Friday, June 30, 2017

Fixing stupid?

Dumbass locks his equally dumbass brother in gun safe in store, grandfather gets pissed at store.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

His teachers must be so proud

I’m guessing this is from a blog about some sort of something-con, from a Stephen David Thomas.

“STOP COMPLAINING YOU UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE! its always busy dont like it dont go? One pearon hurt them self due to a cosplayer messing around hes a douche not everyone else yes the ques are long but its popular! What you expect a red carpet and no one to be there? Yes the security where harsh but they were under orders like every other member of staff! Geez stop complaining and start being grateful for the work the staff do to make the event it is today!

“Yours faithfully a grateful assassin!

“As for the guy who fell in the water its because he was being an idiot!”

COMMENT: Put ‘em behind a wall and put in another brick, cause we don’t need no edjucayshun.

There was a link to the site, but ye bloggo decided to protect you from the idiots.

Kids have to have something to do, eh?

That degree in “Comparative Religions in Transgender Communities” doesn’t go far paying the bills when Mom and Dad say your basement room is okay for an emergency, but you graduated high school nine years ago, and the electrical has gone up considerably since then.

“Posted by Dustin McGladrey at Monday, January 18th, 2016 11:58am

“A major push is underway to create a Museum of the North American Holocaust in Moscow. A counterpoint to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, the Russian Museum would highlight the grim history of the genocide that eliminated, pushed aside, and repressed First Nations on territories that gave rise to the existence of the United States and Canada.

“The plan for the Museum is timely given the spotlight put on the genocidal history of North America as featured in the new Hollywood blockbuster, Revenant.”

When your spokesmen are Leonardo DiCaprio and (the late) Marlon Brando, your audience is indeed small.

You’ll find Freedom in Oklahoma

As much freedom as The People demand and vote for, anyway.

If you are looking for the town of Freedom, it's in Woods County, in the northwest part of Oklahoma, a couple of counties before the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Hometown Locator ranks Freedom as No. 502 in terms of population (499 for Zip Code 73842 as of July 1, 2016), but No. 95 in per capita income ($34,297) and No. 92 in median household income ($61,016).

Kansas is a few miles north of Freedom. Or, if you’re looking to make a funny – You’ll find Freedom a few miles south of Kansas. Some towns not too far away and still in Oklahoma include Buffalo, Gate, Laverne and May. Appropriately, streets in Freedom include Saddlehorn Drive, Lasso Lane, Dusty Trail, Sand Burr Lane and Tumbleweed Lane. Somebody had a sense of humor.

Rhodes Park, just off Cimarron Pass, has a rodeo arena.

Wikipedia says Freedom’s 2010 population was 289 – 96% white. Eight miles west of Freedom, Cargill has an evaporative salt works. Freedom State Bank started business in 1919 and stayed around until Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. regulators shut it down in June 2014. The bank, investigators said, was “critically undercapitalized” and its capital position was “rapidly deteriorating.” I think that means the bank was running out of money. The bank reopened as a branch of Alva State Bank and Trust.

Area attractions include Alabaster Caverns State Park six miles south and the annual “Freedom Open Rodeo and Cowhand Reunion," which started in 1938.

A search for “Freedom Oklahoma” brings links to queer-support sites. They just can’t leave us alone.

Transgender gang members in shootout

Po-leece are going to have to come up with a new set of initials. Used to be the terminology was AKA (Also Known As) for somebody who used an alias. But now … Well, here are some facts known by police:

Jalen Breon Brown 21, shot and killed Rayquann Denote Jernigan, 17, in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Athens, Georgia. Jernigan’s chosen transgender name is Ava Le’Ray Barrin.

The killing, police said, was “linked to a feud between transgender groups.”

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Because of increasing “gender changes,” maybe police need an identification such as “UTBKNA” – Used to be Known As.

Damn! News stories led me to believe the trans community was all like, “You leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone.” I guess not.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why a Darfur refugee is converting to Judaism

Terrorists killed his parents when he was 3. Other Darfur refugees took him and his younger brother to Libya. He was not allowed to go to school. “In Benghazi, the people often humiliated us because of the color of our skin.” A Darfur family took him to Egypt. Life there was even worse than in Libya. “Egyptians were kidnapping African children and forcing them into slavery.” His new family decided to cross the Sinai and go into Israel. He was shot by Egyptian soldiers, but rescued by Israeli soldiers and taken to an Israeli hospital.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Is everything bad in Western countries

Accurate photographs photographed by Soviet photographers in decadent capitalism places show how bad is life. Not one Leningrad Fried Chicken (LFC) or Pizza Hutski.

