Monday, September 6, 2010

Your religious group doesn’t count

Members of the Dove Outreach World Center in Gainesville, Fla., plan to burn a copy (or copies) of the koran on Sept. 11.

Church members certainly have a right to burn anything, as long as the action does not violate local fire codes. Burning a copy of the koran seems a dumb idea, sort of like building a mosque near Ground Zero.

Reacting to the news, demonstrators in Kabul, Afghanistan, marched outside the U.S. embassy, and shouting “Death to America” and burning an effigy of the church’s minister.

Reacting to the demonstrators (and acting in a manner hardly reminiscent of President T.R. Roosevelt’s advice to “Speak softly and carry a big stick”), the U.S. embassy in Kabul issued a statement:

"The United States government in no way condones such acts of disrespect against the religion of Islam, and is deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups.

"Americans from all religious and ethnic backgrounds reject this offensive initiative by this small group in Florida, a great number of American voices are protesting the hurtful statements made by this organization."

Well, who would have known! “The United States government … is deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups.”

Here’s a guess: A great number of Americans of differing religious and ethnic groups were offended when the same U.S. State Department included Arizona’s immigration enforcement bill in a report to the United Nations commission on human rights. Did that offense concern the State Department? No doubt those offended continue to cling to their God and their guns; a position that offends not only the present secretary of state, but also her boss, the president.

Here’s another guess: An equal of greater number of Americans of differing religious and ethnic groups were offended when President Obama announced his support of a mosque near Ground Zero.

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We had who as allies?

Or: 229 years later and arguments continue.

On Sept. 5, 1781

"The Royal Navy suffered a rare defeat at the hands of the French, at the battle of the Capes of the Chesapeake, which helped seal the American victory during the War of Independence.

"Rear Admiral Thomas Graves, commanding 19 ships of the line, faced the talented Comte de Grasse du Bar with 24 ships. De Grasse was landing French troops at the Chesapeake to link up with General Washington's advance on Yorktown. Graves failed to seize an opportunity to fall upon the French fleet whilst it headed for the open sea, and several of his own ships suffered heavily, one subsequently having to be scuttled.

"With a British relief force unable to reach him by land or sea, General Cornwallis at Yorktown had to surrender to Washington on 20 October."


"helped seal the American victory": come now, the French won it for them. Due credit to Geo Washington for hanging on long enough for the French to take their opportunity, but the French won at sea and at Yorktown, whatever fairy-tales the yanks indoctrinate their kiddies with.”

“Do you feel better now? You actually prefer to lose to the French than British Colonials?”

“What on earth has preferring got to do with history? The frogs won fair and square: credit where it's due.”

“...yeah, and it took about 10 years of constant diplomacy, the near certainty that the Americans would win because (1) they damn well wouldn't give up, and (2) the British weren't exactly happy about pounding the colonials. The British could have won easily. They were more pissed that they would have to send prisoners to Australia instead of to the closer colonies.”

“If the French didn't want to confront the British every where possible, they never would have come in. Like oil and water those two...for a thousand years."

“Saying that...when they did come in, they showed their stature as a premire world power.”

“Boy, I'm sure glad the Germans started acting up in the last century so we could all be friends again.”

“Actually, the Revolutionary War (WOI across the Pond) was probably the last time the French actually did something tremendous militarily.”

“Washington knew that all he had to do was not lose his army. Every day he held it together was another day for the Crown to either give up, or make a horrible blunder, and then give up. He didn't have to win ... he only needed to not lose. He won anyway.”

“And if you want an example of an outright American victory, read about the attempt to relieve New York. An army marched south from Canada, and was annihilated by a swarm of angry New Englander militiamen ... with no help from the Continental Army. People just living there decided to treat them like rampaging Indians, and converged on them without orders, or even much in the way of leaders.”

“Just to damp the ardour a bit, you yanks did not do so well invading Canada-he he.”

“That's okay: so the Yanks needed the French to beat the British and their German mercenaries, just as the Brits and French needed the Yanks -- twice -- to beat the Huns. We're all one big happy family, except when we're not.”

“As for the Canadian adventure: I'd like to ask my Canuck friends whether they'd be better off as part of the U.S. today, instead of under their current regime. I suspect that the Albertans and Saskatchewans might have a slightly different view from those in Toronto and Quebec.”

“Actually, the invasion of Canada was a "very near run thing", as some prominent Brit said--if General Montgomery hadn't been killed in the assault on Quebec, it may well have been a success.”

‘’Just to damp the ardour a bit, you yanks did not do so well invading Canada-he he’
“For which we are eternally grateful!”

“If we hadn't helped you in WWII and thereafter, you'd be speaking German or Russian now. If the French hadn't helped us in the American Revolution, we'd be speaking...English.”

“Yes, dearieme, we were all taught in school about the French fleet and soldiers at Yorktown and the tale of the American bayonet charge on Redoubt #10. The town I grew up in is marked as part of George Washington's retreat route.”

“Were we the only side with allies? Have you forgotten about your Hessian mercenaries we defeated?”

“Have you forgotten the pasting a bunch of farm boys and leather tanners gave the British forces at Breeds Hill? Over 200 killed and 800 wounded.”

“Water under the bridge. Let's insult the Frogs some more. Their flag has red and blue velcro bars for easy surrendering!”

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ignoring the Obvious - How Government Screws Up (Almost) Everything

By cmndr45

“Take the hoards of illegals streaming across our Southern border. While everyone offers after-the-fact band-aids, nobody wants to deal with the two fundamental reasons that we have the problem in the first place: jobs and welfare. Illegals come here because they can simply earn more money than they can in their home country, especially if they work “off book” - for cash. If we actually made it impossible for illegal aliens to work in the United States, the invasion would all but dry up.

“But on this issue, Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats - neither party wants to alienate their corporate supporters by genuinely enforcing the law with fines and criminal charges, nor angering the Hispanic community by prosecuting the illegals who use falsified documents to obtain jobs."