Monday, November 25, 2013

Remains of cremated Vietnam veteran Marine found in dumpster


(In comments, an amazing number of people blames the Marine's family.)

One ugly airplane

TU-91 Soviet naval attack aircraft. One built. Stalin wanted aircraft carriers and naval aircraft, but he died, and so did the idea of a big navy. Wikipedia says the TU-91 performed well. One built.


UCLA professor marks grammar in papers, is accused of ‘micro aggression’

What is micro aggression? UCLA defines it as:

“Subtle verbal and nonverbal insults directed toward non-whites, often done automatically and unconsciously. They are layered insults based on one's race, gender, class, sexuality, language, immigration status, phenotype, accent, or surname.”

All is not lost, though.

‘Students defend professor after sit-in over racial climate’

The college paper story shows the incident as graduate students being stupid. Except for the fact that the basics can be grabbed as indication of “See how things are screwed up in colleges today?” it’s a whole lot of to-do about nothing.

Isn’t that cute? Teaching pre-school kids not to eat turkey


Odessa American

ODESSA, Texas — "We are turkeys in disguise.

"Don't you think that we are wise?

"We've dressed up as best we're able, to keep off your kitchen table!"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Can’t get that diploma because math is just so hard? Sue the college

‘Suck it up, cupcake’

“Listen sweetie, in the real world, there’s math. It pays the bills. If you flunk math and drop out of your math classes, you fail. Or, you sue the school.

“You know, because they totally owe you that degree. You’re special because you’ve got a virtual cornucopia of disabilities.

“Valdez’s disabilities include Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyscalculia, which is a mathematics learning disability, her attorney, Donald Harris, said Tuesday.

And and and and … “Harris questioned the usefulness of the math courses for Valdez’s career plans of becoming a graphic artist.

“’Nobody will say these general education classes are essential to a degree in art,’ he said.”

(I got a degree in journalism, which means … uh, I wrote for college newspapers for four years. Required for that degree were a bunch … a whole bunch … of courses that had nothing to do with writing for college newspapers – algebra, biology, music appreciation (I already did), psychology, sociology, American history, Western civilization … and some I don’t remember.

(Know what? When I went into the Real World – as close as writing for-profit newspapers really is “real” – I used something from every one of those unnecessary classes.

(Miss Cupcake, though, figures she doesn’t need any courses except graphic arts in order to get a degree in graphic arts. I reckon she will do all her graphically artsy stuff from what is in her own mind. Considering the disabilities listed by her lawyer, Ms. Valdez’s mind might be a bit too crowded for anything real to emerge.)



Non-profit gets $1 million to pitch Obamacare

“Families USA has received a $1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which it will use to collect and distribute to the media personal stories of those who have benefited from the new health insurance exchange rolled out by the Obama Administration October 1. The announcement is good news for the President, who has been widely criticized for the horrible launch of the online marketplace”

Found at

Come and Take It

Yesterday I ordered my Christmas present – a “Come and Take It” flag.

The original “Come and Take It” flag played an important role in Texas history, showing determination by settlers against the central government of Mexico.

Here is the story from Wikipedia:

“In early January 1831, Green DeWitt wrote to Ramón Músquiz, the top political official of Bexar, and requested armament for defense of the colony of Gonzales. This request was granted by delivery of a small used cannon. The small bronze cannon was received by the colony and signed for on March 10, 1831, by James Tumlinson, Jr.[5] The swivel cannon was mounted to a blockhouse in Gonzales, Texas and later was the object of Texas pride. At the minor skirmish known as the Battle of Gonzales—the first battle of the Texas Revolution against Mexico—a small group of Texans successfully resisted the Mexican forces who had orders from Col. Domingo de Ugartechea to seize their cannon. As a symbol of defiance, the Texans had fashioned a flag containing the phrase "come and take it" along with a black star and an image of the cannon which they had received four years earlier from Mexican officials—this was the same message that was sent to the Mexican government when they told the Texans that they had to return their cannon—failure to comply with the Mexicans' original demands led to the failed attempt by the Mexican military to forcefully take back the cannon.”

I had always wondered what happened to the cannon, and this

says that the small bronze cannon went to the Alamo, and then was lost to the Mexican army.

The cannon and the flag symbolize Texian resistance to central government decrees, particularly government’s all-too-frequent decisions to seize legal weapons from citizens.

The “Don’t Tread on Me” flag is a warning; “Come and Take It” signifies the result of not listening to free citizens. People who see government as a guarantor of all things good would never issue a warning, and certainly would not challenge their rulers.

The rest of us might be a minority, but … The warnings have been given.

(Some references mention the "military dictatorship" of Santa Anna. That is not exactly accurate. After becoming independent from Spain, Mexico saw several states attempt to secede from the central rulers in Mexico City. The Texas Revolution was but one.)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guide for the Rangers

In the 1875 campaign against rustlers and murderers in South Texas, the forces of Ranger Captain Leander Harvey McNelly included “a local guide named Jesus Sandoval, whom the other Rangers called ‘Old Casuse.’ Sandoval was a small rancher with a white-hot burning hatred of stock thieves; his own small herd had been stolen – and worse yet, his wife and daughter raped by the bandits responsible. Sandoval and one of his Anglo neighbors had already fought back against bandits by hanging four of them – arousing threats of retaliation. But Sandoval knew the territory well – and those who lived there even better. Fellow Ranger William Caldicott writing an account of McNelly’s exploits decades later, noted grimly that ‘After the Captain had all the information he wanted, he would let Casuse have charge of the spy. Casuse would make a regular hangman’s knot and place the hangman’s loop over the bandit’s head, throw the end of the rope over a limb, make the bandit get up on Casuse’s old paint horse and stand up in the saddle. Casuse would make the loose end of the rope fast, get behind his horse, hit him a hard lick and the horse would jump from under the spy, breaking his neck instantly. Captain McNelly didn’t like this kind of killing, but Casuse did … We caught several spies on that scout before we overhauled the bandits with the cattle, and Casuse dealt with them all alike, showing no partiality – he always made them a present of six feet of rope.’”

‘Pretty woman’ colonels decide to take careers in a new direction

“Two colonels involved in a controversy over showing ‘pretty’ female soldiers in Army communications no longer have their jobs, the Army confirmed Nov. 22.

“Col. Lynette Arnhart stepped down from her position heading the Army’s study on the integration of women into combat arms, and Col. Christian Kubik, who was the Training and Doctrine Command public affairs officer, was suspended.

“The staffing changes come after both colonels became embroiled in a controversy over an email Arnhart sent to Kubik saying that ‘pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead’ and ‘ugly women are perceived as competent.’

“’In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing work on gender integration in the Army, Col. Lynette Arnhart agreed to step down as the gender integration study director,’ Army spokesman George Wright said in a statement to Army Times on Nov. 22. ‘Gen. [Robert] Cone, Commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, accepted this change in study leadership. Concurrently, TRADOC suspended Kubik from his position as the Public Affairs Officer pending the outcome of an investigation.’”


Photo of Col. Arnhart:

$2 bill? There’s no such thing

Baltimore man arrested, handcuffed to pole for three hours because dumbass clerks and dumberass po-leece don’t know U.S. currency.

Link at

Female aggression

How women keep other women under control

Or at least try to.

John Tierney
New York Times

“How aggressive is the human female? When the anthropologist Sarah B. Hrdy surveyed the research literature three decades ago, she concluded that ‘the competitive component in the nature of women remains anecdotal, intuitively sensed, but not confirmed by science.’”

“Science has come a long way since then, as Dr. Hrdy notes in her introduction to a recent issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society devoted entirely to the topic of female aggression. She credits the ‘stunning’ amount of new evidence partly to better research techniques and partly to the entry of so many women into scientific fields once dominated by men.”

Found at

with the headline ‘Girl-on-girl catfights,’ which ignores the point and uses sexual connotation to attract readers.

A comment at the second link talks about female primate infanticide, which deserves searches. You will find interesting readings.

Other commentary:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

So stupid it’s almost unbelievable

Don’t use pretty women soldiers in pictures, Army PAO colonel advises.