Detroit schools, parks money will help pro basketball Pistons

“Taxpayer-funded bonds sold to raise revenue for parks and schools in cash-strapped Detroit will instead be used to lure its professional basketball team back into the city.”

Not that it matters in things pro sports, but Pistons owner Tom Gores “is worth an estimated $3.3 billion.” Since 3.3 is a small number, look at it as $3,300 million.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Orca find easier way to get lunch

By Tyler Cowen

The orcas will wait all day for a fisher to accumulate a catch of halibut, and then deftly rob them blind. They will relentlessly stalk individual fishing boats, sometimes forcing them back into port.

Most chilling of all, this is new: After decades of relatively peaceful coexistence with cod and halibut fishers off the coast of Alaska, the region’s orcas appear to be turning on them in greater numbers.

“We’ve been chased out of the Bering Sea,” said Paul Clampitt, Washington State-based co-owner of the F/V Augustine.

Like many boats, the Augustine has tried electronic noisemakers to ward off the animals, but the orcas simply got used to them.

“It became a dinner bell,” said Clampitt.

John McHenry, owner of the F/V Seymour, described orca pods near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands as being like a “motorcycle gang.”

“You’d see two of them show up, and that’s the end of the trip. Pretty soon all 40 of them would be around you,” he said.

A report this week in the Alaska Dispatch News outlined instances of aggressive orcas harassing boats relentlessly — even refusing to leave after a desperate skipper cut the engine and drifted silently for 18 hours.

These are not Coasean orcas, or are they? And sperm whales are now in on the act:

Fishing lines are also being pillaged by sperm whales, the large square-headed whale best known as the white whale in Moby Dick.

“Since 1997, reports of depredation have increased dramatically,” noted a report by the Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project.

A remarkable 2006 video by the Avoidance Project captured one of the 50,000 kg whales delicately shaking fish loose from a line. After a particularly heavy assault by sperm whales, fishers are known to pull up lines in which up to 90 per cent of the catch has disappeared or been mangled.

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Unemployed yoots in France

Le quartier musulman ne souhaite pas de police.

An appropriate comment: “Are there any French speaking small town sheriffs from Louisiana the French could hire? Just give them a .45 and a bucket of ammo.”

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Don’t mess with the Chinese take-away driver

In Jacksonville, Florida:

The victim, a delivery driver for Hot Wok on 103rd Street, said he was delivering an order on West Arancio Drive at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday when two men answered the door with a gun.

He said two men in their early 20s pointed a green laser at his face. The laser was coming from the bottom of a barrel on a black semi-automatic pistol, he told police.

The driver said the men told him to come inside several times.

He tried to turn around and leave and was approached by a third man with a gun, he told officers.

The driver told police he threw the food at the third man, backed away and grabbed a gun from a holster on his waist.

The driver fired four or five shots at the suspects and yelled for neighbors to call 911, according to police.

He held one suspect at gunpoint until police arrived, officer said.

Officers said a short time later, a man reported he had been shot at a different location.

He was arrested in connection with the attempted robbery. Officers are still seeking a third suspect.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Human Rights Watch can’t see who is at fault?

Bloggers in Vietnam beaten, kidnapped.

“’The Vietnamese government needs to make it clear that it will not tolerate this kind of behavior and bring to an end this campaign against rights campaigners.’”

Must be non-government gangs and individuals doing the beatings.

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We don’t need no stinkin’ science! We’re the EU!

“’The EU's highest court said that if the development of a disease is timely to the person's receiving a vaccine, if the person was previously health [sic] with a lack of history of the disease in their family and if a significant number of disease cases are reported among people receiving a certain vaccine, this may serve as enough proof.’”

“In other words, if A precedes B, then the EU believes that we can safely conclude that A caused B.”

The olde country certainly is not worth copying. “It’s important to understand that, contrary to widespread American belief, Europe is not some sort of technologically advanced, 21st Century paradise. In reality, it’s an economically stagnant continent held back by a culture of complacency and uncompetitiveness.”

