Saturday, February 24, 2018

Truths on Muslim immigration to Europe

And common-sense recommendations to fix the problem.

Some truths: Other than lifting and toting, there are no jobs for the immigrants.

Immigrants will not be paid as much as they expect.

Almost all immigrants will refuse integration into European society.

Immigrants will live where previous tribesmen live, adding to criminal activity.

Solution to the problem lies in making policies inimical to socialist European governments.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reminds me of an American president

Earl of Derby, the Tories’ leader in the House of Lords and Disraeli’s predecessor as prime minister, delicately put it to Queen Victoria: “Mr. Disraeli has had to make his position, and men who make their positions will say and do things which are not necessarily to be said or done by those for whom positions are made.”

Yep. For far too long, we have had politicians "for whom positions are made." We are not yet at torch and pitchfork stage, but it is not too far away.

‘History is important and we’re losing it’

Jim Entrican, president of the Native Son of the Golden West in Elk Grove, Calif., on the city’s refusal to allow real, actual musket firing in Revolutionary War re-enactment.

“’They actually asked us if we can use wooden sticks, and can you see 12 men in full regalia and another 12 charging with wooden sticks saying ‘Bang bang!’ It just doesn’t have the same effect,’ he said.”

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Spring training and Druids

“(A)archeologists have discovered that sunrise at Stonehenge on that date aligns perfectly with home plate at Yankee Stadium.”

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I made a mistake or, ERROR! ERROR!

A few posts down, I wrote that Giants pitcher Joe McGinnity pitched three complete game double-headers in 1908. The year was 1903.

At graduation, will these people be as stupid as they are now?

The presence of white men students “makes women, alongside other LGBTQIA+ and POC members of our community feel inferior, unwelcomed, and outnumbered…”

Please notice the absence of logic and placement of hierarchy. By using the word “other,” women are equated with, but separate from, “LGBTQIA+ and POC members of our community…”

Also of note is that the proclamation quotes only women, with no one defined as LGBTQIA or a POC.

And now, I suppose, all people not specifically defined as white are deemed Persons of Color.

Monday, February 19, 2018

We Westerners are much smarter than I thought

That is, American, European and Israeli intelligence people.

Arab sources a few years ago said Mossad-trained sharks attacked tourists swimming in the Gulf of Aqaba near an Egyptian-run hotel.

Iranian intelligence claimed Israel and the U.S. sent spy squirrels into Teheran.

Hezbollah claimed large birds flying from Israel were spying on their camps in Lebanon.

And now (drum roll, please): ‘Iran accuses West of using lizards for nuclear spying.’

“The former chief-of-staff of Iran’s armed forces said Tuesday that Western spies had used lizards to ‘attract atomic waves’ and spy on his country’s nuclear program.

“Hassan Firuzabadi, senior military adviser to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was responding to questions from local media on the recent arrest of environmentalists.

“He said he did not know the details of the cases, but that the West had often used tourists, scientists and environmentalists to spy on Iran.”

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A baseball record that will never be broken

On Aug. 1, Aug. 8 and Aug. 31, 1908, New York Giants pitcher Joe McGinnity pitched complete game wins in doubleheaders.

Six games started, six games completed, six wins.

McGinnity’s record that year was 11 wins and 7 losses. Think about that. Six of his 11 wins came in three doubleheaders. That also was his last year in the major league. He was 37 years old. In 10 years, McGinnety won 246 games and lost 142, with a lifetime earned run average of 2.66.

Doubleheader feat at

Career statistics at

"Too many pitchers, that's all, there are just too many pitchers. Ten or twelve on a team. Don't see how any of them get enough work." - Cy Young.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

When Kosovo Christians disappear …

… people will say, “What happened?”

“Kosovo Albanians are trying to impose an economic blockade of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo, Russia’s OSCE envoy, Alexander Lukashevich, said on Thursday.

“’The Serbian Orthodox Church still faces mistreatment. Kosovo Albanians are trying to impose an economic blockade on it, to deprive it of its property and all means of subsistence,’ the Russian diplomat told a session of the OSCE Permanent Council.

