Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I went looking for ‘unbiased news’

One post opinion: NPR, ProPublica, Al-Jazeera America, WaPo, Mother Jones. (Unbiased if you are a leftist environmentalist.)

Another: Wikinews, AlterNet, The Real News, Reuters, The Independent, BBC/PBS/CSpan. (Not even close.)

At unbiasednews.org is a pie chart: Breakdown of Trump supporters – 78% misinformed; 22% wear tin foil hats.

There are many sites discussing unbiased news and how there is no such thing.

We are doomed, I tell you. Doomed.

Homeowner truthful about weapon

Or, as This Ain’t Hell says: “It seems having an actual weapon is better than just saying you have one.”


Whole story here: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/homeowner-shoots-suspected-intruder-at-roseville-home

“According to the 29-year-old homeowner's wife, her husband heard a commotion coming from the detached garage and went to check on it. The woman said that once outside, her husband was confronted by an intruder who claimed that he had a weapon the homeowner pulled out his pistol and shot the man.”

Stop the presses! Stop the presses!

Breaking News: ‘Female Marines to Sleep Next to Male Marines in Field’

For real?

The story (four days old and from AP): “Female infantry Marines will be sleeping in makeshift shelters next to their male counterparts when out in the field and no special accommodation will be offered to them, a Marine Corps official said Thursday.”


The women Marines will continue to have separate quarters when not in the field.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Aye, there's the rub

Everything is within walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright

Like the nattering nabobs of TV news, everyday leftists talk only to each other

Watch TV news programs and you will see and hear the same people saying the same things to the same people, over and over. Leftist Progressives are the same. What you and I think, does not matter, because they are not talking to us.

So says the Z Man, and so it is.

“Their lunacy is not directed at the rest of us. They don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about what’s happening. Their public acts are about signaling to the rest of the believers. By holding protests and making fools of themselves in a public way, they are providing support for one another as they work through the disconfirmation. Like herd animals, they are huddling together in the face if danger. It is pure instinct.

“If they were left to sit alone at home, they would have no one around to help them through their doubts. These are people whose entire sense of self is dependent on the identity of the group, so getting out and ‘making their voices heard’ lets them focus on something other than the disconfirmation.” – The great disconfirmation.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why did someone bury 70,000 Celtic coins 2,000 years ago?

‘Last coins excavated from huge Jersey Celtic hoard’

“When Reg Mead and Richard Miles found the hoard after 30 years of searching the same field because of a story they’d heard from the previous landowners daughter, they only dug down to the surface of the mass of coins before alerting Jersey Heritage so the professionals could take over the excavation. With such a great quantity of coins corroded together, archaeologists dug the entire hoard out of the ground in a single soil block measuring 4.5 x 2.6 feet and weighing three quarters of a ton.”


The story does not conclude with “Why the coins were buried.” Rats.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Things were dull in 1909 Toledo

There are lots of people around the Hotel Boody, though.

Ah, the good old days. Water wagon in the next block. (Pay no attention to the horse piles.)


What were they thinking?

Wrong question.

Load, drop. Unload, drop. Do stupid stuff and go flying across a parking lot.

Warning: Pavement is hard.


Are these people contributing to the DNA pool?

Norman, Ark., used to be Womble

Norman is in Montgomery, in west central Arkansas. Ouachita National Forest surrounds the town. Norman sits on the northern bank of the Caddo River.

Norman’s peak population was 552, in 1910. The closest the town has come to that population was in 1980, when the census showed 539 residents. The 2000 population was 423. In the next 10 years, the population declined by 10.6%, to 378. Estimated 2015 population was 359. Demographics show a white population of around 95%. About 21% of families and 29% of the total population is below the federal poverty line.

At the southern end of town is a Caddo burial ground, “discovered by city officials, led by then-mayor Duane Cox, who protected it with a wooden fence. Recently, descendants of the Caddo added to the site a footpath and benches as well as plaques containing historical information regarding the living habits of Native Americans.”


As might be expected in a town surrounded by thick forest, “Norman’s early fortunes were tied to the lumber industry. However, by the 1930s, most of the prime timber in the area had been cut, and the mills began to move elsewhere.”


Trees all gone, no reason for mills to stay. A common occurrence in the 19th century. Lumber and railroads were tied together, with transportation needed for logs, and railroads in need of things to carry. In other parts of Arkansas these days, you will still find lumber mills and leading in and out of the mills are rail lines with cars filled with cut and planed planks and studs and beams.