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

So this car ... You'll have to read it to believe it

And there's no guarantee of belief even then.

In Chico, Calif., a car strayed from its lane and hit the curb, then left the roadway altogether and collided with a power pole and a metal fence. “The vehicle then drove through a private lot where it collided with multiple camper shells.” (The “vehicle drove?” Was it self-driving? No.)

All that should have been enough, but, no. The Muse of Bad Driving had more in store for the driver, Haley Davis, 25.

After leaving carcasses of camper shells in its wake, the car came to rest partially on railroad tracks. The car then caught fire.

That’s right – The car started burning. And Davis was not able to get out before a Union Pacific train came along and hit her car. She was ejected.

A cynic might say, “Beer, whiskey or drugs?” Police have not ruled out any of those.

And – “The cause of the crash is still under investigation.”

Ms. Davis is at a hospital.

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The bureaucratic war against country people

You don’t have a street address, you are not legal, you do not exist. Birth certificate? Don’t show me no birth certificate.

“I was in town recently, trying for the fifth time to renew my driver’s license. Rejected, again. On the first attempt, I learned that NM has decided to up the ante for regular folks, and you can no longer go into the NM MVD office and get a driver’s license based on the fact that you simply needed to renew the old one. New Mexico was one of the states, in a frenzy of political correctness and deference to illegal aliens, that passed a new law to give driver’s licenses to people they knew were in the state illegally.”

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No motel, no vacancy

There is no Bates Motel in Bates, Arkansas, but the town does have an abandoned school, a two-story brick building built in 1905 and abandoned in 1965. This site has about 120 pictures:

Wikipedia sums up Bates in only a few words: “Bates is an unincorporated community in Scott County, Arkansas, United States. It is the location or nearest community of Bates School, at 1074 Bates School Rd., which is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.”

Arkansas Hometown Locater terms Bates “a minor civil division of Scott County.”

Trip Advisor lists “10 best motels near Bates.” The closest motels are almost 20 miles away, in Poteau, Oklahoma.

Hometown USA lists a link to census data, but the link is a 404 error.

Roadside Thoughts has this: “As far as we can tell, Bates has not been included in past Census counts, so there is no population information for this community.”

Here is a link to a satellite image of Bates:,-94.3890731,621m/data=!3m1!1e3

Granted, there are only a few houses, most north of Arkansas Highway 28. The Poteau River meanders where it will, south of town. The Poteau starts in Scott County and flows into Oklahoma until entering the Arkansas River near Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Monday, June 19, 2017

An internet … something

From somebody called Alexander McQueen: “I like things to be modern and still have a bit of tradition.”

Oh. Well, I like things to be steaky and still have a taste of broccoli.

I like things to be Western and still have a bit of Asian.

I like things to be Muslimy and still have a bit if sanity.

Here in the outlands, McQueen is an unknown, so I had to go to the interweb.

Given McQueen’s philosophy and lifestyle, one should not be surprised that he killed himself at age 40, slashed his wrists with a ceremonial dagger and a meat cleaver and then hanged himself with his favorite brown belt, after taking cocaine, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. No, from a man who realized his sexual orientation when he was six years old* and who married another man and then broke up after a year … Depravity personified.

*Who knows what sexual orientation is at 6?

It is to laugh.

Paragraph Five from Wikipedia article on McQueen.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Driverless cars and cyclists … Oops

Cyclists “don’t respect any rules usually.”

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Well, it looked like an email from her boss

“At a medical office on the 6000 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road in Sandy Springs June 7, an employee said she received an email from who she assumed was the doctor she communicates with daily. The writing and context led her to believe the email was, in fact, from that doctor. The email requested funds to handle a past-due account in the amount of $18,055. The money was later wired to a Bank of America account in Chicago. She then found the email was fraudulent.”

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1,206 new border police take oath in Budapest’s Heroes Square

PM Viktor Orban says Hungary “has been the first country to prove that ‘migration, so far believed to be uncontrollable, can be controlled, stopped, and reversed.’”

“Making decisions concerning the future of Hungary must be up to Hungarians, Orbán said.”