“As an example, Lukashevich cited the controversies over the Visoki Decani monastery, which is designated by UNESCO as a heritage site in danger. Local authorities ignore various decisions, including court rulings, which confirm the monastery’s property right to the adjacent territory. In addition, he said, a monastery in Dakovica was recently besieged by radicals, and police had to intervene and deliver food and other necessities to nuns.

“Russia expects OSCE to step up its efforts ‘to counter the radical nationalism among Kosovo Albanians,’ the ambassador added.

When the US pressured other NATO countries to bomb Serbia, officials said to Muslims, “See? We are defending you. We are your friends.”

No global warming in Russia

“A Russian ship ferrying passengers from the Kuril Islands in the northern Pacific to the Sakhalin peninsula has been stranded in ice for days off the coast of Japan.

“The Igor Farkhutdinov cruise ship, carrying 127 passengers and 42 shipping containers, encountered thick ice in the Sea of Okhotsk, the regional government of Sakhalin said in a statement published Thursday.”

Sea ice is melting all over the world, so say climate change propagandists. You know, like in the Arctic, where polar bears are dying in droves, except no one has any proof, but why let facts stand in the way of money-grubbing so-called sience?

The TV game show Jeopardy climbed aboard the climate change railway this week, with two questions blatantly predicting the demise of a yellow frog and of polar bears, of which there are only "20,000 to 25,000" remaining in the Great North. No source given for either claim.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Pity the poor pitchers

In 1876, the National League of Professional Baseball played its first season. The league’s eight teams were: Boston Red Stockings, Chicago White Stockings, Cincinnati Red Legs, Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Grays, Philadelphia Athletics, Brooklyn Mutuals and St. Louis Browns.

Cincinnati had fielded a professional team since 1869, but history meant nothing to the rest of the league. The Red Stockings finished in last place in the league’s inaugural season, with a record of 9 wins and 56 losses. Yep. Nine (9) wins.

The Red Stockings had three starting pitchers that year – Dory Dean, Cherokee Fisher and Dale Williams. Each was victim of bad fielding, and maybe a bit of karma for the team's 65 wins, 0 losses season in 1869.

Dean was the team’s No. 1 pitcher, starting 30 games and completing 26. His won-lost record of 4-26 might have been a reason he never pitched in the major leagues after 1876. Bad pitching was not Dean’s main downfall. His earned run average was 3.73, but a total average, counting unearned runs as well, was 9.21. In other words, Dean gave up nine runs for every nine innings pitched. Bad fielding hurt Dean, with 159 of those runs unearned.

Fisher started 24 games for Cincinnati and completed 22. His record of 4-20 also indicates that the Red Stockings were not a good team. Fisher’s earned run average was 3.02, with 77 of his 202 runs earned. Or, 125 unearned runs. Fisher pitched one game for the Louisville Grays in 1878, posting an 0-1 record and a 4.00 earned run average. He pitched nine total innings that game and gave up 12 total runs.

Williams, the third starter, like Dean, played only the 1876 season in the bigs. Williams started and completed nine games. His record was 1-8, with an earned run average of 4.23. Of his 75 runs, 39 were earned.

Other pitchers for the Red Stockings that year included: catcher Dave Pierson (0-1 with an infinity earned run average – 2 earned runs, but he didn’t get any batters out); infielder-outfielder-catcher Amos Booth (0-1, ERA 9.31); outfielder Bobby Clack (0-0, ERA 4.50); and infielder/outfielder Charlie Gould (0-0, ERA 0.00.)

Statistics at

Are Scots civilized Irish?

“I once read an interview, I can't remember with who, it might have been with author Clive Cussler, who told of his grandfather's experience as a German soldier on the western front in WWI. He said something along the lines of ‘Well, the French were mediocre, the British bulldog tough, the Americans crazy brave, but when we heard bagpipes playing across no-mans land....we knew most of us wouldn't be coming back from the next attack’.”

Got stupid? There is no app for that

Internet inspirational thingy: “Never leave anyone who touches your soul more than you body.”

Maggie’s Farm has an answer:

The Facebook Aphasia Generation

“What a charming and inspirational message.