A Facebook site titled “Things to do in Norman, Arkansas” links to The Original Caddo CafĂ©, but if you go there you will find “Closed Now.”

A few miles east of Norman is Alamo, listed as “a populated place within the township of Alamo” by


Alamo’s July 1, 2016, population was 172. The town had 89 housing units, with 24 vacant.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Where is Hillary Clinton?

Why is the former Democratic Party presidential candidate not talking about all of us, Democrats and Republicans, working together for the betterment of the country? During her campaign, Mrs. Clinton promised to work with all Americans. During the Obama years, Mrs. Clinton and other leading Democrats often had bad words for the Republican Party, which was accused of thwarting Democratic initiatives.

Is co-operation a one-way street?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Somebody said Hemingway didn’t drink when pounding the keys

Typewriter keys, that is.

Well, then, how to explain his “cocktail to be enjoyed from 11 a.m. on”?

“Take a tall thin water tumbler and fill it with finely cracked ice.

“Lace this broken debris with 4 good purple splashes of Angostura, add the juice and crushed peel of 1 green lime, and fill glass almost full with Holland gin…

“No sugar, no fancying. It’s strong, it’s bitter—but so is English ale strong and bitter, in many cases.

“We don’t add sugar to ale, and we don’t need sugar in a ‘Death in the Gulf Stream’—or at least not more than 1 tsp. Its tartness and its bitterness are its chief charm.”

(I haven’t tried it.)


Link at http://ace.mu.nu/

Good selling point for a house

Journeying around the webnet I came across a picture of a house for sale in a green forested area. The link sounded Philippino. I clicked. Sure enough, the house was in the Philippines.

The description listed attributes of the house: 3 bedroom, 1 bath, floors.

Things we take for granted, other people don't.

Do you want extra bullets on your pizza?

In Little Rock, Arkansas, Pizza Hut employees Nathaniel Carter, 24, and David Stricklin, 50, were making a deposit at the local bank.

“They were approached by Cornell James Drones, 35, and Anthony Michel, 40 who tried to rob the pair. Drones dropped his firearm, Cater recovered the gun and employed it shooting Drones several times. Drones fled in his vehicle and then collapsed nearby. He was pronounced DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.”


Carter not only disarmed and shot Drones, he and Striklin followed the wounded would-be robber to a truck stop, where the soon-to-be-dead dude stopped.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

If not for Israeli inventions …

…you would not be using your computer or driving a car, and quite possibly you would already be dead.


Link at http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/

So, if you want your city or your church or some company you own stock in to divest itself from Israeli investments, go ahead on with your bad self. Just remember this: You're fucked.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Get your story straight

I was scrolling through news channels and stopped at live video of three women with microphones on a stage. There was a pissed-off-looking black woman, a pissed-off looking white woman, and another white woman whose face was all “If you don’t have a vagina, you cannot possibly understand the shit I go through every day, and you are a dick.”

Well, yeah.

Angry women.

An in-screen box noted: “Hundreds attend anti-Trump protest.” Okay. But another in-screen box proclaimed: “250,000 marchers anticipated.”


Friday, January 20, 2017

Here is a company I really want to work for

‘How To Become A Stockbroker In Canada’

“Stockbrokers must have a background in finance or business, so getting a degree in those areas during post secondary (sic) is crucial. Like (sic) we listed above, paper trade while your (sic) learning to hone your skills, and learn as much as you can about the markets. While in college, contact firms for possible…”


The filmmakers left out: Proper grammar and punctuation not required.

In title: Long-standing rules say prepositions and articles are not capitalized.

“post secondary” should be “post-secondary.”

“Like we listed above…” Should be “As.”

Use of “your” two times in same sentence with different meaning for each. First “your” should be “you’re,” as in, “while you’re learning.”

If I were investing, I would insist my broker understands and uses proper grammar. I would insist on accuracy, too.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Coming to a GUM store near you

All these products were available to Soviet consumers, or so said the official books published by the official publisher (the State) and printed by the official printer (the State).


We in capitalist America had no idea workers and peasants had it so good.

The goods pictured were available between 1956-61, so the official (State) writers and publisher said. I would have liked to have had some of the toys.

Dannebrog, Nebraska

In 1871, a group of Danes living in Milwaukee decided to move south. To Howard County Nebraska. These new Americans decided to call their new home Flag of Denmark – Dannebrog.