Black/white, white/black

Keo, Arkansas is in Lonoke County. Keo is about 80 percent black, while Lonoke County is 91 percent white.

That kind of demographic difference is not all that unusual in Arkansas. For six years, my mailing address was Hensley, Arkansas. Hensley’s racial makeup is around 65-35 black. Just up the road from Hensley is Woodson, roughly 75-25 black. A few miles south of Hensley is Redfield, about 92 percent white and 5 percent black.

What the numbers show is where farm workers lived and where farm owners lived. In other words, blacks who picked the cotton lived on or near the fields where cotton grew.

In 2000, Keo’s population was 235. The highest population was 325 in 1920. The smallest population was 154 in 1990. For a black-majority small town in Arkansas, Keo does not have a high percentage of people living in poverty – 10 percent of families and 7 percent of those 65 and older. The median family income was $43,333 in 2000. More surprising, women have a higher median income than do men -- $26,000 vs. $24,000. Official government figures do not offer a reason why.

Wikipedia says: “Keo has become particularly notable in recent years for its marketing of antiques, with the largest dealer — Morris Antiques — operating a 10-building complex including space for item sales and antique restoration. As in much of the surrounding region, agriculture is the other driving economic force in the area around Keo, primarily in the raising of catfish and cultivation of cotton and pecans.”,_Arkansas

In a satellite image, pecan plantations and catfish ponds are quite visible.,-92.0061455,4850m/data=!3m1!1e3

The town’s web site says Keo is “Key to the good life” and mentions it as “one of the few well-preserved cotton plantation towns in existence today. We are located on U.S. Highway 165, 23 miles south of North Little Rock, Arkansas.”

The Toltec Archaeological Mounds are nearby as is a plantation museum.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

70 million people, or maybe 75 million

A few years back the Occupy Wall Street movement took a lot of news attention, with marches and camp pitching in parks and leaving trash all over the landscape.

The purpose of the march was to give unemployed college students … Excuse me. The purpose of the march was to show income inequality and how rich Americans were ruining the planet because they were rich and spending their money on things other than what the unemployed college students decided were the right things to spend money on.

The talk then was of the 1 percenters, those people who (reportedly and allegedly) control of have in their pockets 97 percent of the world’s wealth. The unemployed college students never differentiated between “wealth” and “money,” but they were Progressives, who don’t have to define anything, but simply throw out words and phrases, making the world a better place.

So. One percent of the people control 97 percent of the world’s wealth. Oh, the horror! Especially since all those obscenely rich people have offices on Wall Street in New York City and are American.

So what is 1 percent, other than 1 of 100? Glad you asked.

The Population of Earth right now is somewhere between 7 billion and 7.5 billion.

1 percent of that equals 70 million to 75 million.

So, 70 million or 75 million people control 97 percent of the world’s wealth. That doesn’t seem as bad as 1 percent, does it?

Still, though, the obscenely wealthy are American, right?

Here are the wealthiest people in the world as of December 2016:

Steve Ballmer – US.
Jorge Paulo Lemann – Brazil.
Li-Ka Shing – Hong Kong.
Sheldon Adelson – US.
John Mars – US.
Jacqueline Mars – US.
Wang Jianlin – China.
Jack Ma – China.
Lillian Bettencourt – France.
Alice Walton – US.
Jim Walton – US.
Rob Walton – US.
Bernard Arnault – France.
Sergey Brin – Russia/US.
Larry Page – US.
Ingvar Kamprad – Sweden.
Larry Ellison – US.
Carlos Slim – Mexico.
Mark Zuckerberg – US.
David Koch – US.
Charles Koch – US.
Jeff Bezos – US.
Amancio Ortega – Spain.
Warren Buffett – US.
Bill Gates – US.

Pearcy, Arkansas

Pearcy is in Garland County, in the west-central part of the state. The ZIP Code is 71964.

Here are a few facts about the ZIP Code:

Population: 3,926. Housing units: 1,621, of which 1,469 are occupied. There are 1,978 men and 1,948 women. Colorwise, 96.1 percent of the population is white. Sixty-three percent of families are husband-wife households. A plurality of houses were built in the 1970s and 1980s. Thirty-two percent of the population works full time; 21 percent works part time; and 47 percent report no earnings. Of reporting households, 571 earn less than $25,000 a year.