“’In general, ugly women are perceived as competent while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead,’ wrote Col. Lynette Arnhart, who is leading a team of analysts studying how best to integrate women into combat roles that have previously been closed off to them. She sent her message to give guidance to Army spokesmen and spokeswomen about how they should tell the press and public about the Army’s integration of women.”

TRADOC endorsement: “A valuable reminder from the TRADOC experts who are studying gender integration — when [public affairs officers] choose photos that glamorize women (such as in the attached article), we undermine our own efforts. Please use ‘real’ photos that are typical, not exceptional.”

“Arnhart is helping lead ‘an extensive study of the institutional and cultural factors associated with integrating women into previously closed” positions.’”

Found at

Here's what COL Arnhart should do: Search 'women in the idf.'

Look, Ma! No air in the tires!

Was a time all trucks had solid tires – rubber over steel. Then, pneumatic tires took the place of solids – better ride, lasted longer. Tires in this video aren’t solid, but the air is between the pieces, not held inside anything. Will the idea work on trucks?

Found at

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Departments of transportation now require human sacrifice?

Headline from a Florida TV station website: ‘US-41 reopened after bicyclist killed.’

(How long would the highway been closed if FLADOT hadn't found a willing citizen?)

Wingfoot Express

An airship that caught fire and crashed into a Chicago bank on July 21, 1919. Thirteen people died – one crew member, two passengers and 11 employees of Illinois Trust and Savings Bank.

The site says: “Once the crew realised that the Airship was lost, the Pilot and the Chief Mechanic parachuted to safety along with a third person who broke both legs and later died in hospital.” That means the entire crew bailed and that the passengers had no opportunity to do anything except ride it down.



To Americans on House Hunters International going to Nicaragua …

‘Marxist Sandinista Movement Could Maintain Permanent Control of Nicaragua’

‘New constitutional amendments could put dictator in place’

“The Marxist Sandinista movement is poised to assume lasting control of Nicaragua through constitutional amendments that would enshrine President Daniel Ortega as a dictator, experts say.”

(Who would ever have thought that a Marxist, elected president, would try to stay in office forever? In other countries, Marxist and Commie presidents always formed coalitions … What? They didn’t? They did away with the opposition? Surely not.

(Oh, well. With whatsisface dead in Venezuela, Danny Glover and Sean Penn now will have to lock arms with Ortega.

(The “experts” mentioned in the lead is a guy from Freedom House and “an expert on communist movements from the Cold War era.” Ortega’s hold on the presidency is job security for the “experts.”)

Law of the land

Some Republican said that about the Affordable Care Act last week – It is the law of the land.

Does that mean, "It’s the law; you might as well just lie back and enjoy it"?

We’ve had other laws of the land people did not just lie back and enjoy – prohibition, slavery, the Dredd Scott decision, the Fugitive Slave Act, the Alien and Sedition Act, and etc.

Sometimes an underling says something and you figure the philosophy comes from the top

“It's fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn't quite as good as they thought they were, and that's pretty scary," Duncan said Friday in Richmond, Va. "You've bet your house and where you live and everything on, 'My child's going to be prepared.' That can be a punch in the gut." – Education Secretary Arne Duncan on protests against federal Common Core requirements.

Residents of Kenwood neighborhood in Chiacgo: Barrack Obama, Arne Duncan, Valerie Jarrett, Carol Moseley Braun, Elijah Muhamad, Mandy Pantinkin, Louis Farrakhan.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Reality bites, or, windmill somebody else’s neighborhood

There’s the sight of the thing, the noise, blades throw ice, gears lock up and burn, it will kill birds, it’s ugly …

One neighbor: “I bought property up there, built a house, because it’s beautiful, and the ‘forever wild’ promise that was made.”

Not so, says Mr. Hirsch: “Behind it (opposition), I believe, is the pollution of jealousy and the pollution of stupidity.”

Nothing builds good will like calling your neighbors jealous and stupid.

Found at

An Army axiom

Fire without maneuver is useless; maneuver without fire is suicide.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

After the fight

I stayed awake the rest of the night. Most of the time, anyway. Couple of times I came awake with my head resting against the handles on the .50-caliber. I was exhausted, and the rest of the guys were too. When the sun threatened to come up, I fixed myself a cup of coffee, pouring a packet of instant from a C-ration pack into my canteen cup, then adding water from my canteen. I stirred it with a pencil. Leander said, "Man, you gonna drink that stuff? Like that?" I said, "I'd eat it if I didn't have any water." Cold instant coffee tastes terrible, but at five in the morning, taste doesn't matter as much as getting some caffeine into the system.

My father knew two men from back home, brothers, who were in a machine gun squad on New Guinea in 1942. They were cut off for three days, behind the Japanese lines, and all they had for food was a two-pound can of coffee. Daddy said the brothers told him they ate the coffee.

By the time I finished half my cold coffee, the sun was up enough so showing a light wouldn't matter. I lit a cigarette. It was good. A voice sounded in my earpieces. "Foxtrot Three-Three Yankee, this is Foxtrot Three-Three Zulu, over." I looked up, glancing at Bart, two tracks to my left. He waved. I answered his call. Bart said: "Three-Three Yankee, this night will go down in history as a real Charlie Foxtrot."

I laughed and answered, "You got that right."

A voice from the command track cut in. "All Foxtrot stations, this is Foxtrot Six Bravo. Cut the chatter. Out."

The radio speaker was on, and my crew heard the transmissions. Leander snorted. "Man sounds like he means business."

The sun broke loose from the night. Staff Sergeant Reid came up behind my track. I took off my CVC helmet. "Danny,” Reid called. “You and Bart take one man each from your tracks and sweep our front."

I nodded. "Roger that. Leander, take the gun. Will, get your stuff on." I left the TC hatch, taking my steel pot from its place and my rifle from the top deck. Wilson and I joined Reid at the bottom of the ramp. Reid handed me a PRC-25 backpack radio.

"Go in about twenty meters, then cut left," Reid said.

I lit a cigarette and nodded. "There's three gooks in front of the track."

Reid stepped to the side of the track and looked at the three small humps in the clearing. "That one's kinda close."

"Yeah," I said. "He don't have a head though."

Reid stared at my face. I looked at the ground. "Good shooting," he said. "Next time, try to get 'em a little farther out."

I took a last drag on the cigarette. "Next time, I want 'em so far out we'll have to call in B-52s."

My three gooks were the only bodies we found. There was blood in the jungle grass and on a few bushes, but nothing else. We found where the gooks crawled in, mashing the grass flat.

"About ten on this side, I'd guess," Bart said. We stood near a flattened area.

"'Bout that," I said.

Wilson and Thompson studied the grass. Thompson was one of Bart's gunners. Wilson said, "How you figure ten?"

Bart grinned. "You never hunted much, did you. Back in the World." Wilson shook his head, and Bart said: "Well, Danny and me, we go back a ways. Grunts. They teach us in grunt school how to swag."

Thompson laughed, but Wilson looked confused. "Swag?"

"Don't you know nothin, Home?” Thompson said. "Scientific wild-ass guess. Swag." He grinned at Bart. "You all right. For a sergeant."

"Yeah," Bart said. "That's what all the women tell me."

Another day in the war

The New Year arrived, 1967. At midnight, flares popped all over the perimeter -- parachute flares that hung in the quiet air, star clusters that arced into the dark sky and then rained green and red and white comets. The celebration lasted about five minutes, then a voice of angry authority was on the command net.

"All Comanche elements, this is Comanche Three. All unauthorized firing will cease immediately! Echo Six, Foxtrot Six, Golf Six and Hotel Six will determine who is firing the flares and will take appropriate disciplinary action. Out."

A few seconds later, another voice on the radio: "Well, Happy Motherfuckin New Year to you too. Over."

Comanche Three did not reply.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here is a truth


“He knows everything. And yet he knows nothing. The reason for this is the animating feature of Obama’s leadership style, if you can call it that, is not presuming to know all the facts and micromanaging every project ala Jimmy Carter. Nor is it acknowledging he doesn’t know all the facts and surrounding himself with experts he trusts ala George W. Bush. And, no, it’s not combining an intellectual strength and a mind for policy detail with a populist flair ala Bill Clinton. The animating feature of Obama’s leadership style is simply making pronouncements. Making them about things he knows, things he knows not, and waiting for everyone and everything to fall in line. And, when things don’t magically come together, he pronounces his disappointment and anger. Wash, rinse, repeat.”