Dannebrog reached its highest population in the 1920 census – 436 residents. By 1930, the population had dropped to 427. It has not neared the 1920 number since. The 2010 census showed 303 people, a drop of 49 since 2000.

Dannebrog has Columbia Hall, built in 1908 by the Danish Brotherhood of America as a meeting place for the Danish community. The hall is now a tourist center and has archives on Danish-American history.

Figures from 2010 show the town as 91.7% white. The average age was 42.5. Of the 303 people, 52.5% were men and 47.5% were women.

2000 census numbers showed 9.7% of total population living below the poverty line.

A while back, about 30 acres were offered for sale near Dannebrog. The asking price was $225,000. By Old Math, that is $7,500 an acre. Photos showed some trees, some corn fields, some grass and a few round bales. No house or barn or tractor shed.

Defending the castle

“A thief in Cleveland, Ohio tried to walk a victim back into his house at gun point when someone in the house busted caps on him. The criminal was pronounced DOT (dead over there) after he transported himself to the hospital.”


Fox8Cleveland says the dead dude dropped two handguns and ran away after he was shot. Two pistols, and he’s dropped by a good guy from the house. Ta-da.


(Picky: The good shooter was not one of the bad guy’s “victims.” Through a well-placed shot, he saved his friend and kept himself from being a victim.)

Waiting since 1945. Or maybe 1939

Poland’s Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz to 4th Infantry Division soldiers:
“We have waited for you for a very long time. We waited for decades, sometimes feeling we had been left alone, sometimes almost losing hope, sometimes feeling that we were the only one who protected civilization from aggression that came from the east."


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Armed Mom 2; thieves 0

“Allen Thompson and a friend tried to force their will on a family in Columbus, Ohio. When they started moving towards the children in the home, Mom, Jessica Robinson got her gun and opened up on the thieves. The criminals fired on the house as they fled the scene and Jessica returned fire. Both of the thugs were found wounded at the hospital by police.”


"I know there's a damn good chance we'd be dead right now if I hadn't grabbed my gun like I did," Robinson said. "My immediate life was in danger so I shot."


Link has photo of “alleged” bad dude. He should be banned from the gene pool.

Friday, January 13, 2017

‘For each free man you will find eight women’

So says the director of a Kazakhstan marriage agency, commenting on demographics in the capital city Astana.

Tatiana Logvinenko: “If among the men you take out those who are married, alcoholics, drug addicts, gay or in prison, well, in Astana for example, for each free man you will find eight women. And the figures are the same for the whole country.”

Logvinenko’s customers “come mainly from women aged 32 and over. Single women seeking husbands are typically highly educated, self-reliant and employed in good positions, but fated by their lifestyles to being without a family.”


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Waiting for California exiles? Who else would pay that much?

An internet ad for five acres in Bonner County, Idaho -- $114,000. By Old Math, that works out to be a whole bunch per acre. Selling points? The land has a shop that could be turned into a “tiny house” to meet the current HGTV-created craze. And … And, there is a house trailer that “could be moved or used for storage.”

Wait a minute! First, spending more than $22,000 an acre. Then, moving a perfectly good trailer. Then, turning a storage building into a house.

Whatever somebody wants to do with his money.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I’m with her and hopey change

What to say? HaHaHa, or Boo Hoo.

“It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs.”

More seasoned Clinton aides had tried to warn the younger generations who’d spent their whole adulthoods under President Obama that Democratic dominance wasn’t necessarily permanent.

“Never count on a Democratic administration,” Patel recalled being told. “I was like, ‘Oh, come on, this is gonna be great.’”


Link at http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/

Here’s a clue for you all: Often sucks, reality does.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Some things simply are not measurable or definable

“Physics works under a very clear framework. In order to determine the time evolution of a system, we need to state its initial conditions, the state of the system at time zero. This implies knowledge of the system at the beginning, something we obtain through measurement. In cosmology, that becomes impossible. We may restrict the initial conditions and the values of the fundamental constants given what we know about the universe today, but we can’t be sure that our conclusions are in any way final. The clues we gather today about the universe’s distant past can only give us a fragmented picture of what happened. The multiverse only pushes the issue of initial conditions to a higher level, without solving it.”