"I'm sorry, I was being pretending to be pleasant. As you know, I'm no good at it. Let's start over: Keerist, what drivel. But it's unexceptional drivel. No need to comment on how trite and meaningless the message is. Let's look at the spelling. I guarantee it was written, and shared quite a bit on social media, by college graduates. "You body?" Really? However, I'd like to point out that the word isn't misspelled. It's not a typo, either. The person who wrote it, and apparently a lot of people who read it, are blind to the fact that it's the wrong word. They have a condition I hereby christen Facebook Aphasia. They no longer have the mental ability to tell one word from another. It's not that they don't have the innate intellectual horsepower to learn the difference between you and your and you're. After all, they probably learned Klingon for their cosplay wedding ceremony. They're broken, not dumb.

“I think, technically, I'm talking about semantic anomia, but I'm just a blowhard on the Internet, so Facebook Aphasia is good enough for me.

“’Semantic anomia is a disorder in which the meaning of words becomes lost. In patients with semantic anomia, a naming deficit is accompanied by a recognition deficit. Thus, unlike patients with word selection anomia, patients with semantic anomia are unable to select the correct object from a group of objects, even when provided with the name of the target object.’

“Of course proper doctor-type persons know you generally need brain damage from a shovel to the parietal or a tumor that makes tempura of your temporal lobe to give you a proper dose of semantic anomia. I hereby posit that a contemporary public school education followed by a trip to the academy is on par with a severe blow to the head. People have become brain damaged by a refusal to enforce abstract standards of right and wrong for grammar, or anything else for that matter. Through a continual process of calling anyone who notices you're in error a Nazi, and exposure to a continuous stream of word salad on electronic devices, there are entire generations who are literally unable to tell one word from another. They've been taught from the cradle to simply take a stab at all things grammatical. They've been conditioned to rely on hunches, and they're blissfully ignorant of where the knee-jerk reactions they call hunches are spawned.

“So, welcome to the Facebook Aphasia world, where every voice is passive, every sentence starts with an adverb, and to, too, two is just the sound a Sesame Street train makes. There's no use whining about it, when wining about it works better. And dismember, never leaf anyone who touches your sole more than you body.”

Thursday, February 15, 2018

In today's higher education news ...

No whites need apply for job at Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, wants to hire someone as its vice-provost of student affairs. Provost Carolyn Watters, who is doing the hiring, specifically does not want any applications from white people.

“We have embarked on the process of selecting a new vice-provost student affairs,” Watters wrote, explaining that the job search “will be restricted to racially visible persons and Aboriginal Peoples at this time.”

I am certain that is the most racist job announcement I have ever read. “Racially visible” and “Aboriginal Peoples.”

Wait, though. Why is a white man or woman not “racially visible?”

The HR vice president explained: “This is a position where we’re looking across our senior admin ranks at Dalhousie, we note that there are representation gaps for racialized and Indigenous People, and so the decision was made to try and target our recruitment efforts to find qualified candidates who will help to increase our representation in the senior ranks.”

The HR VP is Jasmine Walsh. Hmm. Provost Carolyn Watters and HR VP Jasmine Walsh. What are the chances the new hire will be a man?

White man gets job at Harvard; ‘diversity advocates’ not pleased

“Harvard University’s selection of Lawrence Bacow as its new president has been met with disappointment and frustration from those who hoped to see a person of color in the post for the first time.”

Mr. Bacow is the son of Holocaust survivors, but that only spurred on the Jew-haters.

“Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington-Seattle, dismissed Bacow’s status as an immigrant and child of a Holocaust survivor, given his light skin.

“’Y’all can spin it as a another immigration story but Harvard was founded by and for white immigrants and it’s been pretty clearly established that white Jews can enter the corridors of power — including former Harvard presidents Larry Summers and Neil Rudenstine [Summer’s predecessor],’ she wrote on Twitter.”

(Msssss Prescod-Weinstein needs some schoolin’ I sentence writing. Oh. She’s in theoretical physics. That explains a lot.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to know who you are fighting

You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the

If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

But if nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

If they surrender, they're French.

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Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?