U.S. Highway 70 runs through Percy. The Ouachita River is a few miles northeast. The town sits in an area between folded mountains typical of that part of Arkansas. A few miles to the southwest is a horse track.

Here is a link to a satellite image:,-93.3083578,3149m/data=!3m1!1e3

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cultural appropriation

“A group of Native American and indigenous activists are lobbying the United Nations to outlaw ‘cultural appropriation’ across the globe.”

All right, do it. Make cultural appropriation illegal. But from the time the ban is legalized, I do not want to see:

People who are of non-European ancestry driving a car or truck, flying in an airplane or helicopter, using a motorboat of any kind, eating English peas, drinking French wine or German beer, eating Hungarian goulash, riding a bicycle, using a computer for any reason, talking on a telephone or cell phone, eating Canadian bacon, eating a hamburger or French fries, anywhere near Southern fried chicken, etc. and etc.

Monday, June 12, 2017

One returned microwave too many

Not long after the Walmart Super Center opened in Sulphur Springs, Texas, my wife and I were at the Customer Disservice department to return something that stopped working. In front of us in the long line, a man put a boxed microwave oven on the counter. He said he wanted his money back, somewhere around $100, because the thing did not work. The Associate asked the man's name and entered the information into her register. She then informed the man the store would not take back the microwave, because it was his fifth return that week at five different stores. The man said nothing, only picked up the box and walked away. I guess thieves develop a positive attitude about their vocation -- Somebody going to catch you sometime.

White Rock, Texas: If you don’t intend to go there, you probably won’t

White Rock is not a place you wind up in by accident.

White Rock is in Red River County, eight miles northeast of Clarksville, says the Handbook of Texas Online. It seems farther.

“WHITE ROCK, TEXAS (Red River County). White Rock, at the junction of Farm roads 1158 and 1699, eight miles northeast of Clarksville in northern Red River County, was settled as early as 1823, when John Stiles crossed the Red River to settle at a spot identified by a white rock. The population was twenty-five in 1910. From 1940 through 1986 the estimated population was reported as forty. In 1990 it was eighty-five. The population remained the same in 2000.”

I’m not buying that part about “identified by a white rock.” The Red River is a few miles away, and just because somebody stepped ashore near a white rock does not mean he is anywhere near the community. I’ve been to White Rock, and I think the settlement got its name from the fact that the land just below the grass is chalky white stone. An acquaintance told me there was a stream bed with high banks nearby, containing figures eroded by water and wind. I never did get to see the figures.

John Stiles settled the area, although the Handbook entry says “Red Rock.” Probably what happened was, the writer was thinking “Red River” and wrote in the wrong word.

“STILES, JOHN (1797–1854). John Stiles (Styles), pioneer Red River County settler, was born in Barren County, Kentucky, in March 1797, the son of William Stiles. Around 1818 he moved with his father to Doaksville, Indian Territory, in the Red River valley. In 1823 he crossed the river and settled near the site of present Red Rock in Red River County, Texas. When David Crockett entered Texas he reportedly stayed overnight "with his old friend." In 1836 Stiles joined Capt. William Becknell's company, which arrived at the San Jacinto battlefield a day after the defeat of the Mexican forces. According to tradition, Stiles and others from Becknell's company were assigned by Sam Houston to guard Antonio López de Santa Anna because they would be, in Houston's words, "a less prejudiced group of men than the participants in the battle." Stiles was married to Kentucky native Sarah K. Reed; they had twenty-three children, twelve of whom reached maturity. He died in Red River County in August 1854.”

White Rock Cemetery contains graves of people who lived in the area back when Texas was a country. Several tombstones contain markers identifying the dead as Citizen of the Republic of Texas.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Postal Code 71703

Zamozhne, Ukraine. Population – 678.

Zamozhne is on highway T0229, in the western part of the Vinnytsia Oblast. The oblast was created in 1932, from eight Ukraine districts. “During the World War II the territory of oblast was split between General District Shitomir (Reichskommissariat Ukraine) and Transnistria Governorate (Kingdom of Romania). In October 1941, a camp was established by the Romanians on the Vapniarka site where many Jews were detained in very bad conditions.” The Wikipedia entry does not define “very bad conditions.”