Mr. Marcelo Gleiser says string theory was to bring forth The Formula that would Explain Everything. Alas, first experiments on the European super-collider brought questions about the mere existence of the string makeup. Instead of one-universe-fits-all answer, “Physicists were shocked to find, instead of a single solution, a huge number of solutions—by some estimates, a 1 followed by 500 zeros, each a different twist in the extra-dimensional space, each generating a different universe.”

Mr. Gleiser mentions “First Cause” as a start point of existence. There was Nothing, then there was Everything. Physicists do not talk about the possibility of This Is The Way It Has Always Been. Not in public, anyway.

Nimrod’s theory was, “If we pile enough stones atop each other, we can reach heaven.” That didn’t work so well, either, although Scientific Consensus of the time said, "Of course!"

Link at http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Politicians give people $ to spend on politicians

You can’t make up this stuff; there you go again; something entirely different.

“Seattle politicians raised property taxes and converted part of the funds into city scrip that can only be spent on … Seattle politicians. And if voters don’t spend it on Seattle politicians, then the money ends up in the hands of … Seattle politicians. Even critics have to be impressed with a scam designed that efficiently.”


Link at http://americandigest.org/

This is called the Democracy Voucher Program. This site explains why the program is all peachy keen:



On some posts, I'm going to refer to myself as "Former Military Intelligence Analyst," because I am, and that seems to lend weight to writings, one identifying oneself as once having something to do with MI. We won't get into job details, like Russian forces have the capability to (CLASSIFIED), or U.S. intelligence spies on (CLASSIFIED) by (CLASSIFIED).

-- Former Military Intelligence Analyst

‘US intel report …’ Am I on the comics page?

“U.S. intelligence officials confirmed in a declassified report that a Kremlin-controlled media outlet ran programming critical of hydraulic fracturing to ward off challenges to Russia’s energy empire.

“Officials reported that RT, which they call the ‘Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet,’ ran ‘anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health.’”


Link at http://ace.mu.nu/

My gosh, we have oil “industry experts,” intelligence “officials” and environmental wackos on the same side? Well, they can’t all be wrong, so it’s obvious the Russians are … doing something.

RT TV was a daily check at my Arkansas residence, but Spectrum in Florida doesn’t have that network. RT, like Russia Insider is flagrant propaganda and anyone watching or reading has to understand that. It’s not like watching CNN, the world’s most trusted news network. (Sarcasm.)

These days, any mention of “intelligence officials” activates my BS meter, as does “climate experts” or “Middle East experts,” or almost any other “expert.” Politicians claim to believe and respect intelligence experts – when the experts agree with politicians’ opinions.

Check everything!

-- Former Military Intelligence Analyst (That would be this blog writer.)

Friday, January 6, 2017

A little Russian pushback on leftist British press propaganda

Russian sappers armed with bomb-sniffing dogs and robotic mine detectors clear unexploded ordinance from East Aleppo, or as Daily Mail sees operation -- “utter devastation.”


Russia Insider is flagrantly propagandist, but a little leveling is always good for the mind overwhelmed by Democratic/Progressive/Labour agitation.

Video link said it was five things I didn't know about the M-1 Garand

Knew that.
Knew that.
Knew that.
Didn’t know that.
Knew that.


Some Oklahomans and some Feds got in a tiff

Feds: You’re town is bigger than that.

Oks: No it’s not.

In 2000, the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture said the population of Hillsdale was 87. The federal census said the population was 101. More than likely, the feds won, but that hardly means Oklahoma agrees.

That state just north of Texas has a history of disagreeing with Washington, as did the people there before Oklahoma became a state in 1907.

In the War of Northern Aggression, 1861-65, the Five Civilized Tribes agreed with the Confederate States of America that the Federal government continued violating various Constitutional protections, and said Tribes – Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Seminole and Muskogee Creek went to war with the government to the Northeast.

Not having anything to do with war, but Hillsdale’s 2010 population was 121, an increase of 19.2% more than 2000.

Hillsdale’s population is 97% white, around 5% Hispanic or Latino and about 3% from two or more races. That’s 105%, which is a good confusion to federal numbers crunchers.

On poverty statistics, 14.3% of families, 16% of the total population and 20.6% under 18 subsisted below the poverty line. Those over 64 below the poverty line totaled 0%.