“Above all, men who have been in fights know that there is nothing good or noble about being a victim. This is a concept the modern ‘conservative movement,’ mostly run by wimps, has lost, probably irrevocably. They’re forever tugging at my heartstrings, from No Child Left Behind to Israel’s plight to MLK’s wonders to whining that the media doesn’t play fair to the overwrought emotional appeals they use to justify dropping bombs on Muslims. The Republicans are even taking seriously a pure victim-candidate: Michelle Bachman. As far as can be told, she’s a middle-American Barack Obama with boobs and a slightly loopier world view.

"Modern ‘civilized’ males don’t get in fistfights. They don’t play violent sports. They play video games and, at best, watch TV sports. Modern males are physical and emotional weaklings. The ideal male isn’t John Wayne or James Bond or Jimmy Stewart anymore. It’s some crying tit that goes to a therapist, a sort of agreeable lesbian with a dick who calls the police (whom he hates in theory) when there is trouble. The ideal modern male is the British shrimp who handed his pants over to the looter in south London."

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Lions eat poacher in South Africa

(Well, he thought he was a poacher.)

The story also notes: “Lions kill up to 250 people a year in Africa …

“Their bones have become highly prized in the the Far East with a skeleton fetching up to £7,000 and the skin £3,000. Teeth can fetch £500 each.”

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Two beers? Yeah, that’s loose enough

"I made the All-Star team (1962 PCL All-Star Team). I wasn't there more than 22 days, or something like that, and made the All-Star team. Not very long. Les says come on out, get a little gift or something while you're there, get in uniform and just go out and get dressed, go back and just [make an appearance]. My brother came in town, we had a couple of beers, played golf that day and I went to the ballpark. I said, well, I'll sit out in the bullpen. Collum's pitching and he's got the bases loaded, or something like that, and Les calls up the bullpen and he says, 'Dan, can you get somebody out?' And that was my big break, really. I said, 'Yes I'm loose. I had a couple of beers, is that all right?' I went in there, I don't know who they were, but I struck out the side and got out of the inning without giving up a run." - Dan Osinski (Ron Anderson, SABR Baseball Biography Project, 'Dan Osinski.')

Marion, Arkansas

Marion is county seat for Crittenden County. The Mississippi River borders the county to the east.

Marion has experienced much population growth since 1980, going from 2,996 to 12,345 in 2010, with an estimated population of 12,362 in 2016.

Marion’s population is about 68% white and 28% black, as garnered from the 2010 census. A bit more than 7% of the population has incomes below the poverty line.

On April 27, 1865, the steamboat Sultana exploded and burned a few miles north of Marion. The wreckage drifted ashore near Marion. Approximately 1,500 Union soldiers died from the boiler explosions, from fire or drowned in the river. The soldiers were recently freed prisoners of war and going home when the boilers exploded.

Allegations of malfeasance and bribery were alleged, but never tried in court.

Here is a link to a satellite photograph of Marion:,-90.219253,19852m/data=!3m1!1e3

Strangely, the Mississippi River is not always the border between Arkansas and Tennessee. Those squiggles on the land are areas where the Mississippi sometimes flowed in the past. Generally, the U.S. and state governments have stopped rivers from flowing where they will. One of these days the rivers will say, “No more! We’re going where we want!” The rivers will burst through banks and levees and flood the land as in the past.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Rolling back queer marriage has to start somewhere

“The British territory of Bermuda has become the first jurisdiction to roll back same-sex marriage, less than one year after the unions were legalized by the socially conservative island’s supreme court.

“A 2016 referendum found nearly 69 percent of Bermudians oppose same-sex marriage.”

The 31 percent who do not oppose queer marriage should study up on the wrongs of such a position.

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Chernigov's Jews


In October 1941 a large groupe of Jews form Chernigov was arrested and taken to a quarry of Brick Factory No. 2 on Shevchenko Street. From there they were taken under guard to the murder site in Roshevshchina. The murder was carried out by Germans in charge of the field gendarmerie with the help of local Ukrainian policemen. That site also known as Yaroshevshchina or Royevshchina and was located in a garden near 130 Shevchenko Street. Jews were systematically arrested and shot in this location during different periods of the occupation. However the number of 4,000 Jews, given in one testimony as being shot is inflated.

