Thursday, November 30, 2017

African countries agree with Hungary FM on immigration

“Szijjártó told the summit that Hungary understands if some European countries want to become immigrant countries but it does not belong to them.

“’Hungary wants to remain Hungarian. We do not want to become an immigrant country. For this reason, we firmly oppose all European decisions that even slightly encourage migration from Africa or from any other direction,’ he said.

“Szijjártó met the prime minister of Ivory Coast and the foreign ministers of Egypt, Libya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Botswana and Niger. Several countries share the Hungarian position and are willing to cooperate, he said. For security reasons, African countries oppose masses of people crossing them and it is also against their interest that a significant part of their best workforce leaves, he added.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Central Europe to Brussels: Keep immigrants in your house

"The majority of central Europeans oppose the European Union’s migration policy and more people in the region support Hungary’s policy than oppose it, a recent survey by Nézőpont Institute said. The survey prepared in eleven countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia, showed that 74 percent of respondents consider European policies bad for Europe. Hungarians and Slovaks are especially opposed to migration from beyond the continent, with 89 percent holding a negative view. Czechs and Bulgarians follow, with 88 percent and 80 percent opposed respectively. Even 63 percent of Austrians and 58 percent of Germans said migration is, on balance, bad for Europe rather than positive."

German lockstep

“It was clear as far back as 2006 when oil prices were skyrocketing that Russia planned to rearm. Despite this, Germany continued to disarm and unarm. And by 2015, Britain saw the EU for what it was becoming – a Franco-German alliance with deep interests in telling local merchants in Barcelona to do things the way they were done in Bavaria. The EU regulations set how many paper towels could be used in a public bathroom or which diesel cars met EU standards (answer: German). Germany was calling the shots in public and behind the scenes whether you lived in Leyden or Leicester. The EU could not challenge the one nation that generated all the positive export balance for the EU in total. The EU needed Germany and Germany knew it. It alone still manufactured things that could be sold around the world.”

Link at

When France and Germany both want to run Europe, nothing good happens.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Unbanking terrorism

By Ari Lieberman

“Mohammed al-Ghoul had no idea that loading cash-stuffed, leather suitcases into the trunk of his sedan would be one of the final acts of his life. Al-Ghoul was Hamas’s money man, responsible for distributing cash to the terror group’s members.

“It was August 24, 2014 and the Gaza War wasn’t going well for Hamas. The Israeli Army (IDF) was wreaking havoc on the terror group, systematically knocking off its field commanders with unprecedented intelligence and accuracy. Hamas terror tunnels, some of which had taken years to construct, were being uncovered and destroyed by the IDF while the terror group’s rocket arsenal was dwindling rapidly.

“But of even greater import for Hamas was the fact that its operatives weren’t getting paid. Some of its members hadn’t been paid for a month. Those that weren’t killed, wounded or captured began contemplating desertion. It was an untenable situation for Hamas.

“Wiring money to Gaza wasn’t an option. Banks were on notice that wire transfers to the terror entity was a venture that carried high risk and little reward. But al-Ghoul had a plan that would provide a lifeline for Hamas.

“Thirteen million dollars, secured from a friendly Muslim country, would be wired to the account of a moneychanger in Sinai. Once the moneychanger received confirmation that the funds were safely in his account, he would give a courier the cash. The courier would then smuggle it into Gaza via one of the many smuggling tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip to northern Sinai. Once in Gaza, the cash could be distributed to the fighters to stave off sagging morale and desertion.

“Everything went according to plan. The courier delivered the cash to al-Ghoul, who along with his bodyguards began loading the trunk. Unbeknownst to al-“Ghoul however, Israeli intelligence had been monitoring the entire sequence of events.

“Lurking beyond visual range was an IDF AH-64 Apache Longbow armed with Hellfire missiles. A missile struck home instantly transforming al-Ghoul’s vehicle into a ball of flame and the car’s occupants into smoldering corpses. More importantly, most of the cash vaporized or otherwise became unusable. Hamas was unable to pay its fighters. Forty-eight hours later, Hamas, after losing 1,000 of its men, agreed to a ceasefire without a single of its demands being met.”

Link at Maggies Farm.

And if you can’t blow them up, file lawsuits

“Lawsuits were brought against Iran, Syria, North Korea, the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Amman-based Arab Bank, the Lebanese Canadian Bank (LCB) and other entities based on variety of legal theories including the Anti-Terrorism Act, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, the Alien Torts Claims Act and even New York State tort law. Some of these lawsuits are still pending while others succeeded in extracting sizable sums from the defendants. Banks and other financial institutions suddenly became cognizant of the fact that doing business with terrorists could cost them a fortune and even bankruptcy. Other banks doing business with banks tainted by terror could also potentially be liable for damages as was the case with the New York-based American Express Bank, which acted as a correspondent bank for LCB and lost its jurisdictional argument.”