Found at:

(He is arrogant and he is bored. He knows everything, therefore he does not need to bother with details. He speaks, we are supposed to do.)

Gimme a new infield! And an outfield, too!

Frank Meinke pitched in 35 games for the 1884 Detroit Wolverines. He started 31 games and completed every one. His won-loss record was not particularly good – 8-23. ERA 3.18 was good.

Meinke didn’t get much help from the iron hands playing around him. In 289 innings pitched, Meinke gave up 102 earned runs. But, in total 217 base runners crossed the plate in his games. By baseball math, that comes out to 115 unearned runs.

The next year was not so good, either.

In 1885, Meinke pitched in one game. He started the May 22 game and lasted for five innngs. With the same iron hands behind him, Meinke gave up 12 runs, two earned.

He also played 51 games at short, five in the outfield, three at second base and three at third. His batting average was .163. In those 51 games at short, Meinke made 39 errors.

Life can be tough in The Show.

Obama vs. the Generals

The problem is, Obama’s sociologists don’t know anything other than treating everything like a neighborhood-city council problem. Sociologists do not know history and especially do not know military possibilities and limitations.

“Retired Army Lt. Gen. James Dubik, a veteran of Donald Rumsfeld’s rocky reign at the Defense Department, chalks up such misunderstandings to the cultural gap that often separates military and political leaders. There are several basic models of civil-military relations, he notes. The first is the traditional one of separate spheres of authority: ‘Civilians do policy; the military executes’—but still decides the means of execution.

“In a second model, ‘Civilians are the principals, the military are specialized employees. The military can advise, but they must do what the boss says in the way the boss wants, no more and no less.’ But, Dubik says, ‘most people in the military still favor the traditional separate-spheres model, while most people in the White House tend to think in terms of the employer-employee model. That’s a recipe for unhappiness.’

“That culture gap between the Pentagon and the White House frequently feels unbridgeable. The military is hierarchical and structured; civilian organizations, even within the White House, are organized more loosely. To the military, ‘planning’ is a meticulously defined process designed to develop implementable blueprints for action, down to the smallest logistical details; to civilians, planning often just means talking about what might happen in the future.”


(In the last part of the article, the author changes focus toward budgets, as though she decided there should be a domestic reason for the Pentagon's problems with the Obama administration.)

Florida HOA discriminates against disabled female veteran

My daughter is a disabled veteran. She built a house in Florida. The house borders a golf course. The builder – one of the most respected in that area – and the real estate agent said K could build a fence and put in a pool, as long as both were within home owner association guidelines.

K needs a fenced yard so her dogs can exercise. She needs a pool for physical therapy. She cannot walk long distances. Water exercises are good for her legs and were recommended by a therapist.

K sent plans for a fence to the HOA. The HOA was supposed to respond within 30 days. K got the response yesterday, 45 days after submission.

The HOA denied K’s request for a fence, stating fences are not allowed in back yards that border the golf course. Other houses near K’s have fences that border the course.

With its letter of refusal, the HOA sent a page it said was from the contract K signed. K had not seen that page, nor had her builder or her real estate agent.

This morning while K was outside with her dogs, a black car pulled up to the stop sign nearby and did not move for more than 15 minutes. When the car did move, it parked next to K’s sidewalk and remained there for at least another 15 minutes.

I told K to call the police and tell them about the black car. Her neighbor across the street is a police officer. I told her to tell him about the car. I also told her to carry her coach gun when she goes out with the dogs. K has a concealed carry permit. I told her to carry her pistol when she goes out with the dogs.

My wife and I both said she should get a lawyer. My wife said not to have a lawyer send a letter to the HOA, but to go in full bore – discrimination against a disabled veteran, harassment, duplicity or fraud with the non-contract paper and at least $500,000 for physical and emotional damages.

With that groundwork done, K should then contact a TV station and tell a reporter of the HOA’s discrimination against a disabled, female veteran. Reporters love that kind of story.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stupida$$ Huff writer must be a Yankee know-it-all

Oh, the horror!

Some landowners in Austin, Texas, are drilling wells on their own land so they can keep grass alive and green! Call out the water Gestapo! Arrest those people!

Matt Hickman blogs at Huffington Post: “A growing number of pristine lawn-obsessed residents in drought-stricken Austin have taken to drilling private wells so that they can irrigate to their heart's content while dodging the city's strict but much needed public water restrictions.”


Mr. Hickman works for Mother Nature Network, and as his bio admits: “A graduate of the New School’s MFA Creative Writing program, Matt Hickman cut his editorial teeth as a contributing writer covering design at CITY magazine.”

Not only is Mr. Hickman a smarta$$ Yankee know-it-all, he also is a Progressive Liberal who doesn’t see why some people with money and land should spend their own money to drill water wells on their own land.

It is so wrong, some people having more than others – more land, more water, more green grass.

Everyone should suffer equally. If I don’t have green grass, no one should have green grass.

And, Mr.Hickman might have checked on where the city of Austin gets its water. The source is not water wells.

Spend the money! The government won’t do anything!

When Bobby Jindal is your governor, there really are repercussions for doing bad.

“Louisiana governor Jindal’s office will cancel food stamp benefits for anyone who participated in a fraud and shopping spree catalyzed by an EBT malfunction.

“More than 12,000 people were sent an insufficient funds notice when the problem with the EBT cards was fixed on Oct. 12; those who transgressed may lose their EBT cards for a year.

“Suzy Sonnier, the secretary of state at the Department of Children and Family Services, released a statement saying: ‘We must protect the program for those who receive and use their benefits appropriately according to the law. We are looking at each case individually, addressing those recipients who are suspected of misrepresenting their eligibility for benefits or defrauding the system.’


Thieves suck at their job

Thieves steal thousands of euros with vacuum trick


“ROME — Thieves in Salerno in southern Italy have come up with a novel way of stealing money from an automatic petrol station cash register, using a vacuum cleaner to suck the notes out.

“The thieves made a hole in the cash register in the town of Sala Consilina before sucking out 3,000 euros ($4,000) in cash, according to the Corriere del Mezzogiorno daily on Wednesday.

“The automatic alarm system was set off but by the time the police arrived at the crime scene, the only thing left was the vacuum cleaner, the newspaper said.”

End the hate and violence ... and stuff

Here is the Drudge headline: ‘Football tackle kills high school player’

Here is the link headline and three paragraphs: ‘12 News at 10: Arizona prep football player dies after collapsing on field’

“A high school football player died Monday night at a Phoenix hospital, days after he suffered a blow to the head during a game.”

“Midway through the fourth quarter, Youvella caught a pass followed by what officials said appeared to be a typical football tackle. On the way down, the back of Youvella’s head hit the ground hard.
“Witnesses said Youvella got right back to his feet and lined up for two more plays before collapsing on the field.”

(Everybody and his brother are after football right now, since the gridiron game is legalized bullying and gang violence by carnivores, totally not an endeavor for civilized nations. And … And, Rush Limbaugh said several months ago, watch out because the wussies are coming after football. He might have said Liberals or Progressives, but wussies fits just as well. NOTE: I did not play football, nor do I watch televised games. Generally speaking, foes of football are dumba$$es who do not understand this country. Also generally speaking, professional football players are thugs and criminals who have gotten a pass on illegal activities all their lives.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gun control stories shoot down Sturmgeshutz searches

I am reading Battleground Prussia by Prit Buttar. The book covers areas and battles generally disregarded by American and British writers. Armored vehicles used included T34/85 and JS1 and JS2 by the Red Army, PzIV, PzV, PzVI and assault guns by the German army. I decided to refamiliarize my mind with types of assault guns, and searched on I got screen after screen after screen of AK47 and AR15 "assault guns," recommended related results for “assault gun ban,” “assault gun cases,” and “assault gun laws.”

How about Yahoo. Same thing. In fact, Yahoo search brought the same sites as Goodsearch.