At the mass murder site of the Jews of Roshevshchina there is a memorial to the Soviet civilians who were murdered by Germans during the occupation of Chernigov. It is located on a street named 50 Years of the Young Communist League. The memorial has an inscription in Ukrainian that says: “Stop, passerby! Honor the dear memory of your countrymen! At this site 7,500 Soviet civilians were tortured to death by the German fascist invaders in 1941-1943.” In 1966 the bodies of the victims were transferred from Roshevshchina to a mass grave at the cemetery in Yalovshchina.

Berezovyy Rov

On November 18, 1941 all the remaining Jews of Chernigov were ordered to appear at the central square for resettlement. Those who did come to the square were taken under guard to the building of former Brick Factory No. 2. From the Factory Jews were taken in small groups to pits in Berezovyy Rovin (the direction of the village of Koty) that had been prepared in advance. There Jews were ordered to take off their clothes, and then were shot dead by Germans with assistance of Ukrainian police. According to testimonies, the mass shooting lasted three days.

After that Jews of all ages and both genders were also taken by the Germans with the help of Ukrainian policemen to Berezovyy Rov from Chernigov city prison. The Jews were forced to take off their clothes and were then shot in prepared pits.

There is a monument at present on Mira Street at the bottom of the Berezovyy ravine. At this place about 800 Jews were shot by Germans and their accomplices in November 1941. The area of the monument is marked with plaques. The pyramid-shaped monument is about 4.3 meters high. Designed by Sergiyevskiy and Kopeykina, it was erected in 1963. On the front of the monument there is an inscription in Ukrainian that says: “Here lie buried about 1,500 Soviet civilians who were tortured [to death] by the German fascist invaders in 1941. The memory of these people who were killed in the struggle for the freedom and independence of our Motherland will remain in our hearts forever.” The inscription continues: “In fond memory of you who live forever in our hearts.” On the lower part of the monument there is also an inscription in Ukrainian on a plaque which was placed on the monument in 1991 by the Jewish community of Chernigov. The text says: “At this site on November 18, 1941 the German invaders shot 800 Jews from Chernigov.”

In November 2001, on the 60th anniversary of the mass murder of Chernigov’s Jews, the Jewish community of Chernigov affixed to the monument a plaque with a Star of David and the inscription: “We remember – Jews from Chernigov, 2001.”

– Chernigov city prison

During the period of the German occupation of the city Jews from Chernigov and other locations in the Chernigov District were arrested and imprisoned in the Chernigov city prison. Many of them were shot in the area of the prison at different times; some of inprisoned Jews were taken to other mass murder sites and murdered there.


Jews who were not murdered in the 3-day operation in the Berezovyy Rov were taken to this mass murder site in November 1941 and systematically murdered.

Some Jews were shot there later, in the spring of 1942, when Jews of all ages and both sexes were taken from the Chernigov city prison to the mass murder site. The Jews had to take off their clothes and they were shot in prepared pits. The mass shooting was carried out by the Security Service and Ukrainian policemen. A total of 15,000 civilians and prisoners of war were shot at this location.

– Second Kholodniy Yar

Some Jews were taken from the Chernigov city prison and shot at different times by Germans, with the help of local Ukrainian policemen, in a ravine of the Second Kholodnyy Yar.

1968 battle at Hue never happened, NV official history says

By Nguyen Qui Duc

A few years ago, a French-German TV crew visited my home in Hanoi for an interview on how Vietnam had changed since the end of the war with America. We talked of postwar problems, the people’s achievements, the old and new generations of leaders, and the country’s aspirations. We also talked of history, of course.

At one point, our conversation veered toward the events surrounding the Tet Offensive, in January 1968. It took but a few seconds for the government media minder, an official of the foreign ministry, to stop us. Agitated, she told me to stay inside while she took the producer and reporter out to my garden, where she threatened to shut down the production if the subject was broached again, or even if we returned to the general topic of 1968.