Same link.

All Western money-handling institutions know non-Israeli multi-million-dollar transfers from Middle Eastern sources are involved in direct or support operations of Muslim terrorist. But, hey, it’s only business.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hillary: What about meeeeeeeeeeeeee???

The former presidential candidate is soooo saaaaad.

Other Democrats are not asking her about their plans to run for president in 2020. How can that be?

‘Hillary Clinton: No One Has Asked Me For My Advice About Running for President in 2020’

Friday, November 24, 2017

Well, they tried

On a box of tissue in Korea:

Scent of a Woman

Your smiles twinkling with a brimful of sunlight,
Your lompid tone of voice likeas a dew,
With your sequestered song,
I feel very happy endlessly this moment now.
Like as a sky after rain,
In your fragrance hanging down from the brimful of sunlight,
Today, I feel every beautiful day again.

(So go blow your nose.)

Black Friday

That term has always had a negative connotation.

In history texts, the 1929 Stock Market Crash, Tuesday, Oct. 29, is referred to as “Black Tuesday.”

The Aug. 17, 1943, bombing of ball bearing plants in Schweinfurt, Germany, cost the U.S. Army Air Force 60 B-17s shot down, with 600 crewmen killed, missing or prisoner of war. More men were wounded or killed on aircraft that managed to return to England. Additional aircraft were so damaged that they were never flown again. The attack is known as “Black Thursday.”

Here in the U.S., though, “Black Friday” is supposed to be positive, since some ad agency three or so decades ago decided the day after Thanksgiving was “the busiest shopping day of the year.”

Well, some of us say, “Show me the numbers.” Prove the assertion.

Doesn’t happen. TV news shows somehow use Black Friday not only as established fact, but also as real news.

Eventually, people who descend on retail stores will figure it out – We’ve been had.

I have never gone out to buy anything the day after Thanksgiving. I hope I never do.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all the world's people

"Proclaim ye liberty throughout the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof." -- Leviticus 25"10.

AF colonel suspended for not knuckling to gay mafia in Pentagon

Col. Leland Bohannon, “who received the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan, is a devout Christian and has served in the Air Force for 20 years. But the colonel found himself slapped with an Equal Opportunity complaint after he declined to sign a certificate of spouse appreciation' and affirm the same-sex marriage of a retiring master sergeant. Bohannon, who was the commander of the Air Force Inspection Agency at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico at the time, said he was moving toward a promotion to one-star general before his suspension.”

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Georgian patriarch baptized 30,000 children since 2008

By Bradley Jardine

“To mark St. George's Day this week, the head of Georgia’s Orthodox Church (GOC) Patriarch Ilia II will baptize nearly 700 children in a mass ceremony. It will be the 51st such mass baptism he has carried out since 2008. And according to a new study, the Patriach's involvement has had a measurable, positive effect on Georgia's birthrate.”

Georgian anti-terror operative killed in firefight

By Bradley Jardine

“A counter terrorism operation launched by Georgia’s State Security Service (SSG) turned into a deadly firefight on the capital’s outskirts.

“In the early hours of November 22, a counter-terrorism unit of the SSG launched an offensive against what authorities called terrorist suspects in an apartment building in the Isani district, on Tbilisi's eastern edge. After negotiations broke down, the suspects began a fierce gunfight, according to the authorities, throwing grenades out the windows and injuring an SSG operative. The 41-year-old operative was later pronounced dead at 17:09 local time.”

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Underwater submarine battle

"On February 5, 1945, the U-Boat U-864 slipped from its quay in Bergen as it departed on a secret mission known portentously as Operation Caesar.

"U-864’s compartments were filled with key technology and resources that Nazi Germany planned on transferring to Japan. These included schematics and components for Jumo 004 turbojets to aid in the development of a Japanese jet fighter, and even two engineers from the aviation manufacturer Messerschmitt. There were also guidance components for V-2 ballistic missiles and two Japanese technical experts. U-864 also carried more than sixty-seven tons of liquid mercury, carried in 1,857 steel flasks. The mercury had been purchased but not entirely delivered from Italy in 1942, and was a key material for manufacturing explosive primers.

"Capt. Ralf-Reimar Wolfram’s mission was to sail the long-range submarine north around Norway, then across the Arctic Circle past Soviet territory to deliver the goods. Germany was only months away from falling, but Berlin hoped that the technology and materials would allow Japan to stay longer in the fight and divert Allied combat power."

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Well, obviously they’re racists

Euro-centric, nationalistic, belief in a homeland …

"Europe belongs to us, and we belong to Europe. These lands are our home; we have no other."