Hillsdale is in Garfield County, in North Central Oklahoma. It's a nice looking place, if you are into flat land and few trees.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hilarious Tweet and Russian hacking roundup

Poll: Majority of Democrats Think Russia Manipulated Vote Totals

chuck_in_st_paul • 3 days ago
"Majority of Democrats Think..."
awww come on now I KNOW that's fake news


Link at http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This sentence might have something to do with the Dr.’s outlook

“Dr. Pollard’s current contract shows that she receives a $281,000 salary with a possible five percent annual bonus. In addition, she has a $3,000 housing allowance each month for her home. All of her work-related travel plus her wife’s travel costs are covered.”

The story was about Dr. DeRionne Pollard’s salary and goodies as president of Montgomery College, “the biggest junior college in the state of Maryland.”

But one aspect of the sentence – “her wife’s” -- leads one to believe Pollard might not be a fiscal conservative.


Link at http://ace.mu.nu/

The Russians are hacking! The Russ … Oh.

Washington Post Admits Its 'Russians Hacked A US Utility' Story Was 'Fake News'


And – “Experts say the situation was made worse by a recent government report, which they described as a genuine effort to share information with the industry but criticized as rushed and prone to causing confusion. Authorities also were leaking information about the utility without having all the facts and before law enforcement officials were able to investigate further.”

A “recent government report” was “a genuine effort to share information” was also “rushed and prone to cause confusion.”

In newspapers, I knew writers who were convinced everything was a plot by somebody and believed their mission a genuine effort to share information. “I have documentation” was a phrase used before the conspiracist stated whatever outlandish claim followed.

The Washington Post is so ready and willing to point Republican election wins to a cause other than American voters that normal professional rules of checking sources is ignored or even unknown in the first place.

Link at http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/

Monday, January 2, 2017

A picture on the internet ...

... read "25 seconds left."

Thought #1: Until what?

Thought #2: Should I click it?

Thought #3: No.

I'm sure the picture was placed there by Russian hackers.

Take out the papers and the trash

When preparing a trash bag for removal from a trash receptacle, I tie the plastic ties with two granny knots to make sure the trash inside the bag will not fall out.

Apparently, I have been Doing It All Wrong.

My wife, upon seeing me tie the first granny knot: Don’t tie it like that. (She grasped the two plastic ties and lifted the sack from the can.) Do it like this.

Me: It’s not tied at all.

Wife: No, but this way if we need to put more trash in, we won’t have to bother with trying to untie those tight knots.

Me: Why would we want to put more trash in?

Wife: Because we might see something that needs to go in the trash.

Me: If it’s full, we can’t get any more trash in it. And if it’s not full, why am I taking it out?

Wife: It’s full enough.

Some things aren’t worth getting into an argument.

If you see this headline or blurb

'Russia Hacks U.S. Elections'

You are reading or watching fake news. CNN, MSNBC ...

‘ISIS seeking to launch mass-casualty chemical attacks in Europe’

Yeah, no doubt. If ISIS suicidy bombers had the chemicals to do such.

Not a headline from 1942: ‘Hitler seeking to nuke Leningrad, Moscow.’

Yeah, if he’d had nukes, he would have used them. No doubt about that.

ISIS and Adolph WMDs are in the same neighborhood as web sites that proclaim “If the Germans had had these airplanes for real instead of only on the drawing boards …”

Yep. And if the US and Britain had stopped bombing Nazi airplane factories and fuel facilities and chemical facilities and railroads and airfields long enough for the Germans to produce super weapons …

Story on ISIS: http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/ISIS-seeking-to-launch-mass-casualty-chemical-attacks-in-Europe-477132?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Link at http://directorblue.blogspot.com/

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Searching ‘Obamacare success stories’

But didn’t find any. The Facebook site is nothing but fear and despair pieces about how Trump and Republicans intend to end health care for 12 million Americans. Or maybe 12 million residents of the United States.


If you go to obamacarefacts.com, the first thing that pops up is “How to enroll in Obama Care.” Then there are stories (reportedly from users), a few good, some not so good.

Then there is http://http://www.acasuccess.com/ same as the Facebook site.

Motherjones.com has “a Huge and Undercovered Obamacare Success Story,” which I thought would be a “This is what happened to me” type thing, but wasn’t. Just numbers and opinion.


And then there is this: “Health insurance amounts to a guess about how much customers’ health care is going to cost in the long run, and in many states Obamacare health insurers guessed wrong.”


(The quote comes a little after blaming “Republican saboteurs” protecting insurance companies, so …)