“As of 1 January 1997 in the oblast there were functioning 749 collective agricultural enterprises, 56 state farms of all systems, 25 inter farm agricultural enterprises, and 818 private (peasant's) farms.

“Agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership are primarily specialized in growing of cereal crops and sugar beets, the animal husbandry, meat and milk production. In the overall structure of sown areas, winter wheat crops occupy 18%, barley 14% and sugar beets 10%.

“In 1996 the oblast produced 7% of grain, 14.3% of sugar beets, 7.5% of fruits and berries, 6.1% of meat in live weight, 5.4% of milk and 4.0% of eggs of their total production in Ukraine.”

Not bad total production figures.

Here is a satellite image of Zamozhne:,27.7228193,994m/data=!3m1!1e3

As with many other aerial images of Ukraine and Russia, the pictures are blurred. Hiding what, one wonders.

Kherson Oblast, north of the Crimea, also has a Zamozhne village. Ukraine soldiers have come under mortar attack near the southern village.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yeah, and Hitler loved dogs

The mother of a woman accused of stealing classified documents says her daughter cannot be guilty, because “She loves children. She loves animals.”

Billie Davis-Winner said her accused daughter, Reality Winner, was “terrified” when she was approached by federal agents at her Augusta, Ga., home on Saturday.

Said the mother: She was scared “they were going to make her disappear.”

Link at

Why would someone name her daughter “Reality”? Here’s a guess on Ms. Winner’s upbringing: She was not raised in recognizing reality; and, she was not raised anywhere near the concept that actions have consequences.

As for the above headline, there are many pictures of Adolph Hitler, murderer of millions, playing with his dogs. Here is a link to one:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Feds can't say what 'Indian' is

EEOC: “NATIVE AMERICAN OR ALASKAN NATIVE: Any person having origins in any of the original peoples of North America, and who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.”

Bureau of Indian Affairs: “The BIA generally defines an ‘Indian,’ who is eligible for BIA services, as an individual who is a ‘member’ of an Indian tribe, band, or community that is ‘recognized’ by the federal government; who lives on ‘or near’ a reservation; and who is of 1/4 or more Indian ancestry.”

Department of Justice: “As a general principle, an Indian is a person who is of some degree Indian blood and is recognized as an Indian by a Tribe and/or the United States. No single federal or tribal criterion establishes a person's identity as an Indian. Government agencies use differing criteria to determine eligibility for programs and services. Tribes also have varying eligibility criteria for membership.

“It is important to distinguish between the ethnological term ‘Indian’ and the political/legal term ‘Indian.’ The protections and services provided by the United States for tribal members flow not from an individual's status as an American Indian in an ethnological sense, but because the person is a member of a Tribe recognized by the United States and with which the United States has a special trust relationship.

(Well, I guess feds can say what an Indian is, since there are several definitions.)

Sears website sells ‘Free Palestine’ T-shirts

Some people just don’t get it. Or are completely stupid.

“The clothing is being offered for sale by a Germany company, Spreadshirt, and includes tank tops, T-shirts and hoodies featuring a variety of pro-Palestinian messages. The garments are being sold through Sears Marketplace, which offers a platform for third-party sellers to offer their wares through websites managed by Sears.

“Another company, US-based City Shirts from Bloomington, Minnesota, offers ‘Free Palestine’ T-shirts that feature a map of the West Bank and Israel as one territory, a representation that is usually taken to mean a denial of Israel’s right to exist.”

In what reads like an automated chat, a Sears representative said the ads would be removed “within a few hours.”

Monday, June 5, 2017

Awful, just awful

Saudi Arabia shuts down all connection with Qatar, and the decision is Trump’s fault. So say the self-determined intelligent, anyway.

"'You have a shift in the balance of power in the Gulf now because of the new presidency: Trump is strongly opposed to political Islam and Iran,' said Jean-Marc Rickli, head of global risk and resilience at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

"'He is totally aligned with Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, who also want no compromise with either Iran or the political Islam promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood.'"

Isn’t it just awful that President Trump opposes political Islam, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood? Just awful.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Muslim 'martyrs' don’t get 72 virgins

A terrorist who, in the name of his religion, gets killed while killing innocent people gets to burn in Hell for all eternity.

His religion is false, his god is not real, his ideas are insane. He is a murderer.