"The true Europe expects and encourages active participation in the common project of political and cultural life. The European ideal is one of solidarity based on assent to a body of law that applies to all, but is limited in its demands."

"The true Europe has been marked by Christianity. The universal spiritual empire of the Church brought cultural unity to Europe, but did so without political empire."

"Over the last generation, a larger and larger segment of our governing class has decided that its own self-interest lies in accelerated globalization."

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Chicago, take note

“The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating the parish's fourth murder this year after authorities said a 25-year-old Metairie man was shot dead Sunday morning. The man, identified by authorities as Anthony Fletcher, was found lying in a driveway in Destrehan.”

Her it is, almost December, and St. Charles Parish in bad, Old South state of Louisiana, has had its fourth (4th) homicide of 2017. St. Charles is in Southeast Louisiana, a couple of counties over from Mississippi. In the last 10 presidential elections, the parish has voted Democrat two times, in 1980 and 1996. Demographics of the 2000 census show the parish population as 72.4% white and 25.23 African American. About 9.3% of families and 11.4% of the overall population lived below the poverty level.

As of today, 609 homicides have been reported by the Chicago Police Department. The total for all of 2016 was 791.

From 2010 census figures, Chicago’s population was 2.695 million. That is a drop of about 1 million from the 1950 population.

Demographics from the 2010 census show: 45.0% White (31.7% non-Hispanic whites); 32.9% Black or African American; 28.9% Hispanic or Latino. Metro Chicago’s poverty rate in 2016 was 12.4%, down from 13.3% in 2015.

Comparing a rural Louisiana parish and big-city Chicago is not altogether apples and oranges, with one part of the country recording four (4) homicides and another with 609 … There must be a reason.

Flea market photograph believed to include Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett

Alabama attorney bought tintype for $10 in 2011.

Link at

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Central Europe threatened by EU ruling

The European Parliament ruled a month or so ago that Germany and Italy had taken in more than their “fair share” of immigrants, and that other countries in the union must accept some of those invaders. The EU ruling countries will tell smaller countries how many thousands the less-powerful nations must take in.

Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Austria don’t see things through glasses made in Brussels.

“Central Europe is the region the most threatened by the EU’s mandatory migrant settlement quota because immigrants must be directed to countries where the level of immigration is still low,” Gergely Gulyás, the ruling Fidesz party’s parliamentary group leader in Hungary said Sunday.

“Behind the Brussels decision were the various associates of US billionaire George Soros, and the committee’s vote was a key part of the implementation of the ‘Soros plan’, he added.”

2 California towns find new way to bilk citizens

Indio, Coachella hire outside attorneys to sue citizens, then lawyers bill residents for thousands of dollars for prosecution.

“An example of what happens when the government looks at you as a subject, and not a citizen.

“And also an example of why our second amendment rights are so very important. In these jurisdictions, it's clearly time for tar and feathers, or even more radical solutions. This is just outrageous.

“A couple of cities in the California desert have found a novel and remarkably cruel way to make money—force citizens to pay for the privilege of being prosecuted by the attorneys contracting with these cities.

"We've seen cities across the country abuse their own citizens—particularly its poorest residents and visitors—with vicious enforcement of petty laws designed to create a revenue stream via a cascade of fines and fees.

“But I don't think we've seen an enforcement mechanism as nasty and cruel as the one the Desert Sun has uncovered out in California's Inland Empire. The cities of Indio and Coachella partnered up with a private law firm, Silver & Wright, to prosecute citizens in criminal court for violations of city ordinances that call for nothing more than small fines—things like having a mess in your yard or selling food without a business license.

“Those cited for these violations fix the problems and pay the fines, a typical code enforcement story. The kicker comes a few weeks or months later when citizens get a bill in the mail for thousands of dollars from the law firm that prosecuted them. They are forcing citizens to pay for the private lawyers used to take them to court in the first place. So a fine for a couple of hundred dollars suddenly becomes a bill for $3,000 or $20,000 or even more.

“In Coachella, a man was fined $900 for expanding his living room without getting a permit. He paid his fine. Then more than a year later he got a bill in the mail from Silver & Wright for $26,000. They told him that he had to pay the cost of prosecuting him, and if he didn't, they could put a lien on his house and the city could sell it against his will. When he appealed the bill they charged him even more for the cost of defending against the appeal. The bill went from $26,000 to $31,000.

“TFRP = Tar, Feathes, Rope, Pole.”

Desert Sun story:

Link at

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Police viewing body cam video violates civil rights


Seems that if a police officer looks at video of what happened, facts could influence his initial written report.

So … Black Lives Matter and a whole bunch of other organizations demanded police use body cams in order to record “the truth,” but now for some reason, a po-leece looking at his/her own video might be influenced to write what really happened.

