washington University Parliamentary Debate Society.

Nice to know where women stand in the eyes of Progressives – with illegal immigrants, slave owners and transgenders.

You’ve come a long way, Baby.

Navy, Pentagon covered up fleet complaints

Navy ignored warnings about lack of training, too many missions, fleet morale. Seventeen sailors died.

“If you're an admiral in the Navy, … you may have to make that decision to send people into combat, and you better not have blood on your hands the rest of your life because you didn't do everything you could in peacetime to make them ready.” – Adm. Thomas Copeman

Why we got Andrew Jackson

T.R. Fehrenbach on the third wave of cross-Appalachian settlement: “The planter adopted, quietly, his pretensions to gentility; the strongly puritanical majority of the country studiously ignored the pretensions, and only became furious if they were flaunted in their faces.” – Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans

Those who take status unto themselves and are not shy about letting us masses know who is boss also led to the election of Donald Trump.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Last season for MacGyver

Feminization of the CBS TV show will lead to its demise.

Until this year, MacGyver’s man-woman character was three women, three men. Now, the ratio is four women and two men. A guess is, if the TV people could figure out a way to change the main character to a woman, that change would happen faster than you could say “Hollywood idiocy.”

Every time some TV show makes changes to fit the present “gender” type, I am reminded of “The Forever War,” in which William Mandella and Marygay Potter return to Earth to discover there was a time when homosexuality was mandated for all of the planet’s population.

As soon as Progressive Leftists get rid of Christians, Muslims and true conservative Jews, the word will go forth and all heterosexuals will be converted. In “The Forever War,” that time led to execution of heterosexuals who refused conversion.

Tell me it is not happening.

3,500 acres to house 1.8 million solar panels

Want one of these next door?

Massive areas of solar panels will become more normal as urban-based companies lie to county and city officials about money coming in, even as the same companies ask for tax breaks. Government officials want to be seen as progressive, protecting the environment against … something.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

When people stop shooting at each other

Impressions from a visit to Vietnam.

·         Vietnam is not a rich country, but it cannot be said to be a poor country. People today are well-clothed, well-fed, and mostly employed. They live in small, but substantial houses. There are lots of late-model vehicles on the road and relatively few old ones. While there are some desperately poor people, there is also a thriving middle class (which includes blue collar middle class).

·         It is the most entrepreneurial place I have ever visited, beating Texas by a country mile. The place is filled with small businesses, street vendors, and manufacturing shops employing 10 or fewer people. Everyone seems to have a hustle or a side hustle (that they run in addition to their day job) or both.

·         There is a middle class. Vietgirl’s family included the following: a district manager for a pharmaceutical company that covers much of central Vietnam, a used car salesman, a long haul trucker (drives 18 and 22 wheelers), an IT technician, several teachers, and a minister.

·         If you were to ask for an analog, I would say Vietnam reminds me a lot of what the US was like between 1890 and 1910. There are major companies, but most people seem to aspire to become a boss/business owner rather than an employee. There are lots of small-holders and lots of people living in small houses or townhouses.

·         Everything is built on a smaller scale than the U.S. A typical house is three story with two (or maybe three) rooms per floor. I stayed at a 12-story hotel which had three or four guest rooms per floor. Streets and highways are narrower than in the US. A four lane roadway is a major artery.

·         The place is walled up. Virtually every place I visited, business or residential, had a fence around the property. Not the six-foot privacy fences you see in Texas, either. These were repel-the-borders barriers. There was a gate or grating that would be pulled across the entryway. Steel barriers, folks. When I asked why, they said it was because of crime, even though none of the people I talked to had been victims of crime. All of them related tales told to them by friends about crimes against friends of theirs. But no one knew of a victim of a crime personally. The attitude is not really much different than Texans who keep firearms in their homes to protect themselves from crime. The proactive approach discourages crime, keeping crime rates low enough that outsiders think the locals appear a tad paranoid.

·         The Vietnamese live closer to the sources of their food than do Americans. Lots of people in towns raise chickens for meat. There are rice fields and sugarcane fields intermixed with the town. (The fields are typically small, five acres or less.) I even saw cattle grazing by the roadside in towns. They know where their food comes from, and do not understand why folks in the US treat food animals as pets.