I decided to try search. Viola! (After a fashion.) Main topics still concerned AK and AR “assault guns,” but duckduckgo at least had access to “armored warfare,” and under “more related topics,” Sturmgeshutz and “assault guns.”

So, a big hoo-wa for duckduckgo.

156 photographs here:

Also while searching, I found a picture of a grenade launcher on K98 Mauser.

(I don't do Google search since Google announced with pride its backing of homosexual marriages.)

Cleaning up after a murder

One night during TV crime drama, my wife asked, “Who cleans up all the blood when there’s a murder?” I said I didn’t know. She asked, “Do the police clean it up?” I doubt that, I said. She wondered, “So the family has to clean up all the blood? Or, maybe there are companies that do that.”

During coverage of a murder trail in Texas, I found out the answer.

A man killed his live-in girlfriend, in the kitchen of their house, with a 12-guage shotgun. He was known to have beaten her several times. She had left him, or thrown him from their house several times.

Her friends all told her, “Leave him. Make him go away. One of these days he will kill you.”

She responded with the usual “But he loves me” and “He promised to stop.” So, she always brought him back home.

In studying that kind of violence, my wife said she read that killing the abused person occurs after more than two or three forgivenesses.

That was what happened in this case.

The man had a defense, other than he was a worthless SOB.

On the night the murder happened, he said, he came home from hunting and had his shotgun in his hand when he went into the kitchen. His girlfriend, he said, started arguing about his absences. She had a butcher knife, he said, and at one point walked toward him, waving the knife. He said he had been stabbed several years before, and developed post-traumatic stress.

He shot his girlfriend in self-defense, he said. He shot her two times.

He was arrested, charged and indicted. His court-appointed attorney got a change of venue, from Clarksville, Texas, to Paris. Location of the trial did not matter. Everybody knew the man would receive a fair trial and a guilty verdict in any court in Texas. The trial took little more than an hour, the verdict substantially less time.

The mother of the dead woman’s son’s fiancé was a deputy sheriff in Red River County. She and her husband, the county constable, cleaned up the murder scene. The dead woman had no relatives, other than her son.

“We used more than two big rolls of paper towels,” the deputy later told me. “It was …” She just lapsed off and stopped talking.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting people to the library, one insurance policy at a time

This is one of those “Do what?” things. The Central Arkansas Library System is hiring In-Person Assisters to help people get into the state health exchange. For $12 an hour, the system wants people who are computer proficient and who have excellent communications and customer service skills. The library web site says the jobs are grant-funded “(d)ue to the Affordable Care Act.”

I’m going out on a short, strong limb here and say people working these jobs will not be overwhelmed by numbers of people flocking to libraries in order to sign up, unless the state of Arkansas orders people to go to the libraries and provides transportation and pays the people so ordered.

Former Prez Clinton says Obama should change the law

“WASHINGTON — Former President Bill Clinton said that President Barack Obama should find a way to let people keep their health coverage, even if it means changing the new insurance law.

“Clinton said Obama should ‘honor the commitment that the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got.’” – Associated Press.

(Well, now, Mr. Former President, “changing the new insurance law” is above President Obama’s pay grade. Lots of Democrats believe the president we have now ought to be able to do whatever he wants, but that dog won’t tree a squirrel.)

‘Public mass executions carried out in seven North Korean cities’

“PYONGYANG, North Korea, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Dozens of people were executed recently in seven North Korean cities in the first known mass executions in the Kim Jong Un regime, South Korean media reported.

“The executions of about 80 people occurred Nov. 3 for relatively minor infractions, such as watching South Korean movies or distributing pornographic material, Korea Joongang Daily reported Monday.

“People were executed in cities such as Wonsan, Chongjin, Sariwon and Pyongsong. No one was executed in Pyongyang, North Korea's capital.

“In Wonsan, eight people tied to stakes at a local stadium with their heads covered were shot with a machine gun, a source told Korea Joongang Daily. Witnesses said Wonsan authorities brought about 10,000 people, including children, to the stadium and forced them to watch.

“Twenty musicians, including Kim's supposed former girlfriend Hyon Song Wol, were executed by a firing squad in August for allegedly making pornographic videos.

“Media reports later alleged that Kim's wife, Ri Sol Ju, worked with the musicians before she married Kim, which has been denied. The official Korean Central News Agency said anyone who questioned North Korea's ‘highest dignity’ would be ‘mercilessly’ punished.”

(Eighty executions is a lot of dead people, but in North Korean terms that number is not a “mass” execution. As far as “the first known” in the Kim Jong Un regime, young Kim most likely has participated in other killings.)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hurrah for the pig!

No to the mosque!

Tahiti Polynesian marchers protest mosque.

Tell Tahitian women they will wear a garment that goes from top of head to feet and includes a veil? That will go over well.

Found at

Belarus notes political improvements

“There were no reports of police coercing confessions through beatings or psychological pressure during the year.”

Working for the government is fun, ‘cause if people don’t do what you say, you can fine them or put them in jail

This past week, the federal government “took the first steps to ban trans fats. Why? Because trans fats are bad for you and you can’t be trusted to avoid them on your own.”

You can’t be trusted, because you are not smart enough to know what is good or bad for you. Someone in the government must make the decision for you.!

How good is the federal government? “The number of civilians (i.e., not counting the military) who work for the executive branch alone is today nearly equal to the entire population of the United States in 1776.” (Same link.)

But we’ve grown since then. We need more people working in the government.

OK. But, the US population in 1776 was 2.5 million. We’ve grown about 120 times that number, so we need more people working … for one branch of the government? For the executive branch, whose job is to administrate?

The idea that government knows best is perfectly proved in the Affordable Health Care Act’s decision concerning your choice of insurance policies. “If you like it, you can keep it” has proved a lie. “The fact that the people who held them liked them, thought they were good, and wanted to keep them doesn’t count for much, because the government knows best.” (Mr. Goldberg’s link.)

“From a conservative perspective, telling people how to run their lives when not absolutely necessary is an abuse of power. For liberals, telling people how to run their lives is one of the really fun perks of working for the government.”

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Don't know whom to blame?

(Yeah, I would have preferred 'Don't know who to blame?' but grammar is grammar is grammar. Except when it's granpa.)


I've been thinking about becoming a polytheist. No, this has nothing to do with missing Battlestar Galactica. And yes, I realize my blasphemous notion flies in the face of a few thousand years of "Ye shall have no other gods before me." (To be honest, even when I was a kid that commandment troubled me. It sounded like a jealous girlfriend saying, "If I catch you looking at other girls, you're in big trouble, Mister!" And don't get me started on how "no other gods before me" kinda implies that there might actually be some other gods loitering about.) But my main reason for considering becoming a Pagan (Pagish? Jewgan?), is that it neatly answers the age-old question, "Why does god allow so much suffering in the world?" When tragedy strikes, the monotheistic approach can only offer the tired old, "It is not for us to question god's will." Really? Why not us? Who else is in the questioning business? But look what happens when we ask the same question from a pantheistic perspective. Why do the gods allow so much suffering in the world? Because outside of their particular area of expertise: farming, war, fertility, what-have-you, they are not even remotely in control. The buck stops nowhere. (In this scenario both the Old Testament and New Testament deities are off the hook as far as your general suffering is concerned.) But here's the really good news: with a polytheistic approach to prayer we can micro-target our beseeching. Trouble with love? Take it to Aphrodite. Not catching enough fish? Poseidon. Are you regularly waking up from alcohol-induced blackouts in the sleeping compartment of long-haul trucks that carry circus equipment and little people? That sounds like a job for Dionysus. Need your sitcom pilot to get picked up for the Fall season? Les Moonves. In other words, whatever the crisis might be, there's a god ready to take your call. What are you waiting for? Call now and receive a free goat-sacrificing kit! (Goat sold separately.)