“A better approach for the media, if they want to be helpful, might involve inviting a continuous line of Muslim scholars and critics to talk about how these ‘gullible losers’ were duped by ISIS to kill themselves and spend eternity in Hell. And we need lots of visual and other persuasion about Hell. I want Photoshopped images of the terrorists burning for eternity. I want descriptions of the smells, tastes, and sounds they are experiencing, so the next ‘lone wolf’ has something to contrast with the 72 virgin story. Let’s put some doubt into that mix. Fear is a good persuader.”

If something can go wrong ...

Five minutes after Dorg invented the wheel, one of his friends said, “Hey, watch this,” and crashed into a tree.

Just after 5:00, some dude doing wheelies on a four-wheeler does a head-on with a car.

Melville, Louisiana -- catfish love the place

Melville had its highest-ever population 47 years ago – 1,987. The 2010 census reported 1,041 residents.

Melville is 52.47 percent white; 45.78 percent African-American; 0.87 percent Asian; and 0.87 percent from two or more races. (What are the chances two demographics will be the same?)

Per capita income is $8,881. About 35.6 percent of families and 40.1 percent of total population lives below the poverty line, including 42.7 percent of those under 18, and 37.7 percent of those 65 and older.

“In 2010, Melville had the 12th-lowest median household income of all places in the United States with a population over 1,000.”,_Louisiana

The “Welcome to Melville” sign says the town is the “Catfish Capital of Louisiana.” No reference, nor how the designation was determined.

(NOTE: Back when I covered Clarksville, Texas, and Red River County for the Paris, Texas, newspaper, one Clarksville City Council meeting stands out, when the council proclaimed Red River County as “Wild Turkey Capital of Texas.” The mayor explained that the city attorney said the proclamation was OK, since no other place in Texas had made the claim. Maybe it was the same with the “Catfish Capital of Louisiana.”)

The Atchafalaya River is Melville’s east border. The rest of the town is behind a levee. Satellite image here:,-91.737938,5212m/data=!3m1!1e3

Just about every place in Louisiana capitalizes on Cajun-ism these days, even though there was a time non-Cajuns looked only down at their swamp-dwelling, alligator-catching brethren.

The St. Landry Parish web site is no different, as noted by the “” tag.

“There’s good reason that the town of Melville celebrates the catfish festival every October. Much of the town’s history and commerce are tied to the Atchafalaya River. Historically, the town made its fortune in river commerce and then as a crossing point for the railroad.

“Documents also indicate that Melville had several fish docks and ice houses. By the turn of the century, 50 barrels of fish were being shipped from Melville each day. Remnants and photos of those early days can be found at the town’s grocery and hardware store, Cannatella's, which has been in business for 90 plus years serving authentic Italian sausage and Muffulettas.”

Saturday, June 3, 2017

I don’t know art, but I do know how to spend tax money

Madison, Wisc., proposal to require “art” receiving 1 percent of any project of $5 million or more: "Through the proper presentation of public art, places become destinations and enhance the visitor's understanding of the unique space and community they occupy.’ Funding public art would ‘promote cultural heritage and understanding, enhance the environment, contribute to economic development and increase civic involvement.’"

The City of Fort Worth, Texas, government mandates 2 percent.

Raleigh, N.C.’s 1 percent-for-art "provides public places with civic distinction, as well as fostering meaningful connections between people and place." “…Raleigh threw $20,000 at a giant metal acorn, which the city drops Time Square–style to ring in the new year.”

Oregon’s state program “enhances the ‘quality of life for all Oregonians through the arts by stimulating creativity, leadership and economic vitality.’ For example, it spent $600,000 on art for a jail that never opened.”

$600,000. Let’s see – Filling a pothole costs maybe $50, so … But they’re funding art, not math.

Story at

Who decides which “art” will get the tax money – Melinda Taxpayer, or a committee of people intelligent about art and stuff?

Link at maggiesfarm.

It's true somewhere

A tweet: “I feel bad for teachers because I distinctly remember my mom bursting into tears once when she was grading papers and she was just mumbling ‘they’re so goddamn stupid’ over and over.”