Link at

1997: Man reports car stolen

2017: Frankfurt police find car right where man parked it, but sort forgot where that was. Story does not say if theft report was during Oktoberfest or some other drunk German holiday.

Link at

Friday, November 17, 2017

Attacking a politician is not nice …

… but did the news maybe kind of inflate the incident?

Headline: ‘Tajikistan: Opposition Figure Attacked by Mob.”

Story: “Rahmatillo Zoirov, head of the Social Democratic Party, said on his Facebook account on November 14 that he was attacked by a group of two men and one woman while he was taking his dog for a walk.”

Perhaps inflation is so bad in Tajikistan that three people constitute a mob.

In Lotsee, Okla., you won’t see lots of people

The U.S. Census Bureau says the population of Lotsee dropped substantially between 2000 and 2010. From 11 to 2.

Yep. Lotsee has a grand population of two people.

“In 2010, the only residents were Lotsee Spradling, daughter of the founder, and her husband Mike. They have no plans to dissolve the town.”,_Oklahoma

Well, heck. Why should the town’s owner dissolve the town? It’s an inheritance.

“The entire town is a 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) family-owned cattle and pecan ranch, the Flying G Ranch, whose owner, George Campbell, incorporated it in 1963.” (Same link.)

Of course, a small population never stops federal bureaucrats from making determinations on racial makeup, per capita income, poverty levels and such.

From 2000 census figures:

“As of the census of 2000, there were 11 people, 3 households, and 3 families residing in the town. The population density was 576.1 people per square mile (212.4/km²). There were 3 housing units at an average density of 157.1 per square mile (57.9/km²). The racial makeup of the town was 27.27% White and 72.73% Native American.

“There were 3 households out of which 33.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, all were married couples living together, and none were non-families. No households were made up of individuals and none had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 3.67 and the average family size was 3.67.

“In the town, the population was spread out with 27.3% under the age of 18, 36.4% from 25 to 44, and 36.4% from 45 to 64. The median age was 32 years. For every 100 females there were 83.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 100.0 males.
“The median income for a household in the town was $152,338, and the median income for a family was $152,338. Males had a median income of $11,250 versus $51,875 for females. The per capita income for the town was $41,917. None of the population and none of the families were below the poverty line.”

Whoo, doggies! See that male-female income disparity? A man’s median income of $11,250, while a woman’s median was $51,875? Where are the protest marches?

Lotsee is a few miles west of Tulsa.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Some people just can’t think


‘Student excited dad got head job’ – The Daily Kansan.

‘One-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers’ – Tulsa World.

‘Lady Jacks off to hot start in conference’ – The Lumberjack, college newspaper in Nacogdoches, Texas.

‘Jets-Patriots jumphead goes herey barllskdjif fkdasd fg asdf’ – New Orleans Times-Picayune, so maybe it’s in Cajun.

‘Girls’ schools still offering ‘something special’ – head’ – This is Glouchestershire.

‘Utah Poison Control Center reminds everyone no to take poison’ – The Daily Utah.

‘Chick Accuses Some of Her Male Colleagues of Sexism’ – The L.A. Times. The “Chick” mentioned was Councilwoman Laura Chick.

’17 Remain Dead in Morgue Shooting Spree’ – The News and Observer.

‘Woman in sumo wrestler suit assaulted her ex-girlfriend in gay pub after she waved at man dressed as Snickers bar’ – Evening Herald.

(There are others, but they are just a bit too much to print.)

Outlaw at Fort Smith, Ark.

Here is a link to a picture of outlaw Belle Starr in Fort Smith, Ark., in 1886.,_Fort_Smith,_Arkansas,_1886.jpg

I can’t tell if she is wearing a Colt’s pistol or a Smith and Wesson.

Starr was born Myra Mabelle Shirley in 1848 near Carthage, Mo., and was shot to death two days before her 41 st birthday near King Creek, Okla. She reportedly was married three times, to Sam Starr, James C. Reed and Jim July Starr.

In 1883, Starr and her second husband were arrested by famed Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves on a charge of horse theft. Star spent nine months imprisoned in a federal jail in Detroit.

“On February 3, 1889, two days before her 41st birthday, she was killed. She was riding home from a neighbor's house in Eufaula, Oklahoma, when she was ambushed. After she fell off her horse, she was shot again to make sure she was dead. Her death resulted from shotgun wounds to the back and neck and in the shoulder and face. Legend says she was shot with her own double barrel shotgun.

“According to Frank ‘Pistol Pete’ Eaton, her death was due to different circumstances. She had been attending a dance. Frank Eaton had been the last person to dance with Belle Starr when Edgar Watson, clearly intoxicated had asked to dance with her. When Belle Starr declined, he later followed her. When on the way home, she stopped to give her horse a drink at a creek, he shot and killed her. According to Frank Eaton, Watson was tried, convicted and executed by hanging for the murder.