From what little I know of prehistory, man roamed the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years in small tribes -- probably no more than two hundred people per group. During this time all wisdom was passed along according to the oral tradition. Everything you needed to know in order to succeed as a human being was told and/or shown to you, whether it be how to find a girl, find a guy, have sex, have a baby, find food, raise children, deal with family, argue with neighbors, care for the sick, elderly and dead, fight, work, sing, dance, play and get really loaded in order to hookup with the universe. (Side note: I've always loved the term "prehistory," which arrogantly implies that prior to the emergence of our culture, nothing happened.) Anyway, this state of affairs lasted for a long, long time. It was relatively stable. Peace on Earth, if you will. Then, with the advent of large-scale agriculture and the need for ever larger swathes of land to accommodate it, the tribal system collapsed and people began to live huddled together in towns, villages and cities. In short order, the priceless wisdom that taught us who we were and how we could live a happy life was forever lost to mankind. Which brings us to today. I don't believe that we became a neurotic and self-destructive species because we're born in sin, or otherwise flawed. I believe our fall from grace was simply a forgetting. Speaking of which, don't forget to buy my book of vanity cards, which is chock full of wisdom-rich oral tradition -- that inadvertently got written down -- and can be preordered online right now! Hurry, supplies are limited. (I don't actually know if that's true, but it sounds cool. What is true is that all my proceeds go to charity.)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Guard didn’t shoot enough of them in 1970

(If the soldiers had had more wherewithal, there wouldn’t have been enough offspring to attend all the folderol.

(Or, Hey, present-day Kent State students – Don’t you realize people died so you could attend “an educational workshop on the female orgasm”?)

‘Kent State Says “Aloha” to $17,000 for Hawaiian Sex Week’

“Kent State University splurged on its Hawaiian-themed sex week, which cost $17,000 in mandatory student fees.

“The Ohio public university hosted a variety of racy events last week under the auspices of the theme 'Let’s Get Lei’d,' an ode to sex week’s twofold purpose of celebrating Hawaiian culture and distributing sex toys to students.

“The festivities began last Monday with a Condom Couture Fashion show that involved students showing off original garments made of condoms, according to Campus Reform.

“Tuesday was Sexy Beach Party day, and Wednesday featured an educational workshop on the female orgasm. Instructors gave tips to women and their partners on finding “the mysterious G-spot,” and having multiple orgasms.

“KSU also hosted a drag show and sex toy giveaway.

“Sex week organizer Kyle Hovest, a KSU senior and member of the Interhall Council, said the events aimed to educate students about sexual health and disease prevention.

“’Our goal is to give residence hall students a broad spectrum of information,’ he said in a statement to the Akron Beacon Journal.”

(If I were a Kansas State University alumnus/graduate, I might file suit saying Kent State may not use initials KSU.)

Angry Arab no more?

“An Arab-American group has protested ‘orientalist stereotyping’ and circulated an online petition demanding the ‘offensive’ mascot be changed.”

Other local schools and mascots: Indio High School Rajahs, “represented by a turban-wearing Indian prince,” Palm Desert High Aztecs and Palm Springs High Indians.

Found at

(Here is a solution. Pay attention. This is complicated.

(‘A football team from Coachella High School defeats a football team from Palm Springs’

(PALM SPRINGS – The football team from Coachella High School defeated the football team from Palm Springs 21-18 Friday night at the Palm Springs’ football team’s stadium.

(No ‘Arabs lance Indians,’ nor ‘Aztecs stampede Rajahs.’ Just “A football team” defeated “A football team.”)

Friday, November 8, 2013

He wadn’ no crinimal. He wuza good kid

People who wouldn’t recognize truth if it reached up and slapped them upside the head.

Background: Three men rob a convenience store in Reading, Pa.

“The armed men took cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets before exiting the store. Outside they were confronted by the concerned citizen who told them not to move and that he was calling police.

“Adams said a struggle ensued and the suspects took out their weapons. The citizen, however, was also armed and fired at the suspects.

“The suspects were both shot in the chest and died at the scene.

“Police took the armed citizen in for questioning, but after reviewing video of the incident and speaking with a number of witnesses, authorities released the man.

“Adams said the shooter was very cooperative. The man had a license to carry, and since he was threatened at gunpoint, no charges are expected to be filed.”

Police later arrested the driver of the get-away car and charged him with second-degree murder.

Relatives of the dead yoots:

“Further, family members are calling for justice for the two dead criminals, you know the guys who were shot after they pulled their guns out first when they were confronted by a good guy.

“’It’s not fair,’ said Virginia Medina, mother of 24-year-old William Medina, who police said robbed Krick’s Korner store alongside 18-year-old Robert De Carr on Monday.

“The two men were shot and killed by a private citizen while leaving the store, and family members want to see charges pressed.

“’[William] had no right to lose his life over something that man could have called the police for,’ said Medina. ‘He took the law into his own hands and walked away scot-free.’

“’How about if people just start running around here, policing the city on their own? How much worse is it going to get?’ said Peter Ratel, Medina’s cousin.

“The family members said they are hurt by comments suggesting the alleged robbers were ‘thugs.’

“According to Medina, William was ‘no big hard criminal’ and was rather a family-man who loved his young daughter.

“Robert De Carr was described similarly by his sister, Taylor De Carr.

“’My brother was a good kid,’ she told 69 News.”

(It just isn’t fair that a young man who was not a big time criminal, a man who loved his daughter, should be shot after (1) pulling a gun to rob a store; and, (2) pulling his gun again when a citizen tried to stop the criminals. No, it’s just not fair.)

You appreciate what you pay for**

Yeah, it’s a cliché and oftentimes true.

‘People ask me’

“(As an off-topic aside, let me tell you the problems with many government-paid Medicaid patients and charity patients: they miss appointments, they are not appreciative and treat you like a servant, they will not make morning appointments, they resist advice, they do not pay the rent so docs have to limit their numbers - and they are prone to lawsuits against you. I know about this, because I do around 10-15% charity work in my office as my form of tithing, volunteer one day/week in a charity clinic, and teach for free 1/2 day/week. Just another greedy doc. )”

** Payment is not always in money.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

When Michael was in Afghanistan the first time ...

The surrounding scenery is a little more mountainous than Google Earth showed, but the mountains aren't too close.

The hillsides glitter in the afternoon. Legend has it the Soviets spread lots of broken glass around as an area denial plan. I guess that's cheaper than land mines, but harder to remove. Except for the blowing up part.

Our MiG pile is really more of a Sukhoi pile. There are a whole bunch of SU-17s, and the sweep wing planes that I think are SU-19s or -21s, quite a few IL-28s, and a few MI-8s. All busted and broken.

There were hangars and other buildings here, but they were burned at some time in the past. The heat was so hot when they burned that the steel beams are twisted and collapsed.

On one of the motorcycle forums I read, people post their pictures of trips to India, Mongolia, and places like that. I always look at the giant valleys and tall mountains and think, "It'd be really great to ride there".

The other day, I was walking the mile to work and I noticed that I'm there. The mountains, the valley. Just without the motorcycle. And in uniform, with a rifle.

The government doesn't want to be called 'the government'

The prosecutor in Williamson County, Tenn., asked circuit court to tell defense attorneys to stop referring to the government as “the government,” since the term is not so popular these days.

A defense attorney, Drew Justice, filed his own papers with the court, saying, among other things:

“Should this Court disagree, and feel inclined to let the parties basically pick their own designations and ban words, then the defense has a few additional suggestions.... First, the Defendant no longer wants to be called ‘the Defendant.’ This rather archaic term of art obviously has a fairly negative connotation.... At trial, Mr. P. hereby demands to be addressed only by his full name, preceded by the title ‘Mister.’

“Alternatively, he may be called simply ‘the Citizen Accused.’ This latter title sounds more respectable than the criminal ‘Defendant.’ The designation ‘That innocent man’ would also be acceptable.

“Moreover, defense counsel does not wish to be referred to as a ‘lawyer,’ or a ‘defense attorney.’ Those terms are substantially more prejudicial than probative. See Tenn. R. Evid. 403. Rather, counsel for the Citizen Accused should be referred to primarily as the ‘Defender of the Innocent.’ This title seems particularly appropriate, because every Citizen Accused is presumed innocent.

“Alternatively, counsel would also accept the designation ‘Guardian of the Realm.’

“Further, the Citizen Accused humbly requests an appropriate military title for his own representative, to match that of the opposing counsel. Whenever addressed by name, the name ‘Captain Justice’ will be appropriate. While less impressive than ‘General,’ still, the more humble term seems suitable. After all, the Captain represents only a Citizen Accused, whereas the General represents an entire State.