Later, I told her about all the information on the war that was freely available: books, documentary films, television shows, photographs, articles, essays. I showed her Google listings. I tried to point out that the more she tried to suppress the information, the more that journalists would dig deeper. I could barely hide my anger.
“You will not talk about that,” she kept saying. “You will not.”

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California, here I go ...

I just can't take anymore.

Politics, crime, prices cause exodus from Bay Area.

Retired engineer gives reasons for leaving San Francisco: “’We don’t like it here anymore. You know, we don’t like this sanctuary state status and just the politics,’ she said.

“She plans to sell her home for about $1 million, buy a much larger place near Nashville for less than half that and retire closer to family and friends.”

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Yes, it’s cos-play, but your chest is too big

And so is yours. And yours. And …

‘Tender parameters COS fire was driven expulsion reason actually as the chest is too large’

(I have no idea what that means, and the story is just as informative.)

“Chest is too big not? According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's Nai Mo, ‘I-class Cleopatra,’ said Ma Yourong, Taiwan appeared on the 16th anime show, and Cosplay into ‘Naruto’ in the most abundant chest role ‘Steel Hand’ because the dress is too much exposure, big breasts almost certain, the local cultural bureau actually asked the police all the way to follow Ma Yourong, and invited two staff holding aloft, intends to MaYuRong cover deported from the hall.

“At the scene, in addition to a bunch of spectators rushing to take photos, many Cos fans also accused the Cultural Affairs Bureau of organizing such activities and prohibiting others from participating. It is indeed a shame. There are also parents with children on the scene: 'This is nothing!' And take this opportunity to educate children, said: "This is a lot of people who like to dress up anime opportunities, the scene a lot of people are also dressed as much as possible, the Cultural Affairs Bureau It is too small.”

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Belgian PM says EU will force Visegrad Four to accept immigrants

Hungary’s PM replies: “Our presidency (V4) has taken a stand and we cannot give in to extortion. For us, Hungary is first. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe,” the prime minister said.

Born in the (new) USA

“If all this is not a scandal — then the following protocols are now considered permissible in American electoral practice and constitutional jurisprudence: An incumbent administration can freely use the FBI and the DOJ to favor one side in a presidential election, by buying its opposition research against the other candidate, using its own prestige to authenticate such a third-party oppositional dossier, and then using it to obtain court-ordered wiretaps on American citizens employed by a candidate’s campaign — and do so by deliberately misleading the court about the origins and authors of the dossier that was used to obtain the warrants.” – Victor Davis Hanson

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

LiDAR finds huge Mayan city-state

“In addition to hundreds of previously unknown structures, the LiDAR images show raised highways connecting urban centers and quarries. Complex irrigation and terracing systems supported intensive agriculture capable of feeding masses of workers who dramatically reshaped the landscape.”

“’Most people had been comfortable with population estimates of around 5 million,’ said Estrada-Belli, who directs a multi-disciplinary archaeological project at Holmul, Guatemala. ‘With this new data it’s no longer unreasonable to think that there were 10 to 15 million people there—including many living in low-lying, swampy areas that many of us had thought uninhabitable.’”

Monday, February 5, 2018

Racist Washington Post has warning for white people

This is the best the Post can do? White people, welcome to the rest of the world?

In the 2020 census: “For the text box under the ‘White’ checkbox, the census instructions helpfully state: ‘Print, for example, German, Irish, English, Italian, Lebanese, Egyptian, etc.’

“Still, this change is a good thing — especially for white Americans.
“Why? On a basic level, it could be a welcome exercise in empathy. You’re offended? Confused? Welcome to the world of being a visible minority in America — perhaps you might relate to those Asian Americans who are so frequently informed that they couldn’t really be from Connecticut, or African Americans whose countries of origin are obscured by the painful haze of slavery. It might even be good practice for 2044, the year the United States is projected to become a majority-minority country.”

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Here’s the thing: People use the census as a way of finding out where they came from, but it’s none of the government’s business. Look at old censis forms and you will see names listed by household, age, sex, place of birth, father’s place of birth, mother’s place of birth and employment. That’s it.

I’m writing in “Romulan.”