“However, another story says there were no witnesses and no one was ever convicted of the murder. Suspects with apparent motive included her new husband and both of her children, as well as Edgar J. Watson, one of her sharecroppers, because he was afraid she was going to turn him in to the authorities as an escaped murderer from Florida with a price on his head. Watson, who was killed in 1910, was tried for her murder, but was acquitted, and the ambush has entered Western lore as ‘unsolved’".

Starr’s relatives were Confederate guerrillas, or terrorists, depending on definition.

To Choctaw and Cherokee: Let my people go!

“Freedom had already come to Ft. Smith by late 1863, when a combination of abolitionist activities, and the occupation of the Ft. Smith fort by Union soldiers, occurred, and many once enslaved black people inhaled their first breath of Freedom. In nearby Indian Territory--in both the Cherokee and Choctaw Nations, many men got the word that if they could make their way to either Ft. Gibson, or Ft. Smith---they too, would be free. Some took their chance and escaped, mostly in the dead of night. They would eventually find their way to the Federal line---and if able bodied, they enlisted.

“After the war, many wished to return to Indian Country---but several indicated that they had been prevented from returning----as slavery had not yet ended.”

A treaty signed in 1866 ended slavery in the Indian nations.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

‘Kyrgyzstan: Sheep Sacrificed to Stem Car Crash Scourge’

“Local officials and religious leaders in southern Kyrgyzstan ritually sacrificed a sheep this week in the hope of stemming the persistent scourge of car accidents along the country’s highways.

“Their ceremony was only partly symbolic. An imam from the town of Toktogul, in the south of the country, said that as local administration officials handed out meat to passing drivers on the road from the capital, Bishkek, to the city of Osh, they pleaded with them to drive more carefully.

“’We gave meat to everybody that passed, explaining that the food was from God. We prayed so that everything would be well with these drivers and we urged them to pay attention on the road and to abide by the rules,’ the imam, Alipbai Boroshbayev, told”

Through October, 695 people died in car crashes in Kyrgyzstan, police said. In the same time period last year, 771 people were killed on the nation’s roads.

Bill would do away with 90% of lawyers

Azerbaijan amendments passed by parliament require approval of country’s president.

“Under the amendments, an estimated 8,000 registered lawyers stand to be barred from representing clients in any Azerbaijani court, leaving a nation of nearly 10 million people with only 934 registered legal professionals.”

One of two things happens: The country collapses, or it gets better.

Okay. A third possibility: “The amendments could turn out to be an attempt to bully independent-minded hüquqşünaslar* into submission, rather than legislate them out of existence. They also may constitute a test case in which Azerbaijan is pushing the boundaries to see how far western governments will permit Baku to stray from its international norms governing basic rights without facing serious consequences.”

Registered lawyers who have not passed the bar but who represent clients in non-criminal cases.

One more thing: Apparently, the government could not be reached for comment.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tanks, but no tanks

During the Allied summer 1918 counter-offensive: “Lieutenant J.M. Mackay was shooting at German infantry when they hit his Camel and he came down 300 yards behind the enemy lines. Making a dash for freedom, he met one of our tanks and got inside. Finding it to be going further into action he opened the doors at the side and hopped out again and, under sporadic rifle fire made off westwards, and eventually rejoined the squadron at Bertangles.” – Lieutenant Ronald Sykes, 201 Squadron, RAF, quoted in Aces Falling, by Peter Hart.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Caucasian sheep dog and Caucasian wolf

While both are canines, you get the idea the sheep dog would not be impressed if a wolf said, “Hey, Cuz.”

Link at

Gender and Thought Police take over Nashville TV news

“The suspect was transported to the hospital where they are in critical condition.”

Headline: “Buyer shoots seller trying to rob them during sale near West Nashville Kroger”

Here’s how it goes: The reporter doesn’t know which pronoun the robber prefers, “he,” “she,” “they,” “it,” “whatever,” so rather than possibly offend, insult or otherwise brand the robber, the reporter expels centuries of grammar and refers to the single individual as “they,” just as she (and I am making an assumption that “Kaylin Searles” is a woman (or “female” as is preferred by politicians, newspeople, educators and other right-thinking persons these days) refers to the buyer as “them.”

Link at

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Portraits of dead white guys will stay up, Yale says

“Yale College Dean Marvin Chun said that while he is very excited by the conversations about how public art around campus can reflect Yale’s mission, he is also committed to historical preservation.

“’In the case of portraits on display in the residential colleges, I think it’s important to keep them hanging, both for preserving the colleges’ histories and for honoring the intentions of alumni, fellows and friends who generously commissioned these portraits,’ Chun said. ‘The two goals of reflecting Yale’s community today and honoring its past are not mutually exclusive.’”