“Along these same lines, even the term ‘defense’ does not sound very likeable. The whole idea of being defensive comes across to most people as suspicious. So to prevent the jury from being unfairly misled by this ancient English terminology, the opposition to the Plaintiff hereby names itself ‘the Resistance.’

* * *

“WHEREFORE, Captain Justice, Guardian of the Realm and Leader of the Resistance, primarily asks that the Court deny the State’s motion, as lacking legal basis. Alternatively, the Citizen Accused moves for an order in limine modifying the speech code as aforementioned, and requiring any other euphemisms and feel-good terms as the Court finds appropriate.”


‘I knew John Kennedy, and …’

If John Connally really did, he, like a whole lot of others, kept secrets.

“JFK rarely let legal specifics deter his exercise of presidential power. At his behest in 1961, the Internal Revenue Service set up a ‘strike force,’ the Ideological Organizations Project, targeting groups opposing the administration.

“In 1962, outraged that American steel manufacturers had raised prices, he ordered wiretaps, IRS audits and dawn FBI raids on steel executives’ homes.”

(I was 14 when Kennedy was elected. He exuded a sense of hope. But, so did Hitler, Mussolini and a bunch other politicians who all assumed “Just do as I say, and you will be better off.”)

A nice autumn day

Leaves are yellow or red or brown, the larger oak leaves falling now; smaller gum and maple and others soon to follow.

The ground is wet. For several days, low clouds and intermittent hours-long light rain dominated the weather.

Today is a sunny day. I should be outside, chopping grass from a crosstie-banked ditch in the front yard. I have two different kinds of hoes to do the chopping. One is a regular yard hoe; the other a double-sided device with a pick on one side and an almost grubbing hoe on the other.

You get a hoe sharpened right, you can chop some grass. Like everything else, though, the sharp wears down and you have to take a file to the hoe again.

My mother used to talk about chopping cotton. The first time she mentioned it, I wondered what the idea was, chopping cotton plants. I thought people picked cotton from the plants, and how could they if they chopped down the plants? My mother just laughed and said chopping cotton meant using a hoe to chop grass and weeds.

Years ago, all that was done by hand. Nobody had chemicals to keep weeds away. Picking was done by hand, too.

Cotton was an intensely labor-intensive crop. That is why Southern states had slaves. Land right for planting cotton and hot weather right for growing led to large fields, huge fields, the ones today that grow soybeans or rice.

My mother’s people – Andersons and Simmons -- didn’t have large fields or, way back when, slaves to plant and chop and pick cotton. It had been that way since the first landings and moving west … one of the Carolinas to Georgia to Alabama to Texas.

My father’s people – Merrimans and Flatts, Wards and Ishes -- had it the same way, but by a different route – Virginia to Tennessee to Kentucky to Indian Territory to Texas.

My wife’s people, too; both sides – Johnstons in Virginia moving to Kentucky, then to Texas, the Chickasaw Nation, back to Texas and then to Arkansas; Raleys from South Carolina to Alabama to Arkansas.

They all were tenant farmers, until the 1920s or 1940s, renting land for a year, maybe for another year, growing enough to eat, raising enough cotton to make a bale at the local gin.

Funny thing, that one bale of cotton would pay a year’s worth of bills. What they needed was two bales. That kind of money would buy a small farm.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Way to go, Mother Country

Britain has a new way of making sure only the news that’s true finds its way to public reading.

“Hacked Off, the lobby group which has led the campaign for tighter regulation, said: ‘News publishers now have a great opportunity to join a scheme that will not only give the public better protection from press abuses but will also uphold freedom of expression, protect investigative journalism and benefit papers financially.

“’The press should seize the chance to show the public they do not fear being held to decent ethical standards, and that they are proud to be accountable to the people they write for and about.’"

Found at

(There’s nothing like a government-approved board to uphold freedom of expression and protect investigative journalism. Newspapers not volunteering for tighter regulation are not bound by the board’s findings. Yeah.)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who writes history?

In an episode on meat packing on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels, the narrator stated that until the 1920s, only wealthy people ate bacon.

My parents’ families would have been surprised to learn their winter hog killings and their smoke houses put them in an upscale food class.

It might have been that among city dwellers only the wealthy could afford bacon, but history writers should not limit stories only to populations of their own kind.

In the same vein, authors of a textbook I had to use in teaching history commented that even with the advent of household electric devices of the 1920s, housewives found they were taking as much time to vacuum floors as their maids had with carpet sweepers.

I don’t think either of my grandmothers would have considered herself a housewife. I do think, though, that both would have taken upper-class bacon over a vacuum cleaner. For one thing, a vacuum cleaner would not beat a broom cleaning a wooden floor. And, in the 1920s, neither grandmother had electricity.

Mike Huckabee is a liar, a charlatan and a thief

Huckabee is a former governor of Arkansas and has a talk program on Fox News. He also shills for Citizens United for American Sovereignty, a political lobbying group that steals money from elderly Americans.

My wife and I have been getting my mother-in-law’s mail since April, when Mrs. R. agreed to change her mailing address. She had emptied her checking account of more than $23,000 to so-called “conservative” and “non-profit” lobbying organizations.

Citizens United is one of those organizations, and Huckabee is one of the thieves.

Since April, Citizens United has sent at least 25 letters to Mrs. R. in envelopes with Huckabee’s smiling face in the return address corner and a supposed hand-written message across the front: “What you as a conservative do in the next 3 days is absolutely critical.”

Each “critical” letter has the same message (in addition to an appeal for money): “I need your help within the next 3 days to get the United Nations out of the United States once and for all.” Also in the envelope is a “Defund the United Nations Petition,” which, Huckabee alleges, will be delivered “to Congress.”

You have to wonder how many three-day petitions can be delivered to Congress in an eight-month period?

How about none?

When stealing retirement money from elderly Americans, Huckabee, Citizens United and other lobbyists bank on forgetfulness and damage done by dementia and old age.

Thieves such as Huckabee count on elderly Americans not remembering the last check sent to Citizens United, or the check before the last one, or the one before that.

The thieves count on a hammered message seeming new each time an elderly American reads the letter.

My mother-in-law did exactly as Huckabee and other thieves hoped she would. According to bank records, Mrs. R. sent at least two checks on the same day to the same organization. From another organization, she received three letters of appreciation in one envelope.

This thievery has to stop.

The lobbyist thieves hide behind message and non-profit status. Laws governing non-profit political organizations should be changed. “Must be changed” is a ridiculous argument, since too many elected, law-making federal senators and representatives use the same thieving and fund-raising organizations.

The thieves should be hung out to dry, or better yet, just hung out.

There is a special place in Hell for those who harm children and cheat the elderly. These thieves should find that place soon.

Somebody intended bodily harm

And was somewhat successful.

‘Parolee shot three times in Little Rock’

“Brian Silva, 26, told investigators he came to a stop at a stop sign near 5024 Mabelvale Pike, heard shots and was then hit three times, according to a Little Rock Police Department report.

“Silva left his Pontiac Bonneville in front of a friend's home and was then taken to UAMS Medical Center for treatment of superficial gunshot wounds on his right upper arm and the right side of his forehead and one wound where a bullet entered the inside of his left upper arm, police said.

“Police later went to Silva's vehicle, finding eight to 11 bullet holes in the front windshield, passenger door and hood, the report said. The car smelled of marijuana, and a hand-rolled cigarette was spotted on the floor, according to the report.”

Press 7 to delete everybody

"The NSA chief told Congress … that NSA wiretaps are done only on terrorist suspects. That's true to a point. If you call the NSA, the telephone recording tells you to press one to listen to the French leaders, press two to listen to Germany's leaders, and if you have any dirt on the Republicans, please hold and the president will be right with you." – Argus Hamilton,

Sometimes it's just too much

About 8:50 this morning I lost my temper while trying to explain to a funeral home person why a TV ad should be pulled.

Priscilla and I saw the ad around 7:25. The image was of a man in a Marine Corps uniform saluting a flag while “Taps” played. There were no words spoken or streamed or overprinted – just the U.S. flag, a man saluting and “Taps” playing.