·         Transportation is a zoo. Vietnam’s roads are traveled by everything from 22-wheelers (an 18-wheeler with a third axle on the trailer) down to bicycles and bicycle-powered pushcarts (the back half of a bicycle attached to two-wheel carts). And they all travel down the same roads at the same time, and view traffic rules as strictly advisory. It is not unusual to see vehicles on the wrong side of the road. It is also pretty typical to see everyone ignoring lane markings. Once I saw three automobiles and three motorscooters abreast on a two lane road! Peril sensitive glasses are recommended for passengers.

·         The most ubiquitous vehicle on Vietnam’s streets is step-though motorcycles – the old “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” scooter, with floorboards, lots of sheet metal on the body, and normally a seat that lifts up for storage. Everyone seems to have one (although the rebels have standard motorcycles). You can store your groceries on the floorboard for the trip home. A common sight is three to five people on a single scooter, with the first two adult passengers riding pillion behind the driver and the first kid standing on the floorboard ahead of dad, and a second on the handlebars. Another common sight is Madam Librarian on a scooter – an obviously professional woman with perfect posture, back straight, arms held just right, and her feet sensibly flat on the floorboards.

·         Vietnam has rednecks, Bubbas, and good-ol’-boys. They look a little different than their American counterparts but behave virtually identically. Vietgirl’s trucker uncle is the spitting image of the US trucker. He smokes like a chimney, drinks beer on his days off, and if he likes you, you are his best friend forever. When I went into a cafe with Vietgirl’s father, there were a bunch of factory workers having refreshments after their shift (beer, tea, coffee) – just like US good ol’ boys. (They too, were smoking, ignoring a “no smoking” sign. When we walked in, they wanted to talk with us, because I was obviously a foreigner. Each one shook my hand asking where I was from. Texas? Houston? They were delighted. They ribbed me about being Buddha (because of my belly), and when I slapped my belly, agreeing, they became friends for life. I am comforted by the thought that there are so little real differences between cultures.

·         I should also note the Vietnamese are friendly, friendly people.

·         Donald Trump is popular in Vietnam. They love the slogan “Make America Great Again” because that is what leaders are supposed to do. They thought “Stronger together” was the type of slogan a lying bureaucrat would use.

·         The Vietnamese also love Americans, and clothing with US themes is popular. I often saw Vietnamese wearing US patriotic clothing (These Colors Don’t Run) or anything with English slogans on it. Part of it is they respect us as fighters and see a strong United States as their bulwark against China. Part of it is Americans are friendlier than Chinese. But they do like us.

·         The Vietnam War has achieved the same stage of nostalgia in today’s Vietnam as the U.S. Civil War had reached by 1900. Vietgirl’s family had members participate on both sides. Today it is more something they reminisce about than fight over.

The writer speaks of South Vietnamese. Northerners think Southerners are lazy spendthrifts. Southerners say their Northern brethren have no sense of humor.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rats, fleas at City Hall; employee gets typhus

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Salem, Seattle, San Francisco also seeing rat-borne diseases.

Also in San Francisco: “It’s nasty seeing people shoot up — right in front of you. Police don’t do anything about it! They’ll get somebody for drinking a beer but walk right past people using needles.”

Monday, February 11, 2019

Washington State catching up with California

With regards to loony laws.
Washington State is poised to become the first state in the Union to allow “human composting,” or the “accelerated conversion of human remains to soil.”
Senate Bill 5001, titled “Concerning human remains,” would allow for human composting, also known as “recomposition” in Washington, local KIRO-TV reported.
According to the bill, human remains “means the body of a deceased person, includes the body in any stage of decomposition, and includes postreduction human remains.”
“There’s really only two options for when we die: cremation and burial,” said Katrina Spade, a human composting advocate and CEO of Recompose, the company hoping to become the go-to firm for human composting in Washington if it becomes legal.

Back to the land!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Yeah, that excuse will play well with a judge

Woman arrested for throwing rocks at police: “I can’t remember it. I had drunk vodka, Bailey’s, Gold Tuborg, and had smoked hash,” she is reported to have said at preliminary hearing.

14th century sword found in Danish sewer work

Blade 36 inches long, sword is 44 inches overall.

This style of sword was in use as early as the 12th century through the early 15th century. Museum archaeologists have been monitoring the municipal sewer excavations, documenting the stratigraphy of Aalborg. The sword was found in a waste layer on top of the street’s oldest paving. Previous findings in that layer date to the 1300s, which is the basis for the preliminary dating of the sword.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

For them wot appreciates Hungarian sausage

Sixteen from Hungarian village of Sajovamos (population 2,100) make sausage 2,431 meters long. Village hopes to make Guinness Silly Records list.