Some Yalies with big check books must have called and said, “WTF do you think you are doing?”

USA Today ‘clarifies’ chainsaw bayonet video

Well, sort of.

“USA Today replied to its video with the tweet, saying: ‘To clarify, the video shows both the shooter's modifications, as well as other possible modifications. The shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet.’"

Link at

But he could have added a chainsaw bayonet! It’s out there, for sale at your local gun store, along with all kinds of assault guns! We need laws against chainsaw bayonets!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hey, Kids! Be the first on your block …

… with a Chainsaw Bayonet for your AR-15!

That’s right! You can increase your killing power by a factor of 10 with the Ranko Chainsaw Bayonet!

Fits easily onto the bayonet lug!

No modifications necessary!

Comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

(Batteries not included.)

That other America


The election of 2016. A whitelash. Nazis. Slavery. The unthinkable. People are crying. Etc. and etc.

Rachel Maddow wanted to know if there was "a Doomsday Plan."

Why do these people still broadcasting their version of "news?"

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Former deans disappeared from Yale's Pierson College

Yale group decided to take down and store somewhere photographs of former deans to “prompt conversation on what it means to create common spaces where everyone has a sense of belonging and ownership.”

Hey, it’s Yale, a private school, and they can do whatever they want, but recognition of stupid apparently is no longer necessary at the Ivy League bastion of thought and education.

“The initiative comes amid wider conversations about how the abundance of images of white men around campus affect Yale’s inclusivity. During a ‘Popeyes and Public Art Study Break’ on Monday night, Pierson students will gather with Sam Messer ART ’82, associate dean at the Yale School of Art and chair of the Committee on Art in Public Spaces, to discuss what kinds of values, identities and accomplishments are important to honor in public art. During the event, students will also paint portraits of each other that will temporarily hang in the dining hall. For the time being, Davis said, the portraits of former heads of college will be mounted in the Pierson Fellows’ Lounge, and the college will soon create plaques describing the historical context of each portrait.”

Everybody gets his…their portrait painted and those will be hung, replacing the portraits of (dead white) men who founded the college that now is glad to pass out more and more Supreme Degree of Idiocy papers.

“Usha Rungoo GRD ’18, a resident Pierson fellow, said that she, as a woman of color, has ‘long been uncomfortable’ entering common spaces at Yale filled mostly with the portraits of white men and is glad that Davis has begun a conversation about diversifying public art. She added that she appreciates that the college community has opened a dialogue about the significance of traditionally underrepresented Pierson affiliates.” (Same link.)

“Usha is a 6th year PhD candidate in French Studies and African American Studies. Her work centers on postcolonial literature and culture, more specifically from the Mascarenes and the Antilles. Her academic interests include notions of space and cartography in literature as well as narrative experimentation and formalistic approaches to the novel.”

A “6th year PhD candidate.” Damn, that’s a long time to occupy space in college.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Havana, Arkansas

Havana is in northwestern Yell County, west of Little Rock, the state capital. In 2010, Havana’s population was 375.

Havana is the birthplace of three major league baseball players – Johnny Sain (1917-2006), James Elton Walkup (1909-1997) and James Huey Walkup (1895-1990). All three were pitchers.

Havana’s largest population was recorded in its first census, 621 people in 1910. The closest the town has come to that number was in 1940, when 449 people lived there.

Wikipedia says, “About 20.2% of families and 24.2% of the population were below the poverty line, including 39.1% of those under age 18 and 20.3% of those age 65 or over.” Those numbers are from the 2000 census. Median family income then was $27,500.,_Arkansas

Of the three major league pitchers born in Havana, Sain was the most notable, as a pitcher and as a pitching coach. In 1942, Sain pitched in 40 games for the Boston Braves. With military needs for men for World War II, Sain did not again pitch for the Braves until 1946, when he was 29 years old. His first year with Boston, Sain’s record was 4-7, with an ERA of 3.90. He started three games.

In 1946, Sain posted 20 wins and 14 losses, and had an ERA of 2.21. He won 20 or more games in 1947, 1948 and 1950. In addition to Boston’s Braves, Sain also pitched for the New York Yankees (1951-55) and Kansas City Athletics (1955). His overall record was 139-116, ERA 3.49. He started 245 games and completed 140. He was a good hitter as well, in his 11 years batting .245 and driving in 101 runs. He walked 24 times and struck out 20 times. Sain pitched in three All-Star games and in four World Series. He is buried in the Havana Cemetery.

James Huey Walkup was 31 years old when he made his big league debut in 1927. He pitched in two games for the Detroit Tigers. His record was 0-0, with an ERA of 5.40.