I was immediately angry; not explosively angry, but disturbed angry.

When “Taps” concluded and the name of the funeral home flashed on the screen, I said to Priscilla, “That is not right.”

She said, “No, it isn’t.”

I said, “I’m going to call the funeral home.”

“You should,” she said.

I told the funeral home man that his business was using dead soldiers to sell his product. He said that was not the intent of the ad. That is what I expected him to say. I said that I am a retired Army sergeant and that Priscilla and I have three children, two sons who are Army sergeants and a daughter who is a medically retired Air Force officer. He said something, I don’t remember what. I asked if he had any military service. In a voice the same as J.J. LaRoche, he said he did not. He then began defending the ad.

That was when I lost my temper.

“YOU. DO NOT. UNDERSTAND!” I said in a not-overly-loud voice. I immediately regretted losing my temper. I said, “I need to hang up now.”

I apologized for my temper.

Some business people think they can throw a flag on the screen and a make-believe soldier … We are patriotic! Our Business SUPPORTS THE TROOPS!

Supper, dogs and a missing sweet potato

Last night I had everything planned and working for supper – corn bread in the oven; ham ready to put in oven; turnip greens in pot on low heat; two sweet potatoes on the counter top ready for the microwave.

I had never nuked sweet potatoes before, but a web site said cook on high for 4-5 minutes; add 3-4 minutes if cooking two.

Everything ready to go, so I came in here to check mail and read Vast Right Wing Conspiracy sites. When those were done, I went back to the kitchen to check cooking status.

Where is the other sweet potato? (Move stuff around on the counter top, figuring the sweet potato must be hiding somewhere. Nope.) Where did … The dogs had just a few minutes before asked to go outside, which was strange, because they had been in not much more than 10 minutes … Dogs want outside. Missing sweet potato.

“Okay.” I was now talking aloud. “Where is it?” Check kitchen floor. Nope. I wanted to find a whole sweet potato. “What did you do with it?” Check dining room, living room. Hallway. South bedroom. East … “I’ll be … something,” as I see tiny pieces of sweet potato skin on the carpet. “You … dogs!”

The remaining sweet potato was sufficient for Priscilla and me. But the 4-5 minutes? Don’t believe it. Cook a sweet potato for at least 8 minutes.

And watch out for the dogs.

Hagel expects BS to satisfy everybody

We need to consider soft power while maintaining capacity to deliver hard blows; don’t look only inward, but consider global events; don’t believe stories of American decline, but don’t fall for American pride; make sure military has people and tools to do the job; and cut the defense budget.

A policy for all seasons.

‘Hagel warns Congress Against Isolationism; Renews Call for Soft Power’

Monday, November 4, 2013

How does a Navy 05 manage to redirect carrier group to friend’s business?

Not guilty ‘til proven, yeah. But just from the sound of the accusations, CDR Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz has lots of ‘splainin to do.

“Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz passed confidential information on ship routes to Francis' Singapore-based company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd., or GDMA, according to the court documents.

“Misiewicz and Francis moved Navy vessels like chess pieces, diverting aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships to Asian ports with lax oversight where Francis could inflate costs, according to the criminal complaint. The firm overcharged the Navy millions for fuel, food and other services it provided, and invented tariffs by using phony port authorities, the prosecution alleges.”

Headline: ‘Woman nearly hits officer fleeing from traffic stop’

Throw the book at officers fleeing from traffic stops!

(An example of why not to place verb phrase far from subject. It is very easy to write: ‘Woman fleeing from traffic stop nearly hits officer.’)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A dream in which I deal with a bad man

I was in a house with two women and a child. I was not part of the household, but had stopped at the house while on my way somewhere, stopped to ask for something to eat and to rest. Two men, strangers to the women, came to the house. One of the men and I went to a large building a short distance from the house. The shed was low and had several rooms and 4X4 beams supporting the roof. I realized the men intended to kill me and the women and the child. The man and I got into a fight. He was getting the best of me, but I bit off part of his face, took a large chunk from his right cheek. That made the man pause a moment, and I was able to get a knife from his back pocket. The knife was a carving knife, with a wooden handle and a blade about eight inches long. I stuck the man on his left side, high and between two ribs, then in the stomach and drawing the blade up. He continued to fight, so I sliced his throat. He went down, but continued to struggle, so I cut off his head. He deflated. In a room left of where the man and I fought was a large wooden crate with pistols, rifles and ammunition. I went to the box, to arm myself so I could go back to the house and shoot the other bad man. When I woke up I tasted blood.

(I no longher have that kind of dream. That's too bad. They were entertaining.)

A Different Kind of Girl

Cindy said it couldn’t have been as bad as people believed. “Ray Gene ... You remember Ray Gene, he’s my first cousin?”

“I remember Ray Gene,” Tom said.

“Ray Gene was at -- Oh, it’s one of those places I can’t pronounce. You’d think they’d have real names for places. Nah or No or something like that. Anyway, it had an air base.”

“Nha Trang,” he said.

“That’s it!” She reached across the car seat and touched his hand and then took back her hand. “How do you remember all that stuff?” She turned in the seat. Tom looked at her face. He remembered her eyes, colored like blue ice, but he couldn’t see her eyes in the darkness of the car.

“I don’t know. After a while, you know the names,” he said.

“Well, they have funny names for places,” Cindy said. Her hair was longer than Tom remembered, but that was the fashion now. Not that he minded her hair being long. He had seen pictures in magazines, and all the girls in the pictures had long hair. He didn't mind her short skirt, either. When he was last home, girls didn’t wear skirts that short, and he thought it was a good thing they did now.

“Some places I remember, you know, from the news on TV?” Cindy said. “They had lots of stories about Saigon and a place that’s pronounced Whey, but it’s spelled like Huie. Are all the places spelled different than they’re pronounced?”

“Not all of them,” Tom said. Cindy was two years younger and a college sophomore. He and Cindy had not been particularly friends in high school, but Cindy was her mother’s daughter and oftentimes acquiesced with what her mother asked. Her mother and his mother were best friends, and one or the other or both decided Cindy and Tom should go out before his leave was finished. He didn’t mind. Cindy was a pretty girl. The girls were different now, though, and he would not have asked out any girls he remembered knowing. On the plane home he thought about the girls he remembered, in a different way than when he thought about them before he came home. Before he came home, he thought about every girl he had ever known, and the ones he had gone out with. He remembered what he wished had happened when he was out with those girls, even though none of it had happened. On the plane home he thought about different girls and maybe if he asked one or two out, it would happen. But when he came home, the girls were different than he remembered.

“Ray Gene said he worked eight hours a day,” Cindy was saying. “Just like when he worked at the garage. Sometimes he had to work extra hours, like overtime? But he didn’t get paid overtime. I guess they don’t pay overtime.”

“No,” Tom said. “They don't pay overtime.”

“They should,” Cindy said. “I mean, somebody works more than eight hours a day, he should get overtime.”

“It’s the duty,” Tom said, but he knew she wouldn’t understand. “You’re on duty twenty-four hours a day.”

“They should pay overtime,” she said. “Anyway, Ray Gene said when he got off work, there was a club he could go to. On the base. He said they had beer and records. There weren’t any girls to dance with, so they drank beer. Ray Gene wasn’t much for beer before he went over there.”

“Some guys weren’t, I guess.” He hadn’t been much for beer either, but he learned to drink it when it was available, because ... But that was all over now.

Tom parked the car in front of the movie theater. He put the transmission in Park and turned the key. He got out and closed the door and walked to the other side. Cindy said “Thank you” when he opened her door. Tom watched as she swung her legs from the car. He took her hand as she stood. She had nice legs and her hair was thick and dark brown and reached the small of her back. He wondered how it would be, her hair streaming through his fingers, and how her lips would taste. He closed the door. She took his arm. Her fingers were light.

At the ticket window, he said “Two, please” to the woman behind the glass. He paid for the tickets and held the door open. “Thank you,” Cindy said. He asked if she wanted popcorn and a coke. She said she would like a coke. He got two, and they walked into the theater.