Going through a box of stuff ...

... that has been packed since we moved in 2014.

Several Lincoln pennies from the 1920s.

A five-round clip of fired ’03 Springfield cartridges.

A not-yet-framed Christmas water color from a Texas friend, probably from 2002 or earlier.

Several empty picture frames.

A 1961 Klein’s Sporting Goods catalogue, the same place Lee Harvey Oswald bought his Carcano 91/38 rifle. Oswald reportedly paid $19.99 for rifle and scope. Without scope, the rifle sold for $9.99 and Klein’s would ship the rifle through U.S. mail to a buyer’s home address.

Klein’s sold everything an outdoors man needed. Tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, fishing equipment, boats and guns. Shotguns, rifles, revolvers, pistols, air guns … All shipped to your home address.

The Chicago-based company also sold military surplus rifles, from several wars before the 1960s. Argentine Remington Rolling Block rifles, 11mm, were $9.99. 1917 Springfield (also sometimes called a 1917 Enfield), .30-’06-caliber, $29.99. 1903 Springfield, $44.95. Martini rifle, .310-caliber, $12.99. Klein’s also sold the Mark III Enfield for $9.99.

Webley .38 or .45-caliber, $14.95. Astra 9mm pistol, $14.95. Enfield .38-caliber revolver, $12.88. M1917 Colt, .45-caliber, $24.95. At one time, Klein’s sold the .455 Webley revolver for $9.99.

Yes, those were the days.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

How to take care of enemies the old fashioned Russian way

Interview with Russian sniper Klavdia Kalugina

"We attacked. Then we got pinned down by that machine gun and the sniper. The regiment chief of staff Aleksei Kitaev was next to me. He had a cap with a bright band. They shot him from the beginning. He got blue, fell down. We had been warned that before shooting we were supposed to pull out all wounded. I crawled to one wounded soldier, he had a stomach wound. I started picking him up, but his intestines immediately fell out. I didn't know what to do with them, so I said: 'I'll go bring a medic.' And crawled to another wounded, because I couldn't do anything with that one. And it was so hot! He was already getting black. Later, when we met, Zina Gavrilova told me: 'I crawled to one wounded soldier, his intestines came out. He grabbed my hand and became stiff. I thought I wouldn't be able to pull my hand out. And he would probably say: one went away, another one won't pick me up either. He died, then I crawled to another one, and he also died.' We crossed to the other bank. Our regiment commander Verdiukov was beating up some large German, a young guy. We asked: 'Why are you beating him?' He said: 'This is my neighbor, he is a Vlasovite.' He killed him. Fedorova was wounded, Irina Gracheva was wounded -- many girls, I already forgot their names. Few of us remained. Marusia Guliakina was wounded again. I was shell shocked, but I didn't go to the medics, because there was blood all around, my uniform was punctured in many places, I was deaf. I thought: 'Why would I go, what can they do for me? There are people without legs, without arms, blood covered, why would I go?' And I didn't go."

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Friday, February 2, 2018

IRS admits Obama agency targeted Israel-related groups

“In late July 2010, an IRS agent truthfully responded to our lawyer’s query about why processing was taking so long: Z Street’s application was getting special scrutiny, the agent said, because it was related to Israel. Some applications for tax-exempt status were being sent to a special office in Washington for review of whether the applicants’ policy positions conflicted with those of the Obama administration.”

(A “special office” to look at pro-Israel groups?)

Thursday, Feb. 1:

“The Department of Justice today announced that it has entered into a settlement with Z Street, a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating the public about various issues related to Israel and the Middle East, pending approval by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Z Street alleged that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) applied heightened scrutiny to applications for tax-exempt status received from organizations connected in any way to Israel, and applied this policy to Z Street’s application, resulting in delay. The settlement agreement includes an apology from the IRS to Z Street for the delayed processing of the group’s application for tax-exempt status.”

Would this admission have happened under a Hillary IRS? HAHAHAHAH!

Gorilla wisdom

“Why is it that Christian White men, who are deplorably and irredeemably racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, and filled with genocidal hate, are the ones who built the countries that everyone wants to migrate to?” – OregonMuse gorilla rants.