James Elton Walkup played six years in the majors, five years and part of a sixth with the St. Louis Browns (1934-39) and part of 1939 with the Tigers. James Elton finished with a 16-38 record and an ERA of 6.74. In 462 innings, he walked 260 batters and struck out 134. For those six years, he was paid $21,500. In today’s money, that would be more than $336,000, about $200,000 less than minimum pay for a 2017 major league player.

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Odes to Bob Gibson

“(Hank Aaron told me) ‘Don’t dig in against Bob Gibson, he’ll knock you down. He’d knock down his own grandmother if she dared to challenge him. Don’t stare at him, don’t smile at him, don’t talk to him. He doesn’t like it. If you happen to hit a home run, don’t run too slow, don’t run too fast. If you happen to want to celebrate, get in the tunnel first. And if he hits you, don’t charge the mound, because he’s a Gold Glove boxer.’ I’m like, ‘Damn, what about my 17-game hitting streak?’ That was the night it ended.”
—Dusty Baker

“Gibson was so mean, he’d knock you down and then meet you at home plate to see if you wanted to make something of it.”
—Dick Allen

“Between games, (Willie) Mays came over to me and said, ‘Now, in the second game, you’re going up against Bob Gibson.’ I only half-listened to what he was saying, figuring it didn’t make much difference. So I walked up to the plate the first time and started digging a little hole with my back foot…No sooner did I start digging that hole than I hear Willie screaming from the dugout: ‘Noooooo!’ Well, the first pitch came inside. No harm done, though. So I dug in again. The next thing I knew, there was a loud crack and my left shoulder was broken. I should have listened to Willie.”
—Jim Ray Hart

“I’m in the league two weeks, playing in St. Louis. [Bob] Gibson hits a double, I’m playing second base. I go over and say, ‘What’d you hit, Gibby, a fastball?’ And he stood there like this, not moving, not saying anything. So maybe I didn’t say it loud enough. ‘What’d you hit, Gibby, a fastball?’ Nothing. Now the inning’s over, my manager’s Fred Hutchinson, I went over and said, ‘Hey, skipper, let me ask you a question.’ He said, ‘What do you want, rook?’ I said, ‘Is Bob Gibson a deaf mute?’ He said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘I asked him what he hit, and he won’t talk to me.’ He said, ‘No, he don’t talk to the opposition.’ So the next day I’m out there early hanging on to the cage watching Groat and Boyer and Musial and Julian Javier. And Gibson comes out of the dugout. In those days there wasn’t fraternizing, and I’m watching batting practice. And he walks by me and says, ‘It was a slider, rook.’ It took him 24 f–king hours, but he talked to me!”
—Pete Rose

Tim McCarver once went to the mound when Bob Gibson was pitching and was quickly told to return. “The only thing you know about pitching is that you can’t hit it.”

“Barry Bonds? I’ll tell you what, if he hit a home run off Gibson or (Don) Drysdale and stood and admired it, they’d knock that earring out of his ear the next time up.” – National League Umpire Doug Harvey

One night Dusty Baker saw Gibson eating in a restaurant. His teammates encouraged him to walk over and say hello. “It’s OK,” they told him. “It’s away from the field. This is a good time. Bob will be happy to talk.” Then, while those teammates snickered, Baker and his wife walked over and, Dusty said, “Excuse me, Mr. Gibson.”
And Gibson looked up and without even a hint of a smile he snarled, “Why the *$*#&$* should I talk to you?” Then he looked past Dusty, to his wife, and said, “It’s very nice to meet you Mrs. Baker.”

Bob Gibson on Bob Gibson

“Have you ever thrown a ball 100 miles an hour? Everything hurts. Even your ass hurts. I see pictures of my face and say, ‘Holy shit’, but that’s the strain you feel when you throw. I had one of those faces you look at it, man, and say, ‘Man he’s an ass-hole.’ Could be, depends on if you pissed me off or not.”

“When I knocked a guy down, there was no second part to the story.”

“Why do I have to be an example for your kid? You be an example for your own kid.”

“I’ve played a couple of hundred games of tic-tac-toe with my little daughter and she hasn’t beaten me yet. I’ve always had to win. I’ve got to win.” Source: The Summer Game by Roger Angell

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The NFL pushing gun control ...

... makes as much sense as the league announcing it has a domestic violence policy.

The NFL makes it so easy to drop the hammer

Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers: “It seems insane to me that a citizen can buy something like that (meaning a gun),” concluding that a ban, “is something that is common sense.”

The 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles will be “making donations to push for a full federal ban of bump fire stocks, suppressors, and, ‘armor piercing bullets.’ The 49ers said that they would be partnering with organizations across cities like Oakland, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, New York City, and Portland to push gun control on both a local and national level. The nearly half-a-million-dollar donation would also be used for anti-gun public service announcements in those communities.”