They would see “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” On the phone the day before, when he called and asked if she wanted to see a movie with him, although it all had been arranged by her mother and his mother, and he told her which movie was playing, she said, “That’s the one where the colored man is marrying the white girl.” He said it was. She said she wouldn’t mind watching that movie. On the phone she asked, “Do you think that’s happening a lot these days?” He said he didn’t know.

German army rations in World War II

(A year or so ago, I came across the following while searching for German army rations in World War II. I did not copy the link, nor in a search today was I able to find the exact wording, even though visiting several sites.)

“Normally, Landsers would be issued their bread ration for the day (Kriegsbrot, a dark, multi-grain bread), and would draw cheese (Käse), jelly or preserves (marmalade) and perhaps hard sausage (Dauerwurst) for their morning meal. The hot coals in the Gulaschkanone would be kept going all day to cook stew or Eintopf for the mid-day meal, normally the largest meal of the day. The evening meal would look much like that of the morning, using the remainder of the bread issue, with perhaps the addition of instant soup or Wehrmachts-Suppekonserve).

“The iron or half-iron ration, which consisted of canned meat and packaged crackers, was similar to the American Army’s K-Ration, though it was packed more simply and lacked many of the sundry items (such as cigarettes, chewing gum and instant coffee) that G.I.s were accustomed to. This ration was carried in the bag on the Landser’s assault pack (Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck) and was normally placed inside the Zwiebackbeutel. The full Wehrmacht iron ration consisted of 300 grams of hard crackers – 10.5 oz (Zwieback, Hartkeks or Knäckebrot), 200 grams –7 oz. of preserved meat (Fleischkonserve), 150 grams -- 5 oz of preserved or dehydrated vegetables (Gemüse) or pea sausage (Erbsenwurst), 25 grams -- .9 oz of artificial substitute coffee (Kaffe-Ersatz), and 25 grams .9 oz of salt (Salz). The halb-eiserne Portion carried by Landser in their Gefechstgepäck consisted of the canned meat and crackers only.

“There was also Wehrmachts-Suppe, or condensed soup, and coffee, which allowed the cooks to issue warm liquids as a supplement. These items were used only in the case where food supplies from the issue point [note: at regiment or battalion level] to the company field kitchens could not make it through.”

What government does – and doesn’t do

(Mostly, government grows. And grows.)

(This was called “The Ten Commandments of Government” by Tyler Durden at but “commandments” is not the right word.)

I Generally speaking, government always grows -- it never shrinks -- whether times are good or bad.

II In each area it purports to "assist", government attempts to replace individual decision-making with central planning.

III In order to implement its grand central plans and solidify its power, government must take from one citizen to give to another; this is, in effect, lawful theft.

IV No matter how many times central planning fails, the self-appointed masterminds in government assert that "this time is different" and that with only a few tweaks and more money, their delusional plans will succeed.

V Because it uses funds confiscated from taxpayers, self-restraint is no obstacle to government's ambitions.

VI Its fundamental misunderstanding of human nature notwithstanding, government must claim to grant "rights", which require it steal the labors of one citizen to give to another (such as food, shelter, employment, and health care).

VII No matter how widespread the harm it causes, government will never provide an honest and historical accounting -- a report card -- of its failures.

VIII As more individuals and families are harmed by the failures of central planning, government must find suitable scapegoats, must lie to do so, and therefore must also repress dissent.

IX In order to build its network of redistribution and grow a culture of dependency on its services, government must inevitably undermine the family unit, religion, and the notion of God-given rights in order to cow, bribe, or intimidate its citizens.

X As government grows ever more powerful, it must also become increasingly oppressive through compulsion and force. To do otherwise would mean government must shrink, and this it cannot do.

Found at

‘Report: China Agrees to Use Oil Money for Iran to Finance $20b of Development Projects’

A report by an Iranian media website says China has agreed to finance $20 billion in development projects in Iran using oil money not transferred to the Islamic Republic because of international sanctions.

The U.S. and its allies have imposed oil and banking sanctions against Iran over its disputed nuclear program. Iran frequently uses barter arrangements because of the sanctions.

China is Iran’s top crude oil importer.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

FARK headline: ’21-year-old Chicago man thinks it would be a hilarious Halloween prank to go out and shoot people with paint balls. Guess what happens’

A Chicago woman says she was shot with a paintball gun Thursday not long before the shooter took a bullet from a real gun as a result of his pranks.

Lisa Tappler was walking to her South Side home when she was shot in the apparent Halloween prank.

"My face was bleeding. I didn't know if I had gotten shot with a real gun," Tappler said. "Hee** didn't care who he was shooting ... He didn't know me, I didn't now** him."

Police say the 21-year-old man's prank went too far when one of his victims retaliated by firing back with a real gun in the 7800 block of South Emerald Avenue.

The man was shot in the shoulder and was listed in stable condition. His alleged accomplice in the paintball shootings, 39-year-old Jason Wells, was charged with one misdemeanor count of possession/discharging of an air rifle, a misdemeanor.

(**NBC Chicago: 1. does not have automatic spell/grammar check; or 2. people who know either.)


A little help from our alien friends?

The Chelyabinsk meteorite was the most-photographed in history, but few cameras caught the UFO that intercepted the rock and caused the meteorite to explode and throw pieces into the atmosphere.

Still, “the shockwave from the explosion injured almost 1,200 people and caused approximately $33 million worth of damage,” Russian authorities said.

Alien spacecraft might have tracked the big rock, according to Alexander Komanov, coordinator for the Russian UFO community in Yekaterinburg.

Mr Komanov said “there was an upsurge of UFO sightings in the region weeks before the meteorite exploded in the earth’s atmosphere.”

The 20-meter-wide meteorite rammed the Earth’s atmosphere at roughly 41,000 miles per hour on Feb. 15, 2013.

Give it a break with the crystals and stuff

Looking at steppe pictures last night, I ran across a link to Arkaim, a presumably original city of Aryans. I had never heard of the place, and did some searching. Few sites present facts; most are of the natural religion type, that man must see Nature as the only truth. And some UFOs, too, of course.

Arkaim – the Russian Stonehenge

Arkaim – Crystallinks

Arkaim – Ancient wisdom

“The ancient Ural fortress Arkaim located in the Chelyabinsk region is often called the ‘Russian Stonehenge.’ In addition to streets and buildings scientists have found remnants of a water system, metallurgic furnaces, and mines. It is also said to be one of the strongest 'anomaly zones' in Russia.”

(Stonehenge is not a fortress; Stonehenge does not have “remnants of a water system, metallurgic furnaces, and mines.”)

“How did people of such ancient civilization manage to accomplish incredible technological progress, which still seems to be unachievable nowadays?”

“’The town and its outskirts are all enclosed in the circles. We still do not know, what point the gigantic circles have, whether they were made for defensive, scientific, educational, or ritual purposes. Some researchers say that the circles were actually used as the runway for an ancient spaceport,’ Vadim Chernobrovy said.”

(The most important part of the statement: “We still do not know …” And what is that “incredible technological progress … unachievable nowadays”?)

Arkaim – Ancient Russian city and psychic hotspot

“… Arkaim finds its prototype in Plato’s Atlantis with its three concentric circles of canals; in legendary Electris, the Hyperborean city some said was built under the Pole Star by the sea-god Poseidon …”

Psychic and magical.

(The more we learn, the more we should admit we don’t know much about where and when things started. But the crystals and magnetic anomalies and aliens … Come on.)

Friday, November 1, 2013

A reminder of where I am not

This morning, while sitting in the car in a bank parking lot in Texarkana, Texas, while my wife and her mother took care of some financial things, I got a reminder that I am not living in the Promised Land – Texas – but in that hog-bound state to the northeast.

The reminder came in this manner:

Two women walked from the bank, one in her late 50s, the other in her early 20s. Both wore cowboy boots, jeans and deer-hunter camouflage jackets. The older woman wore a white button blouse, the younger woman a pullover shirt, white with a blue swirley design across the top part. She wore a black cowboy hat, too.

I mentioned the reminder to my wife. She said, “You can see the same thing in Arkansas.” I said I had not seen two women similarly accoutered in Arkansas. She said, “Then you haven’t been in the right places.”

I said, “They walked Texas.” And they did, and no matter how many women you see dressed that way in Arkansas, none will walk Texas, unless she is.