Bronze Age Greeks: Beer for my horses!*

“The ancient Greeks may have liberally indulged in wine, but that's not the only alcoholic beverage they imbibed, according to a new study that describes the discovery of two potential Bronze Age breweries.

“The ‘stout discoveries mark what may be the oldest beer-making facilities in Greece and upend the notion that the region's ancient go-to drink was only wine, the researchers said.

"’It is an unexpected find for Greece, because until now all evidence pointed to wine,’ study researcher Tania Valamoti, an associate professor of archaeology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in Greece, told Live Science.”

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Come on. Scientists don’t know by now that if a people can make beer, they will?

*Okay, the story doesn’t say anything about that, but Toby Keith’s song was the first thing that came to mind when I read the Live Science headline.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A threat from Twitter

People who run Google, Facebook and Twitter think they can do just about anything they please when it comes to censoring, blocking and even eliminating messages or users of their product.

And, Google, Facebook and Twitter are right. They are private companies and do not fall under the rules of people v. government. Or government v. people.

I read Gates of Vienna every day. The site keeps me aware of what goes on around the world in the continuing war against those who want to establish a world-wide caliphate.

This message from Twitter to the site seems threatening in a nice, mannered, veiled sense:

Dear Gates of Vienna,

“As part of our recent work to understand Russian-linked activities on Twitter during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we identified and suspended a number of accounts that were potentially connected to a propaganda effort by a Russian government-linked organization known as the Internet Research Agency.

“Consistent with our commitment to transparency, we are emailing you because we have reason to believe that you:

• Were following one or more of these accounts at the time the accounts were suspended;
• Replied to or mentioned one or more of these accounts during the election period; or
• Retweeted, quote tweeted, or liked content from one or more of these accounts during the election period.

“This is purely for your own information purposes, and is not related to a security concern for your account. We are sharing this information so that you can learn more about these accounts and the nature of the Russian propaganda effort. You can see examples of content from these suspended accounts on our blog if you’re interested.

“People look to Twitter for useful, timely, and appropriate information. We are taking active steps to stop malicious accounts and Tweets from spreading, and we are determined to keep ahead of the tactics of bad actors. For example, in recent months we have developed new techniques to identify accounts manipulating our platform, have improved our process for challenging suspicious accounts, and have introduced new measures designed to identify and take action on coordinated malicious activity. In 2018, we are building on these improvements. Our blog also contains more information about these efforts.

“People come to Twitter to see what’s happening in the world. We are committed to making it the best place to do that and to being transparent with the people who use and trust our platform.


Or: We know the sites you visit. We know if you have replied to messages on those sites. We know if you linked to or quoted from those sites. We are telling you this because we believe in transparency.

Right. Anybody who uses the word “transparency” keeps it on the shelf next to the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Free blacks who owned slaves in 1830

By far the most black slave owners were in Louisiana and Virginia, with nine pages of names and numbers, each page of two columns for each state. Ownership of 50 or more slaves is not uncommon.

Listed are black slave owners in all states in which slavery was legal, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and others.

Nobody ever said these people were very smart

In Chicago: “The incident occurred at about 9:51 p.m. in the 2400-block of West Eastwood Avenue. Police said the two suspects encountered several family members at the front door.

“One of the men began firing toward the front porch and struck his accomplice in the head. The accomplice, a 43-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene. He has been identified to the Cook County Medical Examiner as Luis Antonio Morales of Melrose Park.

“No one inside the home was injured. Police are still looking for the shooter.”

In Chicago: “The incident occurred at about 9:51 p.m. in the 2400-block of West Eastwood Avenue. Police said the two suspects encountered several family members at the front door.
“One of the men began firing toward the front porch and struck his accomplice in the head. The accomplice, a 43-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene. He has been identified to the Cook County Medical Examiner as Luis Antonio Morales of Melrose Park.
“No one inside the home was injured. Police are still looking for the shooter.”

It is to laugh. You gonna go rob somebody, you start shooting and hit your fellow robber in the head and he is now dead. That’s D-E-A-D. Way to go.