(The story does not mention “Hundreds of Millions” as indicated by the headline, but NFL owners seem to see nothing wrong with pissing off a lot of fans.)

The funniest thing ever on Antiques Roadshow

The program was in Seattle several years ago. A woman brought what she said was a slave collar, given to her great-great grandfather during the siege of Vicksburg in 1863.

The Roadshow evaluator listened to the woman’s story and then said, “When I saw this, I racked my brain, trying to decide, ‘What is this?’”

His decision, reached after talking with other period experts was: “This is not a slave collar. It’s a dog collar.” The woman was shocked. The evaluator noted the collar was silver and that it bore the name of a known plantation owner in Vicksburg, but it was a dog collar.

And then the bombshell: “My colleagues and I have determined there is no such thing as a slave collar.”

Oh, but the Progressive Democrat Seattle resident was deflated. For lo these many years, she had been told a grateful black man, a former slave, had given as a gift to the white man who freed him, the collar he wore during his years of enslavement. Her look was probably the same as the night she learned Mrs. Clinton had been defeated, whipped, cast aside by enough votes from the Deplorables to make Donald Trump the top dog in town.

I laughed. And laughed.

It was on the internet ...

… so it must be true.

Last night while searching for information on Cossacks, I came across a site so unusual I failed to copy the address or remember the owner of the blog.

The writer said: “Last night there was a movie on TV – Fiddler on the Roof. It was about the Cossack revolt against the Tsar in the early Twentieth Century.”

Uh, I have watched Fiddler more than a half dozen times, but do not remember any part of the movie specified by the blogging dude.

Then he wrote: “I did not watch the movie …”

No kidding?

He had this to say: “The Cossacks hated the Jews because of what they had done to them when they were serfs.”

Let’s break that down into parts. First group, Cossacks. Second group, Jews. Both nouns. Now to the pronouns: First pronoun, “they,” should reference the first noun, “Cossacks.” Second pronoun, “them,” should reference the second noun, “Jews.” Third pronoun, another “they,” should reference … Another, not mentioned, noun? Cossacks? Jews?

For simplicity, we’ll say both uses of the pronoun “they” references Cossacks.

So, linguistically, the sentence says: “The Cossacks hated the Jews because of what the Cossacks had done to the Jews when the Cossacks were serfs.”

But that is not what the writer means, is it. He means: “The Cossacks hated the Jews because of what the Jews had done to the Cossacks when the Cossacks were serfs.”

I think that is what he means, but I am not certain.

Whatever his meaning, the writer is as wrong with that statement as he is saying Fiddler is a story of Cossacks in revolt against the Tsar.

The Cossacks hated the Jews because that’s the way things were in the early 20th century and had been since the first Cossacks formed in Russia and the first Jews arrived there.

It is the European way.

Friday, November 3, 2017

New Orleans Saints say veteran at fault for not accepting award

Retired Commander John Wells has declined an award offered by the New Orleans Saints. The Saints replied with a BS-loaded missive, to include a self-congratulatory acclimation of “unwavering 50-plus year commitment to honor, support and recognize our servicemen and women and veterans.” The football team flaks also try to shift blame to Cdr. Wells, saying, “We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans.”

Is that “honor and support” part of this?

Old dude had the biggest gun

"Whoever got the biggest gun and fastest will be boss when it is all said and done. ... In this case, it was me." – 81-year-old homeowner in Genoa, Ark.

The homeowner again: “I walked outside the door, and he was standing right there with a big pistol. I had my hand in my pocket on my pistol, and the battle was on."

(I’ve been to Genoa. It’s a few miles northeast of Fouke, through thick woods across a couple of swamps. People there take seriously family, property, and the means of protecting both.)

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

She’s lucky she lives in the bad old US of A

Somebody named Sally Kohn tweeted/twitted a picture of former President Obama with this message: “Once, this great human being was our president. We didn’t deserve him.”

Ms. Kohn, if this were one of those liberated socialist/communist countries, you would already be in a cancer ward or a mental ward. But this is the US of A, which, because of a bunch now-dead white men, decided we would not be like other countries. You, Ms. Kohn, are proof we do not imprison people for being stupid.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

When an 80-year-old woman with a gun says ‘Get out of my house’

Well, in Marion, Ark. …

“A woman shot a home intruder Sunday morning, killing the 19-year-old man, authorities said.

“The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department said ADT alarm company received a burglar alarm call at a house on Marion Lake Road at 3:31 a.m. Sunday.

“The alarm company made contact with the homeowner, who is in her late 80s and lives by herself. They called officers in Marion and Crittenden County, who responded.

“The woman told authorities she called out to the intruder who forcefully entered the home and ordered him to leave her home. She said he advanced toward her and that’s when she shot him in self-defense.”