It’s okay; these are professional truck drivers

That means: Stay out of their way.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Too many to count

Democrats who sexually harass or assault and then move on to another job with high-ranking Democrat politicians.

Not only the Virginia folks. Enablers include Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Beto O’Rourke, Sheila Jackson Lee, Bernie Sanders, Bill de Blasio…The list goes on. And on and on.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Danish Jehovah’s Witness sentenced to six years in prison

Russian law brands denomination as extremist.

“Isolated from other denominations and seen by other Christians as distorting the Bible, almost no one has come forward to support the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Others might agree with the Russian designation, but if they can do it to one, they can do it to all.

Camel in the snow

Fair trade?

Europeans to Native Americans: Smallpox, measles, mumps and other diseases to which the providers were immune. Killed a bunch of people in a short period of time.

Native Americans to Europeans: Syphilis, rheumatoid arthritis and tobacco. Killed a whole bunch of people over longer period of time, still kills today.

Go, Democrats, go!

Don’t stop thinking about 2020!

The Red Progressive Socialist Democrats offer “a growing field of candidates whose only chance to outshine each other is to publicly pimp infanticide, collectivization of the population and every other revolting and insane communist wet dream that will definitely not, as they say, play well in Peoria.

Keep talking!

You can't fix stupid, but it can be a Democrat running for president.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

First they came for my guns...

 …now they’re taxing my water.

A new bill calls for the creation of local or regional storm water utilities, giving local counties and municipalities the power to collect a tax from properties with large paved surfaces such as parking lots, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

That’s businesses and homeowners.
The bill passed in the Senate and the Assembly and is now headed to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk.

It isn’t the hand grenade in chips that’s strange

Rather that French potatoes are sent to China to be made into chips.*

From Hong Kong:

‘Bomb disposal officers called out to defuse explosive after startling discovery in batch of potatoes from France’

Rachel Leung

“Hong Kong police on Saturday defused a wartime grenade at a potato chip factory after the explosive was found among a batch of fresh potatoes imported from France.

“The device was believed to have been buried in a field where trenches were dug in the first world war, and later accidentally uncovered with harvested potatoes, packed and shipped to Hong Kong.

* And the China-made chips are exported to the United States. The US should not import food.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dark moment from BBC

From the BBC: “Understanding when we first developed the capabilities to kill at distance is therefore a dark, but important moment in our story."

That is, it was a dark day when our ancestral humans learned they could kill animals farther than an arm's length away. A guess: If our ancestors had not learned to kill food "at distance," we might not be here.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Schizophrenia, violence and cannabis

Almost everything you think you know about the health effects of cannabis, almost everything advocates and the media have told you for a generation, is wrong.

Nothing is as claimed.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Finally, an alleged answer to an alleged crime

After three days, Georgia news outlets finally spell out the contents of a video labeled “encroachment of the personal privacy” of MP Ekaterina Beseliya.

Here is what the news people had not said: “alleged sex tape leak.” The statement begs the questions: (1) Was the tape allegedly leaked; or (2) was the leaked tape about alleged sex?

Whichever, the Interior Ministry arrested/detained/apprehended 16 people for “circulating the video recording through social networks and mobile phone applications.” Previously, had the number arrested at 17.

The tape leaking is part of ongoing political in-fighting in the Caucasus nation, related to what called “the 2016 sex tapes scandals” and is related to appointment of Supreme Court Justices, MP Beseliya has said.

Well. Alleged sex scandals, supreme court appointments and politics. Who would have figured?

Greek ship found 2,000 meters beneath surface of Black Sea

In the depths of the Black Sea, more than 80 kilometers (49 miles) off the coast of Burgas, Bulgaria, an ancient Greek merchant ship, resembling paintings of the vessel used by Homer’s Odysseus, was recently discovered by an Anglo-Bulgarian research team.
From carbon dating, the ship is thought to be over 2,400 years old, making it the world’s oldest ship ever found that is still intact. The vessel measures 23 meters long (75 feet), and its rudder, rowing benches, as well as the contents of its cargo hold remain preserved despite being two dozen centuries old.

(The story is more than three months old, but I became aware of it only today.)