Personal experience: My wife was helping me grade tests from a college freshman class. She said, “This is disgusting. They’re not trying.” She suggested: “I would have all the A students sit at the front and tell the others to move their desks to the back of the room and keep their mouths shut.”

Just so you know I'm not making up the tweet.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Menlow, Texas – population 10

Menlow shares Zip Code 76621 with Abbott. Both are in Hill County. Hillsboro is the county seat. In 2010, Hill County population was 35,089. Abbot’s population that year was 356.

Here is a link to a satellite image of Menlow:,-97.1553926,2167m/data=!3m1!1e3

Lots of land. In some places there are snake-like windings of terrain plowing. That came in during the 1930s and was a way farmers could keep top soil from blowing away in Texas winds or being washed away during heavy rain.

says: “Founded in the 1890s by settlers from the ‘deep.’” southern states and Europe, the name comes from a park in the Carolinas. The town was granted a post office in 1895, although it closed just 8 years later.

“The town consisted of fifty hale and hearty souls by the mid 1890s, among these Menlowites, there was a doctor and a blacksmith.

“The town peaked in the early 1900s with a population of 100. Cotton was the dominant crop for the region and since Menlow had a gin; it swelled in importance as a shipping center.

“Early settler Joe Steele, donated land for a school and a (Methodist) church. A school (the Treadwell School) was organized in 1920, but it was forced to merge with Abbott schools about 1940. During the Great Depression (and aftermath) the population had declined to a mere 25. The siren call of defense plants in Fort Worth and other towns sapped the strength of Menlow, and there were only 10 people left by the early 1970s.

“Ten remains the given population of Menlow for the 2000 census.”

Abbott, the metropolis east of Menlow, is mostly known as the place where Willie Nelson was born. The 356 count in 2010 is 56 more than in 2000. A pretty good increase. The town’s largest population was 375, in 1970.

The demographic breakdown is phrased a little differently between the 2000 census and the 2010 count. Of the 2000 census, Wikipedia says 96 percent of the population was “White,” 1 percent “African American,” 3 percent from “other races,” and 5.67 percent “Hispanic or Latino of any race.”

The 2010 compilation is termed 91 percent “non-Hispanic white,” with other percentages of the population designated as “black or African American” (2 percent), “two or more races” (0.3 percent), “Asian” (0.3 percent), “Native American” (1.1 percent), and “Hispanic or Latino” (6.5 percent).

So, by federal enumeration, white people are no longer simply “white,” but “non-Hispanic white.”

Unfunny Girl looks as old as Mrs. W.J. Clinton

Kathy Griffin, alleged comedian, looks old in pictures taken at press conference.

She again “apologized” for “crossing the line.” Her comment -- “I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with old, white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career” – shows that she still has no idea about what is going on, and she has not yet reversed cranial-rectal syndrome.

Wah-wah-wah. Just another woman trying to get ahead in the world, but kept down by old white men. What year is this?

If Kathy Griffin wants to see a piece of s**t, she needs only look in a mirror

By Shira Levine
December 9, 2016

“It’s a question a lot of comedians are asking themselves lately: What should comedy look like during the Trump presidency? ‘Now more than ever we must absolutely go for all the absurdities,’ Kathy Griffin told Vulture at the Equality Now Gala Tuesday night. ‘For me, that’s Trump and all things Trump. It’s not about trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down. It’s his turn. So I’m happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron. You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game.’

“So, of course, Griffin supported Rosie O’Donnell when she tweeted a video asking if Barron Trump, 10-year-old son of Donald and Melania, was on the autism spectrum. ‘After the beat down he gave her, she can say whatever she wants to say to that piece of shit,’ Griffin said before correcting herself. ‘Oh, that’s President Piece of Shit.’”

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

I apologize

Yesterday afternoon at the grocery store, I said to my wife, “Let’s get something easy for supper, something I can fix.” She suggested frozen TV dinners. Sounded good to me.

I saw something called Amy’s Mexican Bowl, or some such. I had never tried that. I saw the words “Organic” and “Gluten Free,” but bought the thing anyway.

I apologize for not following my long-held disregard of anything that advertises itself “Organic” or “Gluten Free.”

But, this one-time stumble proved my point: “Gluten Free” is code for “flavor free.”

I might as well have eaten the pizza box that has been sitting on the counter for two days.

Amy, your food sucks.